01 December 2014

Sophia Turns Six: Cupcake School Party

It's December 1st today - more than two months after this was held - I can finally share with you the photos of Sophia's simple party at school. You see, I am now breathing normally. I'm savoring the calm days left before the Christmas madness begins. Actually, not days but few hours left. It will be mompreneurhood at its finest. Christmas orders, Sophia's Christmas presentation and party, shopping, husband's holiday break, home decorating, and more. Whew.

OK. Back to the party. She had it a day after her exact birthday. I thought of Sheriff Callie, icecream in a cone, and teddy bears as possible party themes weeks prior September 24th. Unfortunately, it was booted out by dreamy cupcakes when I envisioned what the kids will do and eat. So here are some photos and a little kwento.


This was easy! I searched the net and looked for free stuff and found Sweet Rose's Cupcake Party Blank Invitation. I printed it out on a regular bond paper, cut it and pasted on a slightly bigger blue cartolina. I rolled it and secured it with Parties and Patterns' Printable Napkin Rings. I bought it for $2. It's actually for table napkins but used it instead on the invites. If you want a copy, shoot me an email. So darn cute, I tell ya!


I liked that her teacher proactively prepared a cupcake art activity for that day. The kids colored a cupcake, put some sequins and glued it in a popsicle stick. Afterwards, I made their lives a bit more difficult (haha) when I asked them to build their own cupcakes. Not only it was super cute, it also exercised their tiny hands in holding the scissors. Hello, fine motor skillzzz! 


Uhm, it's not that amaaaaazing as last year's My Little Pony party but it's as unhealthy as it was. Oh wait, it's actually a complete meal. Allow me to justify. Haha. Bread for the GO, ham and cheese for the GROW, apples for the GLOW, corn chips and choco balls for the JUNK. Some kids liked it, some kids didn't. Good thing they made their own cupcakes! I baked my classic dark chocolate cuppies and smothered it with colorful buttercream frosting. Then decided to bring all the toppings that can make some sanctimommies palpitate. LOL. Well, it's a party! Killjoys gotta go, you know. They all enjoyed making it, including the teachers. 5 of my girl's classmates (the ones with the best designs) lent their cupcakes to her for the traditional candle-blowing ceremony. Yup, hers plus theirs equals 6. Did I really do the Math? 


So proud of this one. This is MY ORIGINAL, haha. As in, I didn't search for it and didn't copy anyone in the internet. I bought cupcake domes, put in large marshmallows, gummy worms and bears and some choco coated candies. And voila, a pseudo-cupcake giveaway! Toothache-worthy. 

My birthday girl received a lot of gifts from her classmates. There were books, puzzles, bag, stickers and toys! She obviously enjoyed the attention, love and presents! Her classmates had fun, too. The teacher's assistant said that it was the kids' first school party for this year so it really excited them. R was also home for a well-deserved R&R so he was the best dad that he could ever be for his unica hija by taping the balloons in the chairs, taking lots of videos and lighting the candles (yes, that's his hand; mine's not that chubby noh hahahaha).

Nanay loves you to rainbow bits and sugary sprinkles. We're saving up for your 7th, babe. ♥♡♥


  1. ang cute! I hope I can do diy too on my twins bday!

  2. Oh I love what you did for her party! It's different from the usual parties you see in schools and I bet the kids had a great time making cupcakes. And the giveaways are awesomely unique. Good job, Mommy!

  3. wow! ang cute ng cupcake party ni Pia. i hope maging creative din ako kagaya po ninyo pagdating sa mga DIYs. hays weakness ko ata un. :D galing nyo talaga muther!

  4. Happy 6th Birthday to the little cupcake! Buti sa school nila mahaba time to celebrate. My daughter celebrates in school, too, but they only have it during their break time kaya a bit short. Nonetheless, it's always lovely to see our little princesses having fun with friends. Very creative mom! Congrats Denise! :)