03 February 2013

Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. {+ A Giveaway}

This isn't one of Marie Antoinette's scandals about fashion, flirting and finance. This isn't a biography of sorts about the last queen of France. But there's one word that makes the Affair of the Diamond Necklace subject and this featured online biz similar --- glamorous

I recently discovered Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. in Facebook and was shocked ecstatic to see little girls glammed up in sparkly flats and peachy purses. It was love at first sight. If you have a daughter (or niece or little sister), I know you will feel the same way when you visit the page. You will definitely imbibe the owner's will in making every little girl a princess. My instant thought was of the same concept with most baby/kids businesses around the cyberlandia; that it is owned by a mom, who wants something unique for her baby. I was wrong. Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. is owned and managed by a fabulous single lady! Oh, I didn't have the guts to ask her if she has a boyfriend, is engaged or what though; but yes, she is a beautiful (I'm not making her bola; see for yourself!) 25-year-old young entrepreneur who provides classy and affordable pieces for our little heiresses of our kingdoms.

Marie Antoinette Christine Ong is a graduate of Applied Linguistics in Yuan Ze University in Taiwan. Dear, she doesn't have a background in entrepreneurship but she is actually doing good. Perhaps her Chinese lineage (please correct me if I'm wrong!) paved way to her destiny. She told me that she liked fashion ever since, and even dreamed of having her own fashion boutique under her name. Well, as most of us know, the Queen, Marie Antoinette is known for being a very trendy woman during her time. So it is just like serendipity to use the same name for Christine's boutique. What makes the situation a bit quirky and amusing is that she loved collecting baby products when she was in highschool despite the fact she has no one to give it to. She just felt a special bond between her and the cutesy stuff, that's why she chose it to be her business.

The online store started only last year, can you believe that? To be exact, December 15, 2012. And look where it is now. We can't blame the mommas buying from her, she really has good finds. Christine also feels good about the parents mixing and matching the shoes and bag that she sells and sharing it on her Instagram account. Aside from her passion in making our little girls beautiful, it is her drive that makes everything possible. Like what she said, "online business might sound something people can do on their spare time but believe me if you want your business to grow do it full time!" I agree with my whole sexy body. Choz. 

Marie Antoinette does not only dream for her business' expansion (her 2013 goal), but also promises to make our little girls a princess; because she believes that every little girl deserves to be one! #pak

How bongga, di ba? And to share more kabonggelzan to you my fabulous readers, we are giving away two purses; Leona & Kierra; for your little fashionistas, which I personally think are so phenomenal! There's a Rafflecopter widget below so I hope you wait for it to completely load. There are mandatory requirements, which require you to complete first before you can go ahead to the bonus entries. Just a reminder, bonus entries will not be counted should your mandatory entries were found invalid. 

This contest will end on February 25 and the prizes will be shipped by Marie Antoinette. Please make sure that you will visit the blog to know if you won. I usually pick another set of winners if I didn't receive any response from the chosen readers. You are a hard-working queen, you can do it! ♥

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I have received a few items from Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. for this article. 


  1. I always put my little princess Abrielle first in whatever I do - may it be eating or shopping. More often than not, instead of buying things for myself, I end up buying stuffs for her. In addition, I always make sure she looks her best whenever we go out. :)

    - Mona Lisa Valle-Bormate, monamenorvalle@gmail.com

  2. i dont have daughter yet. But i want this for my lil sissy. Coz i want them to look fabolous princess :)

    christine tabin

  3. sooooo ♥ the kikay shoes and bags!! =)

  4. I want this for my little sister. I always spoil her with makeups and girly stuffs since she's such a girly girl. I just enjoy being a second mom to her.

