31 March 2013

My Simple Celebration For My Real King

I used to be a member of our church's dance ministry during my tweener to teener stage; that was how I learned and loved to dance. During the 90s to early 2000, street dance was not acceptable in Christian churches yet, so we have interpretative dances and have used tambourines with colorful ribbons. My favorite gospel song that we danced to was Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate by Don Moen. We used the tambourine dance step called covenant. I can still remember a few steps, actually. It kind of alienated my little girl when I danced in front of her using her tambourine she was about to use for a school presentation last December. Anyway, today's the day Jesus has risen. Let us celebrate, Jesus is alive! :)
Matthew 28:6 (NIV)
"He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay."

29 March 2013

Moving-Up Dinner at Casa Feliz

For my little lady's Moving-Up dinner last Saturday, we went to Casa Feliz, which was right beside SKOW. I have this sort of pledge or pact or whatever self-promise that R and I will do our best to dine or visit all the neighboring restaurants in Marikina. Ironically, we got lost again. Thank God for Google maps!

My Thoughts on Lent As a Parent

I am not a very religious person. I honestly do not go to church every Sunday. I am not proud of that, fyi. But believe it or not, I'm a very faithful woman. Yes, in all of its aspects; to God, most especially. 

I have a very, very personal relationship with Him. I can feel His presence every time I call unto Him, even if it's as simple as waiting for a cab during peak hours. All of a sudden, a nice and new cab will arrive after a silent prayer. How miraculous. My faith has been tested and shaken when I got pregnant with LB out of wedlock. It was not a smooth 9-month journey but during the 1st trimester, God made me realize how important prayers are. I almost lost my now snoring little lady on my 2nd month of pregnancy. She almost wanted to go home to Him. Feeling the excruciating pain all over my abdomen and back, I prayed unceasingly. I told and asked God to lend the baby to me. And true to His words, He lent me a ball of energy --- my wisdom, Sophia. 

28 March 2013

I'll Be Blocking Cartoon Network Tonight

My little crazy preschooler's current favorite cartoon is Adventure Time. At first, I see nothing wrong with it. Its graphics were not for kids though but Sophia likes it and actually helps her with her own doodles. Today was a little different. I watched it with her intently. Yes, I do my best to be with her during all her cartoon times, so I could answer her questions in case she has. But usually, I do my domestic duties whilst she's glued on TV. (please don't judge!)

So we're watching an episode where there was a destructive monster frog. It was already ridiculous for her age and gender. I mean, for me, monster visual stuff is more of a boy thing. Is that sexist? But yeah, I'm not making her stick to Barbie and everything pink-y all the time. I'm cool like that. Hell no was I tried to be cool when there was a scene of Finn having flashbacks with words in repetition. What words, you ask? 


Why in that series?! I was mortified.

I feel like a bad parent for putting malice in the situation. But you can't blame me. She's a four-year-old pretty girl! And I can't afford to be the one pushing her to worldly deeds. 

I am to study Sky Cable's Digibox manual. Let's block that channel tonight when she sleeps.

Share me your thoughts on this, please.

27 March 2013

The Fabulous King R

Due to insistent public demand, I will post my husband's very bonggelz photos as I sampled one here. Actually, wala namang humingi. Gusto ko lang. Aylabyu, aking irog. ♥


Teka, nagsaing kasi ako eh. Ano 'to? Kilala niyo ba lumapastangan sa blog ko??! #walangebidensiya

Anyway, here are some of my favorite poses from the king of my palace. If you are an underclass, contemporary or a member of his troop, please huwag mawawala ang respeto mo sa kanya ha? But most especially, if you are an upperclass, hindi po ito ang maaaring maging dahilan para malasin siya sa inyo.

A Mom's Life: 9/48

The inevitable has happened. Naubusan kami ng gas. Boo. But I won't be allowing bad vibes in my pink palace today as I am celebrating my first blogoversary. And for this week's A Mom's Life, I chose one of my most favorite mommy bloggers who funnily shares her life as a wife and mom in their blog The Soshal Network. Of course, this episode should be as special as today. Before she gets to be featured in Tatler, this blog muna. Char. I knew about  TSN through Mommy Fleur's. They're bestfriends. Then I did a little back-reading of their past posts and saw this, Batang OA. I'm a SAHM who needs a good laugh everyday to keep me sane, so posts like these are super helpful. The plus factor pa is I can envision LB in her. See, D is a soldier's daughter. And now, she's a rocking topnotch lawyer. If we can dream a career for LB, siyempre either maging lawyer or doctor lang. But feeling ko, mag-aartista ang anak ko. Anyway, there's this infamous old-school trend that lady lawyers daw do not get married at all because they're too busy with work. D of TSN begs to differ. 

