30 December 2014

Before This Year Ends

... I'll blog galore. 

My current view as I type this. See what's on the left? Videoke booklet, baybeh! 

I've been meaning to do so after I've finished my bulk orders in Bebeng's Kitchen but I think you already know by now what a geographically single mom's life is. It was and will always be crazy! Say, the laundry has to be done in four parts. It makes my stomach churn everytime I think of it. I mean, I left two full baskets of dirty clothes at home and will be making two more here at the husband's camp. If that's not crazy for you, I don't know how you define the word. I also try my best not to look disheveled aka losyang whenever we go out (or at least for photos, lol at my pretending) but I am at my damn worst at home because of my alila duties. You get the drill.

OK. No more excuses.

As always, when I'm here at Cpt R's workplace, where I don't need to do so much (but be his wife, especially at night hihi), I have my well-deserved me-time. My me-time isn't that extravagant, you know. It's not a trip to Bali or a 5-digit shopping spree. It can be as simple (but the best one) as a hibernation of sorts (read: more than 10 hours of sleep) or a whole day of virtually making chika with y'all. 

So, what's up with me and my cyber kingdom?

You can get a glimpse or two on what's happening with my family on Instagram! I am in-love with that app that I actually thought of dedicating a post about the people I love to stalk follow. And what about encouraging my fellow bloggy friends to do that, too noh? Let's see. Anyway, it's set on public because there's nothing to hide about our lives and I'm not afraid of some "silent followers" slash haters slash bad guys. My husband approves, by the way. In fact, it was him who said that Instagram's meant for sharing photos. We are just fully aware of what we can share. I bet my blogging idols Martine and Frances will agree! They're two of my favorites. They share all they can on their social media accounts but you still can't feast on their lives because of the boundaries they have set well first and foremost. Authentic bliss at its finest (combining #authenticmama and #makeitblissful hashtags hehehe). 

Speaking of my connection with Make it Blissful, I've been invited to its fab and beautiful Blissmakerie event and I have yet to make kwento about that in the coming days! Sooooo blessed and blissed-out to have been a part of it, really. Beyond the inspiration and connection, this is blissful kababawan ha but hello, pinapanood ko lang nung dalaginding ako si Paula Peralejo, tapos biglang I met her in person. Cute experience lang noh?

It's those little things that I treasure most; little things that make our ordinary lives more special. For me, enjoying the simple pleasures in life is the quintessence of living. That's what I'm aiming for and will continue to do so because it makes my life as a wife and mom reach its highest level of royal domesticity. 


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