    Krystel Jabonitalla

  5. My life revolves around my baby girl. everything is all about her. I always try to give whatever that is best for her.

    edel leonsua

  6. I always want the best for my daughter..gaya ng lahat ng mommies of course.

    but some of my everyday princess-like treatments to her are:
    -- i personally prepare her things before going to school..as in lahat!..heheh
    6am ang pasok..laging antok pa ang baby girl..
    --pag nag-request sya ng hairstyle na nakita nya sa FB or youtube,,khit na hindi ako
    masyado magaling sa hairstyling..i try my best na magaya..todo effort si mommy! *^_^*

    Joanna Marie Alvarez

  7. maricris abarabarMonday, 04 February, 2013

    my daughter love to watch barbie, how to dress her or apply make up.kaya pg punta ng mall she wants to buy just like barbie or disney princess. i'm trying to give whats best for her especially sa studies nya.
    Maricris T. Abarabar

  8. Her items are sooo cute! I'm so happy that I found her online shop! :)

    Bermizel Sy

  9. I love my darling little one like a precious gem, like a treasure. :) Every waking hour, I try to treat her like a princess by:

    * preparing her meals
    * succumbing to some of her wants (she loves fruits. hehe. so that's pretty easy)
    * I let her nourish her talents (she loves dancing, so I enrolled her in ballet classes)
    * I talk to her gently when she does something wrong or is acting like a brat. I want to raise her like a princess - kind, strong, level-headed, and well-rounded, so I make sure that she has the right attitude towards life. :)
    ...and many more. :D

    Christine A. Guinto

  10. I treat my little girl like a princess, every waking hour by:

    * preparing her meals for the day
    * enrolling her to the best possible we can afford
    * letting her nourish her talents (she loves dancing pretend ballet, so we enrolled her in ballet classes)
    * giving her a good but gentle scolding if she does something wrong or is acting like a brat. I want her to grow up to be kind, strong, smart, level-headed, and well-rounded, just like a princess. :) So I make sure that she has the right attitude in life. :)
    * succumbing to some of her wants. She loves fruits, toys, and has a love for clothes, bags, and shoes. So I buy her some when the budget permits.
    ...and much much more. :D

    Christine A. Guinto

  11. I gave her the name, Amira because in Arabic/Hebrew it means "princess"
    Her nickname is Tetay, bulol for prinsesa (printeta + y = tetay) hehe.
    She is so kikay and likes to pose for photos. I remembered last Dec when we were looking for new shoes she was the one who chose her boots. I just try my best to give what she and her brother wants. I usually treat them once a month for a gala or sa Jollibee and always gives them my matunog na kiss at mahigpit na yakap once in a while.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  12. i want this for my sister

    merra gaspar

  13. collecting accessories, shoes and dress for my daughter.. :))

    Ginalyn Edades Bautista

  14. I give my little girl a nice warm bubble bath. A relaxing and soothing massage and sing to her until see fall asleep. Every little girl deserves to be pampered like a princess.

    Michelle Jaguimit Namilit

  15. My Daughter's name is "Ramni Tobiah" Ramni comes from my name ARMIN, and Tobiah comes from the Greek Bible means "God Is Good". I treat my baby girl like a princess by making her happy everyday, i prepare food for her, I gave her a warm bath, I clean all her mess, I gave her a massage even though im feeling sleepy, I sing for her even though I'm tired. Coz for me my daughter is my everything. Il give her all my love, because I cant give her everything she want coz we are not rich. but I will give her all she needs. I will make her happy everyday and I will let her feel safe here in my arms.

    <3<3<3 I Love my baby with all my heart and soul.
    Looking forward to win this.

    My Name: Armin Ancheta Nerie
    Email: Lhady_mHine1612@yahoo.com

  16. I want her the best!

    Nannette Magaway

  17. My little girl loves accessories,kikay things..you name it.
    Say Yap

  18. I stopped working so I can take care of my little princess. I like dressing her up and buying kikay stuffs for her. I take her wherever I go and I try to give her everything that I can. And I know that all of my hardships are paying off because I can see that she's growing up to be a kindhearted young girl which is really very princess-like. :)

    Bermizel Sy

  19. my daughter comes with me to the salon to have her nails done and have a massage also..
    she would truly love this. :)

    Leslie Chuan-Alsisto

  20. i make handcrafted headbands for my baby Callie to match her outfits! and what better way to make her more princess-like than winning Marie Antoinette Baby & Co giveaway ;)