D is now happily married to Papa O. Or so I thought? From what I've heard, February 22 na when her husband greeted her for Valentine's eh. And I think there will be an annulment soon. Hay, kahit naman ako 'pag sinabihan na pango, I will consider filing a case, too. Haha! I guess that's what's nice with marriages like what D and Papa O has; if you can make fun of each other's quirks, then nagging would be easier.  It would sound as if you're just trying to annoy one another, but you are actually  on nagging mode. Er, not that I'm saying that D's a nagger, but I just wonder how Papa O argues with his lawyer wife. Does she sound anything like Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago kaya? 

Bebengisms Turns One: THANK YOU!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend thanks to the reasons behind why I'm celebrating my blogoversary. #speechmuch?

To my king, Rhambo, my one and only. You bought me this pink mean machine, my pink camera which has been my new buddy and soon a white gadget meant for the Queenstagrams (I'll be flooding for sure!); all because you need to keep me busy so I won't be bugging you. Haha! No, really. You gave the things I need because you want me to do what I love. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. Yes my solja boy, it's a song. But it's swak to what I want to tell you. Kisses, hugs and everything in between! See you, see you, I hope to see you more often. 

26 March 2013

Bebengisms Turns One: Bug and Kelly Giveaway

Are you ready for more blogoversary giveaways from this castle? *batting my eyelashes*

LB's First Dance Recital

Forgive the quality of the video and my nakakalokang side comments. I was gabbing with a fellow mommy whose child played the giraffe character in the Circle of Life performance of Primemont Science School's 3s and 4s class. What do you think of their performance? Cute, noh? :)

Nanaygosyante of 2013: March

Mothers are obviously commendable. What, morning sickness for 3 months (or the whole duration of pregnancy)? I don't think men can do that! Men curse they won't drink a single drop of brandy or beer after puking out in the gutter of the street on their way home. But preggo moms can't swear to not bear a child anymore. We can abstain but we can never make it sound as if we don't like the angel inside our tummy. 

To all the good fathers who might be rolling your eyes now in disbelief, please don't read after the crown if you won't understand my point. Yuhh, including you, Rhambo! ;)

~ ♔ ~

I'm My Papitoyni's Bebeng

Today marks my 20th year of being father-less. So if you still have a Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Amang, Pop or Pudrabelle --- make sure to tell him you love him before it's too late. 

This is the letter I wrote for Papa for Father's Day, two years ago --- 
Dear Papa, 
Sabi ng nag-iisa mong apo na babae sa Tatay niya "Happy Far'rs Day!" Ako po gusto ko lang magpasalamat. 
Salamat sa height, kahit pa'no hindi ako matatawag na petite; sa sense of humor na minsan nagagamit ko pag problemado at ayoko pa munang i-solve; sa 8 1/2 yrs mong pagiging cool sherpats sa'kin. Dahil sa'yo, nakilala ko ang Beatles at si Mel Gibson.  
Ang iyong pagkanta ng Maging Sino Ka Man sa stereo natin gamit ang Vicor Records mong cassette tape ay hindi ko makakalimutan, kasi sinasayaw mo pa ko nun. At nung pinakanta mo ko ng Kung Kailangan Mo Ako, sabi mo kaboses ko si Aiza Seguerra. Siguro, kung kasama ka pa namin, baka yang Sarah Geronimo na yan eh sumasali pa din sa mga contest.  

