31 December 2014

The Finishing Touches: Weeks 46 to 52

Ha! I made it. Alright, not on a weekly basis, though but here I am, about to touch the finish line! *Solid Gold Dancers threw Vilma santos in the air moment* While I was sending the photos from my phone to the computer, I thought maybe I can just post the photos and let it talk since you all basically know what happened then. BUT. It's inevitable. In person and here, I just can't not talk. 

So continuing the past massive update, here's the last stretch of Bebengisms' 52 Weeks Project — 

Week 46: November 11-17

Lost her first tooth.

Week 47: November 18-24

Watched Big Hero 6.

Week 48: November 25-December 1

Cousin V was home and we met Sonya, her partner.

Week 49: December 2-8

Errands with me.

Week 50: December 9-15

Ninang V!

Week 51: December 16-22


Week 52: December 23-31

Bike at the River Park.

So I thought I can "talk" a lot. Well, time's too precious for that! I still have to make buko pandan and bathe P and dress up for dinner somewhere and then cook our simple handa for Media Noche. Will update this when I can! Cheers to the New Year! xx

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