    Hannah Gefa-Gomez

  21. omg! i want them for y!!! :D

    Krisna F. Mesa

  22. My baby girl at 8 weeks is still too tiny for me to accessorize, as much as I like to but I still need to wait for her to grow up so more. So far, I try to put on her pinkish dress with matching pink mittens and socks. :)

    Sally Abella-Yu

  23. My baby is a boy but I want this for my brother-in-law's daughter! <3

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  24. I treat my little kikay like a princess:

    -Giving her a massage everynight-she love it!
    -Buying her cute accessories-she keeep it in a kikay box
    -letting her wear her gown if she wants to, kahit mainit :)

    and making her feel special cause she's a princess..my princess

    Jenny Y. Giron

  25. I have 2 princesses, Yca 6 yo and Rai 11 mos and my pricess-like treatment to them is to see to it that everyday I attend first to their needs before going to the office. My ate Yca, I prepare everything for her before she goes to school everyday and I see to it that she has different hair styles every day (sa school nya pag nakita na yung malaking bow or flower sa ulo alam na na si Yca yun :) ) and I make all her hair accessories. Ganun na din si bunso ko, she already have her own mammy-made hair accessories of her own :)

    Narissa Maquera

  26. like just any other princesses, you treat her like "your highness" or "your majesty"...see to it that all her NEEDS are well attended to (holistically). give all the love and attention you can give to her including "tough love" if needed be, so she will grow up to be the princess everyone will adore and love (inside and out) :)

    Sweet Smile Gascon

  27. my baby is boy but i will give it to my lovely pamangkin i know she will be happy to see the cute bag :)

    judith albius

  28. I have 2 daughters and they both love to dress up like a princess. I personally prepare everything they want.

    Leizle Demaisip

  29. I always put my daughter first in everything. I want her to look good and pretty and clean everyday. I see to it that all her needs are met and especially now that she's 6, she is starting to be conscious on the way she looks. I let her choose what she want and being a princess, she's my BOSS. :)

    Irene Espanola

  30. my daughter is just 4 but she really know how to mix and match clothes,,,she is so fashionista, she loves shus,bags, even at home she dress up like she's always going somewhere! darling, i just want to see you happy everyday, stay pretty, loving and sweet... you will always be my little princess no matter what.iloveyou!

    laarni tubig

  31. I always try to make my little girl wear cute outfits. She is still one but she already loves shoes and like to have her picture taken.

    Krazelle Escarrilla

  32. Since she is the only girl and the "bunso", she is really our Princess.
    I try to always find cute and fashionable stuff for her to be a little fashionista.

    Lady Garcia


    My daughter is barbie fanatic so i bought her lots of pink stuffs for her room from bed sheet,dresses and bags as well!

  34. Our Princess at home gets the best of everything, even in the simplest things. She gets the malutong na fries while hubby and I choose the soggy ones. She'll be the first to open biscuits and snacks while we wait for her tira. She gets to choose where we eat when we go out (saan pa ba?). Oh well,we don't mind. She deserves all the Princess treatments.
    -fran ortiz / fewortiz at gmail dot com

  35. Mine's both boys, im joining for my niece, If God's will, I will buy cute girly stuffs for her, dress her like a princess, comb and fix her hair, How I wish to have a daughter <3

    Lovely Joy Merced

  36. I always put my 2 daughters (20 months & 5 month old) first before anything else. I try as much as possible to give them the best that I can give with all my powers and I will do that for the rest of eternity. I always buy the best stuff for them instead of buying for myself. They are always dressed neatly and nicely like princesses should be. And I will always treat them the royalty way even if they grow up and have their own families.

    Charisly Haber-Cariaga

  37. My little Cashmere is my precious gift from God! I treat her like a Princess I give her all she wants. I want to make her presentable always, dress her favorite clothes and she model in front of the mirror =) I'm so proud of her being my daughter.. Kahit ang mga in-laws ko di matiis ang pagiging spoiled, kahit ano gusto para sa apo gagawin =)

    Krystal Jade Coronel


  38. I always make sure that my little Kayrie will have all the best. I alwaysmake her feel more secure and comfortable to make her feel more relaxed and loved.