25 March 2013

Bebengisms Turns One: Martina's Corner Giveaway

It's Holy Monday today and for most of us, it's officially summer. It's vacation time! Actually, we haven't planned our summer vacation yet. We haven't allotted budget for that yet. But earlier, Rhambo and I talked about going to Zoobic Safari in Zambales before next school year starts. After all, we had our time in the pool last December. And LB will take swimming lessons next month. So we opt to take our little princess to a zoo. But for those mommies with new babies, who are excited to let their tots take a dip, I'm sure you won't let this season pass without going on a summer spree. Wait and hold on. Do you have all the baby essentials before heading out to the beach? As much as you'd love to garb your baby girl in a skimpy swimsuit, a rash guard is the best option. Now I know better, I used to make LB wear a bikini a la Miranda Kerr. Haha! And don't forget the sunblock! But amidst the OC-ness that any doting mom has, let us not forget to have fun with our water babies.

Rayala Dialogues: Wisdom

As in this happened like 10 minutes earlier lang. I can't help but blog about this habang iniinin ang sinaing. LB has chapped lips kasi. She always has it when she's sick. Kulang na kulang sa vitamin C ang bagets.

LB: Look Nanay, blood ang mouth ko.
B: We'll put lip balm later.
LB: Okay.

Then I gave her my compact mirror habang tinutuklap niya ang lips niya. Naawa na siguro sa sarili when...
LB: Nanay, can I have wisdom?
B: Anong wisdom?
LB: It's like lipstick, but it's wisdom.
Hahaha! Until now, tawang-tawa ko habang tinatype ko ito. Remember, when you have chapped lips, ask for wisdom! :D

My Little Lady's Moving-Up

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday, but I was suffering from this relentless migraine again. And my little major awardee was down with cough and colds. So I decided to sleep it all off. Now, it's a Monday and I got domestic duties still, but my body was asking for some blogging aura first. Upon checking my drafts folder, kaloka, ang dami kong pending posts! This is not good. I never had like more than five unfinished articles! Jeez.

Anyway, let's start the kwento. This is going to be a bit lengthy and flooded with photos. Please be patient.

22 March 2013

I Shall Have You One Day

But for now, it's just a tape dispenser from Scotch. Got this from a former colleague in the real estate company I used to be a part of.

Pink Tape Dispenser for Php200+ 
Ahem, ahem! I'm always accepting pink la-la-la-love! ♥

6-Year-Old Jeans

Contrary to what most people believe, soldiers are underpaid. I mean, that amount in exchange of months, sometimes years, away from their loved ones? 

Well, this is not an Army wife's rant. 

I just want to say that I am at home, not because we can afford it, but because my daughter needs a parent and not just a financial provider. Her father's away to work so she obviously needs me. And being an unica hija, most of my husband's salary goes to her needs. You may not see it in her slim body, but she can wolf down a pack of cookies in a day. It may not be evident in her printed legs but her beauty essentials hold most of the bathroom's caddy. She will say "I'm bored, Nanay" a lot of times but her toys and books  occupy a room. "I have nothing to do, Nanay", says she when I try to catch a glimpse of what's showing on Star Movies or Asian Food Channel; but we actually have cable TV installed for her Disney Junior and Nickolodeon. And if you notice, she has more OOTD photos than I do. She has more clothes and shoes than me, yes!

The infamous quote most striving parents say may be true this time, "kahit panty hindi ako makabili, mabilhan lang kita". My husband's salary is fully remitted to me, to be honest. But you know, house rent, bills and everyday food eat it all up. That's why I'm trying going to do my best to at least thrive for something that can be labeled as unimportant - such as shopping for new clothes. 

Will try to channel this look.

I am saying this because as I was mentally styling myself for my little lady's Moving-Up Day on Saturday and realized I only got a pair of jeans. The letter sent to parents stated that attire should be semi-formal. I contest that. My semi-formal is all about cocktail dresses, glossy purses and blings. R and I decided we'll go casual chic (gumaganun?!). And I will wear my one and only Charles and Keith heels. Emphasize on the only. Haha! But you know, I won't let that bother me (this asthma is already making me anxious). There are bigger problems in the world than just having a single pair of a 6-year-old jeans. Right?

Photo courtesy of Acute Designs

21 March 2013

The Peacock Project and Other Updates

I'm almost done with LB's peacock costume yesterday. I bought flats in the palengke earlier worth Php50 that I will adorn with gold sequins to complete the outfit. I can't wait to show you my simple but chic creation! Chos, chic pa?! Basta, it's DIY kasi kaya hindi naman Rajo Laurel levels noh. But I promise to share with you how I did it and how much ang na-spend ko. Cute naman and pang-batang beki. Hihi. 'Pag teenager na siya, mas lalakihan na natin ang palong. ;)

Day 1

20 March 2013

Bebengisms Turns One: King Sue Ham Giveaway

Okay, like what I have mentioned in my Facebook fan page, this will be my shortest giveaway ever! Aside from wanting to leave more space in my refrigerator's freezer, I would love to give these cold-cuts to the winners in an almost-fresh form (cold-cuts, fresh? #laboness). 

