16 March 2013

Divisoria for Sophia's DIY Peacock Costume

Sophia was absent in school earlier (meaning yesterday) because we needed to maximize her Tatay's stay (and his driving skills). So we planned to go to Divisoria to buy materials for her peacock costume that she'll be wearing on the 23rd. Ipagpaumanhin niyo muna mga muthers kung maaantala ng slight ang ilan sa mga nai-promise kong posts ha. Magiging busy ang Martha Stewart crafty hands ko eh. Rest muna ang writer hands ha.

So after lunch, gorabelles to Divisoria ang Familia Rayala.

Grabe ang traffic. Nakakasuka. And imagine the pain when you have that unexpected (and in my case, very unwanted) monthly visit! Super nagpipigil akong sumigaw because I did not want to add to my husband's burden who's behind the wheel. Pasahero lang ako eh mainit na ulo ko, how much more yung driver di ba? Tapos masakit pa ipin niya. But when we finally arrived in the gilid of the 999 Mall to park, medyo gumanda na aura ko. Ready to hunt for the materials na.

Excited na din si R. We went to Tabora St. where you can find all the props, costume thingamajigs and materials for souvenirs that you need. Kung agila nga ang role ng bagets, may ready-made na wings na dun eh. Super dami ding fairy wings, in different colors pa! It's a lot better talaga in Divi when you're agresibo. Ako pa naman makapal ang mukha. Tanong galore ako ever. Ayun kakatanong, nakakita kami ng PEACOCK FEATHERS!

Actually, si Sophia pa unang nakakita when we were inside the store na. But then, R saw an iron-on patch na peacock feather ang design; so I chose that instead. It's only Php12 a piece. Pero I bought pa din a pack of 5 pieces of peacock feathers for Php75. I'll use that to design her shirt/sando/leotards (wala kaming nabili kanina) and her mask that I bought for only Php20! Yuhhh, may maskara siya. Little Beki nga kasi. Then I bought 1 1/2 yards of organza cloth, which is Php60 per yard. That will be the tail na ipanglalandi ng peacock. I'll put the iron-on patch there, plus will sew some gold sequins.We have brown tights, too for Php150 only. Wee. Kaka-excite. The little performer's pretty happy with our finds. She keeps on humming the Circle of Life song. Pati yung intro na "aaaahhh yen dahh baba lim baba laah.. yen dah" Haha! Basta yun. Aliw lang. Para siyang walking mp3 player. ♫

Then because R wanted to just get out of that dizzying traffic jam ever, sa may E. Rodriguez Avenue na kami nakapag-dinner. And my soldier is poorly suffering from a very terrible toothache, kaya he wanted soft food lang. Wawa nga. Kalaking mama, tiklop sa toothache. Kaya sabi ko noodles or congee dapat ang eat niya. I saw Hap Chan. He chose lobster ball noodle soup and iced lemonade. He enjoyed his food. No need to add any spice or what-not kasi masarap na daw. Kami ng bagets, we had birthday noodles lang and spring rolls. Plus watermelon shake. We like Hap Chan already. Wala lang photos 'cause I'm so gutom. Di bale, we will go back there and try other dishes. Will definitely share with you the experience. Basta, try there if you haven't, masarap the food! :)

So when we got home, I laid out the organza cloth and pinatong ko the iron-on peacock patch, para ma-visualize ko na. Nagandahan ako. Light turquoise blue kasi yung cloth then dark yung patch. Effect! Rhambo said 'wag ko daw muna i-post 'pag nagawa na, i-PM ko lang daw siya. Tama, para surprise. Hihi. But I will share it with you muthers how I did it for future references. Lalo to those na may mga baby girls who will soon be going to school. Dilemma kaya ang mag costume-costume na yan. Lalo kung wala kang time to go DIY di ba. Pero dahil ako'y blessed with time and konting skills, lezdudizz. Below is the photo of my peg. Actually, nung tail lang. Yung dress hindi ha. Hindi ko na achieve yan. Kahit i-push ko pa powers ko, wit na. Ano ko, sewing machine? Haha! Pero daig ni Sophia ang bagets na ito kasi may mask siya. Hehe. 

Osha, I will watch Ina, Kapatid, Anak pa in iWantv kasi hindi ko naabutan. What happened na ba with Celyn and Margaux? Umayos na ba mag-English si Margaux? Si Celyn ba, super perfect pa din? :p


  1. ndi pa rin nagbabago ang ingles ni margaux, mother B! hahaha.
    good luck sa paggawa ng peacock costume ni LB!
    happy weekend.

  2. Blessed are the mothers who are creative and know how to DIY :P Ako walang ka-talent talent in that department :P

    Can't hardly wait to see the finished costume :)

  3. Inaabangan ko din mag-English si Margaux! For the win e :)

  4. Good luck!
    It's really very nice if you have the talent and the skill.

  5. Wow, good luck! Inggit ako sa mga taong may patience to DIY :)

  6. Hi, sn po banda kyo nakabili peacock feather sa divi?

  7. Ano po name ng store sa tabora? Meron kasi sa michelle laces and ribbon ung peacock feathers kaso 30pesos/piece ang mahal