    Niña Llagono


  39. It was so nice to read all the comments. I hope I can do what you guys to for your little princess when I have my own! hehe

  40. i always make sure that my daughters are safe,i try my best to give them all their needs and teach them everything that they should know,and i do sometimes spoil them by buying clothes they want and treat them as my alive barbie.

    sherry ann gole cruz

  41. She's my everything so i treat her like im the queen and she's my little princess. Her father and i provide everything she wants. :D

    Donna Elaine Quiambao


  42. I treat my baby girl as my little princess, I have been wishing for a baby girl and I am glad I gave birth last year, she will turn 1 this March and I will make it memorable more than ever by throwing her a "princess" like party (a tinkerbell themed one).

    Joanne ("jong") Gonzales


  43. My baby girl is the best thing I'd ever had in my life, except from my husband hehehe, giving my baby a new things and accessories make me feel happy, I want her to look gorgeous inside and out. She deserves all the things in the world.

    Gera Mae Rusiana



  44. Since I don't have a baby girl yet, I will apply this to my niece. :) MY princess like treatments for her is buying her all the princess themed stuff every time we go the mall :)

    Jessamer Abing

  45. My daughters--Renee and Allie are the most important people in my life... My princesses. Renee will be 4 this March and it might even be her last birthday here in the country. We wanna throw her a party to remember as a reward for being a good girl, passing her Prep admissions (skipping nursery) and well, just because. Not too shabby party, but we're hoping it will be with the whole family. Allie won't be left out, of course. She will be Renee's guest of honor, being her partner-in-crime, lil sis and best friend.

    Aryanne Mangubat



  46. My two little girls are my princesses! I try doing as much stuff as I can with them. I even let them do grown up stuff sometimes. I let them choose their own clothes and shoes, and I teach them to accessorize to show their own unique taste to the world!

    Rengie Ann Bahia

  47. eeek! i love these bags for myself.. oops, for my niece
    We treat our house's princess w much love, we provide her the best we could offer. Im sure she will love these bags because she loves dressing up and walking the runway

    Amity Ong

  48. I always treat my daughter shopping cute stuff she can use and for her room. I bought her an HK night lamp which she loves so much. I wanted her to have those things I wasnt able to have during my childhood. I want the best for her.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  49. im giving all my attention, love, care and all the things i could do to make her feel like a princess..

    arra odeza

  50. I want this for my niece who'll be having a tinkerbell birthday party in march :)
    :) I have always wanted to have a princess but we were only blessed with a little prince :)

  51. I want to win those stuffs for my little princess.....

  52. i just buy lots of kikay accessories, and make an experiments kung ano yng bagay that she'll be look like that a princess..tnx.

  53. What are your princess-like treatments for your little girl?
    - I will cook for her every morning for her breakfast <3

    Jessiemer Abing

  54. I cook her favorite meal and buy her clothes or shoes!

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  55. As a mom of two little girls, I always see to it that they are happy from waking up in the morning to bedtime, from their meals to playtime. And buying cute little stuffs like dress, bags and shoes will make them look like little princesses. they will play dressup kids and walk like in a runway of their castle looking in the mirror.

    vanesa osiana

  56. give her pretty dresses and fabulous toys and items!
    rica sicad

  57. I love showering her with lots of hugs and kisses! I make sure to spend quality time with her

    Jennifer Bringas

  58. Ofcourse I'm treating my new born baby girl like a princess. I bought her lots of branded clothes, most of them is pink and I already bought her a bag even though she's a 1 month old baby only. I want her to look like a baby doll. Me and my mom gives whats best for her. Anything that will make my first daughter happy. :)

    Mica Ella de Jesus

  59. I don't have any daughter but I have two beautiful fashionista nieces who could use such beautiful purses. My two nieces are princesses in their own rights. One is an only child who loves dressing up. The other one is the youngest who follows the footsteps of her sisters in making herself beautiful!

    Carol Chan

  60. so cute.... I was pefect for my unica hija... She loves bag.. at lagi syang nag momodel modelan sa bahay. I can't wait to see her with her new cute bag :)

    Crystal Cruz