A Mom's Life: 8/48

For this week's issue, I picked a mom blogger who is very close to me. Well, almost of the same blood, actually. I saw how she grew up to be a very cute and mahinhin little lady. My sister N and I used to tinker on her hair and helped her with some of her assignments. See, I'm the youngest girl in a brood of four, so having like a baby sister was a hit to me. She's my mother's sister's daughter --- yuhh, making it complicated for you --- she's my cousin! Just like in any family, some things had changed and we fell apart. Gone are the days that I can hear her matinis voice laughing with us. My last memorable picture of her was she was on the phone with some guy classmate and she was only 12! Haha! But now, she's an awesome mom to two wonderful children of Jesus, a wife to a passionate musician and the articulate blogger behind Lollies and Lipsticks.

NAME: Camille Ann Duque-Aguila

AGE: 23

CHILD, AGE: Elijah Marshall, 3 yrs 
                        Elizabeth Peavey, 6 mos. 
{FYI: Marshall and Peavey are well-known brands of guitar amplifiers}

OCCUPATION: Proud SAHM and blogger on the side

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Shorts, shirt, ballet flats


HOBBIES: Blogging/surfing the net, reading, playing with the kids

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read - The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho / Watch - Cartoons that Elijah watches; specifically The Rise of the Guardians (I’m not much into movies kasi) 


17 March 2013

Ahh Yen Daah... Baba Lee, Babohh

My Little Popstar is very excited na for their Circle of Life performance on the 23rd. Eto nga kanina oh, pagkagising, yun na ang kinakanta. 

Peacock Costume Project Day 1 tomorrow. Wish me luck! Simple lang naman design ko but I'm so pressured. And what's more nakaka-pressure? We need to be at school ng 8am. Waah. Hindi ako morning person. Super good luck. o_O

Going DIY with Xai Ribbons and Craft Store

When I was younger, I really like abubots na. As in, I was teased by my sisters na I'm a rat daw 'cause I have too many anik-anik. I remember giving Lola L a letter for Mother's Day made from an old diskette. Remember niyo yung colorful diskettes dati? Yun. Grabe, we're getting old na talaga. Haha!

Anyway, I have started loving crafting and doing DIYs because we can't afford to buy everything that was in trend. But siyempre, we have to be resourceful. And it was tested more when I became a mom. Actually, from the baby shower pa lang, I went DIY already --- the backdrop that looked like a highschool project, 10 pink balloons that I inflated by myself and the Hello Kitty souvenirs that I wrapped using colorful sandwich bags. Now that LB is already a preschooler, mas dumami na ang chance to exercise my crafty hands. Eto nga, I have this peacock costume project na hindi ko makatulugan sa pag-iisip. We can have someone sew a costume naman for her, kaso mahalia, mothers! I'm a SAHM naman so I can do it instead. 

Potato and Cheese Omelette

Very gasgas na the line "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I think for married ladies, it has to be "a key to a lasting marriage is cooking his eggs creatively". Oh, relax lang. As in pagkain ito mga mothers ha. Hihi.

My soldier is not that pihikan but he if he has a choice, he chooses talaga. Like, he'd rather have simple fried tilapia than sweet & sour tilapia. Or he dips fried talong in soy sauce with calamansi instead of in bagoong alamang. And he loves dishes that are smothered with butter and/or cheese. 

Recently, he was home to have his Physical Fitness Test for promotion. He was in a sort of diet that he made for himself. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for it. Buti na lang, I have grocery basics in the fridge. I cooked Potato and Cheese Omelette for lunch. You see, I love breakfast food any time of the day. Kaya nga I told him na we should try Early Bird Breakfast Club in The Fort eh. Anyway, I'll be providing a recipe for this dish, which turned out to be the king's favorite. Akala ko pa nga he was being sarcastic when he requested for this. Yung feeling na ito lang ang na-prepare ko for him. Hehe. Yun pala, bet niya talaga. So here na, malay mo magustuhan din ng hubster mo ang itlog dish na ito. :)

16 March 2013

Divisoria for Sophia's DIY Peacock Costume

Sophia was absent in school earlier (meaning yesterday) because we needed to maximize her Tatay's stay (and his driving skills). So we planned to go to Divisoria to buy materials for her peacock costume that she'll be wearing on the 23rd. Ipagpaumanhin niyo muna mga muthers kung maaantala ng slight ang ilan sa mga nai-promise kong posts ha. Magiging busy ang Martha Stewart crafty hands ko eh. Rest muna ang writer hands ha.

So after lunch, gorabelles to Divisoria ang Familia Rayala.

Grabe ang traffic. Nakakasuka. And imagine the pain when you have that unexpected (and in my case, very unwanted) monthly visit! Super nagpipigil akong sumigaw because I did not want to add to my husband's burden who's behind the wheel. Pasahero lang ako eh mainit na ulo ko, how much more yung driver di ba? Tapos masakit pa ipin niya. But when we finally arrived in the gilid of the 999 Mall to park, medyo gumanda na aura ko. Ready to hunt for the materials na.

Excited na din si R. We went to Tabora St. where you can find all the props, costume thingamajigs and materials for souvenirs that you need. Kung agila nga ang role ng bagets, may ready-made na wings na dun eh. Super dami ding fairy wings, in different colors pa! It's a lot better talaga in Divi when you're agresibo. Ako pa naman makapal ang mukha. Tanong galore ako ever. Ayun kakatanong, nakakita kami ng PEACOCK FEATHERS!

14 March 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Little Kolehiyala & Bathtub

I woke up 2:30am and realized I was still wearing my contact lenses. I really need to buy eyeglasses na talaga. Anyway, nakatulog kasi ako sa pagpapatulog sa bagets. Pero paggising ko, yung pinapatulog ko, gising pa! Actually, nasa CR siya ngayon and may ka-meeting. Hay. Wawa bebetoy.
LB: Nanay, can I go to the CR first?
B: Yes, why?
LB: Sakit my tummy ko...
Masakit ang tummy ng little kolehiyala.

See, 24/7 ang trabaho ng isang mudjey! Lalo ng isang servantless SAHM na katulad ko. Kaya sana may bathtub kami para magawa ko ito when LB's in school. Pak.

13 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 7/48

Like what I said in my Facebook page, March is a month of many things. We are also celebrating my blogoversary this month aside from the International Women's Day/Month that I posted about here. March is also the time my asthma starts to exist. It's just so hot these days, no? But summer is fun so I'm not complaining. And I think, the most taken for granted but very important commemoration that we should always have in mind is the Fire Prevention Month. You know who could make you realize how vital it is? The fire officer's wife herself, the mom blogger behind Mom on Duty.

I stumbled upon her blog when I was roughly a two-month blogger. It was in her previous site, Coffee With Kim, that I started to get interested with her life. She is married to a member of Philippine National Police Academy Class of 2009. Yup, same class that A Mom's Life: 6/48 has been a part of. Small world! So why did I choose to put the spotlight on her for today's issue? Aside from the fact that she has great posts, she actually has a lot of positivity happening around her in our mommy group. She gives empathic comments to our fellow mommies. And it is such a pleasure to introduce to you a fellow queen.

12 March 2013

LB for Little Beki

Infairview, bilib ako sa mga SAHMs na may jowa who goes home everyday. Bilang ako'y army wife, having Rhambo at home means it's a big production number. Busy ang kitchen ko 'day. At ang labada, sabi ko nga, Mt. Fuji-ish. I'm not complaining. Kasi nga it's a blessing that we have him here with us. So we have to make each moment really special. In short, full time regular wife ang peg. Kaya eto, lesser time for my social life. I miss making kwento already! 

Guess what?! My little popstar will be having her first moving-up day on the 23rd. Jusko, I swear. Ngayon pa lang, ramdam na ramdam ko ng may maiiyak na mudjey sa audience na mag-ssmudge ang mascara dahil sa eksena. Akala mo kolehiyo ang napagtapos no? #dramaticdiva 

Earlier after dinner, upon learning that Sophia's 3s and 4s class will be performing a dance inspired by the Circle of Life song of the movie The Lion King on the 23rd, the very much involved pudrabelle downloaded its video. LB heard it and made her moves. I heard my own heart slowly pounding like crazy, then a lump in the throat. Boom, naluha na ako. I knew it, maiiyak ako on her moving-up day. She was sooooo cute! Nae-excite na ako ever for her. Or for me? ;)

She will be a peacock! A beautiful, vibrant and elegant peacock. Her pop and I decided to make/give her the best peacock costume she could ever have. Kasi nga ang galing niya, she deserves it! Kanina we went to Marikina Dry Market and ask the local seamstresses there if they could make one in two weeks. Two of them declined as they have lots of sewing tasks in their line up already. Meron naman pumayag but it was too costly, and we're not even sure if she can make it really great. Her dresses in display were not that exquisitely made eh. So I told Rhambo I'll go DIY. I have a background naman in crafty stuff like sewing and using glue gun 'cause my special elective in highschool was Home Industry. We did so many DIY abubots for two years. And when I Googled peacock costume diy for kids, ang dami namang lumabas. May mga designs akong kering-keri kong magawa if given the whole day. Meron naman na pang-beauty pageant.

Speaking of, naisip ko, bakit kaya yun ang naisip na i-assign na costume for Sophia? Pwede naman turtle, bunny or elephant. And then we realized... Bagay na bagay lang sa bagets ang maging peacock. 

Di ba ang lakas maka-beki ng peacock feathers? Aminin niyo, most beautiful animal ang peacock. ♡

Waaah! Lalo akong na-challenge to make her costume really fab. Yung tipong pagtaas ng kamay, ayun ang colorful kiyemelou. Pak na pak na peacock! Perfect for Ms. Gay Malibay 2013! Winner.

Bebengisms Turns One: A Revelation

This is also a Thoughtful Tuesday, by the way.

I think some of you have raised your eyebrow (left or right?) when you started to notice that I keep on calling myself a queen. Before you judge me for being such a self-absorbed, egotistical and attention whore of a blogger, let me tell you one thing first --- you are correct. 

Sardonically? No, that's the truth. I mean, what can your blog be without the attention you are craving for? An online hidden diary underneath a tree? We need readers, in order to even call ourselves, blogger. It gets me high when I receive compliments and so much flattery from random people. To be brutally honest, I'm loving it!

11 March 2013

Barbie Magazine: Dress Up and Party

80s Barbie c/o Hey Little Birdie
Owning a Barbie doll is like a little girl's rite of passage. Parang kulang ang pagkabagets mo when you didn't have one, noh? Kahit yung fake lang na naka-scotch tape yung hair. I used to have that! Nabili namin si "Tracy" sa Uniwide Sales nun. I think I never owned a real Mattel-made Barbie, but a very kind childhood friend named Ikay gave me one. Tapos ayun, pinamigay ko na yata sa mga younger cousins ko. Senti-wise, I should have kept it pala for my LB. But my little boss doesn't appreciate dolls that much yet. Like what I have mentioned on my earlier posts, she re-creates. She uses things not for its real function. Sometimes, super creative na to the point na naiinis na ako sa clutter niya. Semi-OC nga kasi ako. Imagine, yung lampin eh ibabalumbon (make into a ball) niya then ilalagay sa baso kunwari, tapos maglalagay siya ng color pencil niya dun. Ta-daah! Strawberry shake daw yun. Kalerks. But her Barbie dolls (she has 2 original dolls and 4 mapagpanggap ones) naman ay real dolls for her. She plays with it. Kaso minsan ginagawa niyang tunay na tao na nakatambay kung saan-saan. Imagine the horror I experience everyday na may magwe-welcome sa akin sa pinto ng room niya, or sa may window. So I thought of introducing Barbie in a way she has to know the glam plastic phenomenal toy. I did it old-school style --- through reading; the Barbie Magazine, that is! ♡

10 March 2013

Dinner at Some Kind Of Wonderful (SKOW)

R came home last Tuesday for their promotion thingamajigs. Yup, my young dashing lieutenant will soon be a mighty captain, by God's grace. I know he can pass their physical fitness test required for getting promoted. Only, with lots of sweat! Hehe. See, he's not the sporty type. And getting fit is such a big deal already. He lost a lot of weight since I last saw him. He told me he's on a strict diet - a diet he made for himself: no breakfast, heavy lunch, no merienda and light dinner. Well, he knows his body well so I guess it's working for him. He avoids pork and greasy dishes, too. It's sort of a tough task for me as I love meat and anything fried. Last Thursday night, I was not feeling that great and LB has colds. He decided to dine out. We both agreed to look for somewhere within Marikina. We already tried Cafe Lidia for my birthday dinner last year; so we chose the next resto I know - Some Kind Of Wonderful or better known as SKOW.

My soldier sure knows how to read maps and can actually spend more than a month in the mountain; but we surprisingly got lost looking for this place. Like what he said, "wala naman kasing sinasabing one-way sa mapa". Haha! That is, Google Maps. For me, we had a hard time looking for SKOW because 1) madilim na 2) one-way ang daan papunta dun so we have to make ikot pa, nakakalito swear 3) wala ng MAPA --- mapagtatanungan. I guess it has been a lot easier if we commuted. 'Cause according to our fellow netizens: sakay jeep to SSS Village then ask manong driver na ibaba ka near St. Paul Parish Church, which is katapat lang ng SKOW. But if you're on a private vehicle like us, make sure na if you'll be looking for it eh hindi kayo ganun kagutom. 

08 March 2013

Bebengisms Turns One: My Own Domain

March 27, 2012: I gave birth to my second baby inside my chilly office using my laptop issued by the company. After a decision to be a SAHM, I continued my stay here. I never thought that I would be celebrating its first year with all of you. I am very blessed to have survived 11 months of living in this crazy self-gratifying blogosphere. I may have basher(s) here and there, someone even called me a high-tech chismosa (I wonder what she will call Fashion Pulis); but I didn't let it get through my senses. My pink cyber castle continued to accept chikamates, royal subjects and fellow queens inside a hot pink walk-up apartment, and I was renting from a landlady called Blogspot. 

The Metamorphosis

06 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 6/48

Today's A Mom's Life episode is about the woman behind McMom-ents --- a personal blog of a fit and fab Flight Attendant-momma who's ready to soar high again. Fasten your seat belts as I take off in sharing with you an island of her life.

NAME: April CaƱada-McGregor

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Logan Richard McGregor, 3
                     Isabelle Lauren McGregor, 1

OCCUPATION: Domestic Diva 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Skinny jeans, tank tops and Keds sneakers

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: facial moisturizer, MAC liquid foundation, Colour Riche Lip Balm by L'Oreal in Heavenly Berry and Sonia Kashuk concealer

HOBBIES: Reading (books, ebooks, blogs, news, etc), yoga & crocheting

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Watch- Midsomer Murders


04 March 2013

Review: Twinings Green Tea

It is because of this photo that I decided to make tea a mainstay character in our grocery cupboard. I am not afraid to get old, you know. It is to look old that I am so not looking forward to. Then like a few days after that, I received a box of Twinings tea that contains two of each variant. For this post, I would do a review of the four of their six green tea: Pure Green Tea, Green Tea & Cranberry, Green Tea & Lemon, and Green Tea and Mint.

Where do you think could I buy a white tea cup with a pink crown printed on it? ♡

Watch + Read: Mata Boys

These are my sister N's boys --- Gabriel Ian, 8 turning 9 this May and Raphael Sean, 7. They are funny, super takaw, rambunctious but sweet kuyas to LB. Gabby loves to tinker on things and he's really into cars. At his age, he can identify the brands of the cars na in the street. Galing noh? Eh hello, I can only name Vios kasi. Chos. Plus, he's really techie! It's like all these gadgets were invented for him. Medyo pikon lang siya sa laptop ko kasi I rarely use mouse. Hehe. Raffy naman is the sweet talker. I can converse with him more than with Gabby. He's like a small manong! He eats more adult food than Kuya Gabby. He talks like an adult, too but cries like a baby when I pretend to get mad at him. Raf can sing One Direction's One Thing in a very ballad way. Haha! :)

01 March 2013

PrimeMont Science School's 12th Foundation Day

So that's how it should be written: the letter M in -mont is in upper case. Found that out and realized I was typing it incorrectly the whole time I blog about LB's school when I saw this tarp at the school gate. And it was also a slash-Family Day-slash-Sports Fest.