17 March 2013

Potato and Cheese Omelette

Very gasgas na the line "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I think for married ladies, it has to be "a key to a lasting marriage is cooking his eggs creatively". Oh, relax lang. As in pagkain ito mga mothers ha. Hihi.

My soldier is not that pihikan but he if he has a choice, he chooses talaga. Like, he'd rather have simple fried tilapia than sweet & sour tilapia. Or he dips fried talong in soy sauce with calamansi instead of in bagoong alamang. And he loves dishes that are smothered with butter and/or cheese. 

Recently, he was home to have his Physical Fitness Test for promotion. He was in a sort of diet that he made for himself. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for it. Buti na lang, I have grocery basics in the fridge. I cooked Potato and Cheese Omelette for lunch. You see, I love breakfast food any time of the day. Kaya nga I told him na we should try Early Bird Breakfast Club in The Fort eh. Anyway, I'll be providing a recipe for this dish, which turned out to be the king's favorite. Akala ko pa nga he was being sarcastic when he requested for this. Yung feeling na ito lang ang na-prepare ko for him. Hehe. Yun pala, bet niya talaga. So here na, malay mo magustuhan din ng hubster mo ang itlog dish na ito. :)


- 4 medium-sized eggs
- 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
- 2 tablespoons butter
- 1 big potato, cut into cubes
- salt & pepper
- oregano 

for potato fries
- 2 big potatoes perfect for french fries
- cumin
- ground basil
- iodized salt


1. Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Don't overdo it kasi we're not doing scrambled eggs naman. We really do not want it fluffy. Season it with salt & pepper. I added a bit of ground oregano.

2. Fry the cubed potatoes first in kawali with cooking oil. I don't have a non-stick pan so it was a challenge for me to create a well-cooked omelette. Look at the photo above, half lang. Kasi yung half nyan, wasak. Hehe. Set aside the fried cubed potatoes.

3. Put the butter in the kawali. Always remember to add a teaspoon of oil para hindi masunog ang butter. 

4. Pour in the eggs in the kawali. Make sure na sakop nito ang all possible spaces ng circumference of the kawali. So tilt it slightly.

5. Put the fried cubed potatoes. Then quickly add the grated cheese on the same side of the potatoes. Medyo magmadali ka, dahil bukod sa gutom na asawa mo at ang mga bata, baka maluto na ang egg hanggang sa ibabaw. So better talaga 'pag prepared na lahat ng ingredients before cooking. Para mukhang cooking show ni Nigella Lawson ang peg. Chos.

6. Tapos using a spatula or sanse, fold the egg. Basta, takpan mo yung side na may potato and cheese. I'm not a recipe-writer talaga, anuber.

7. Then baligtarin mo ang omelette. Pag nasira, hindi ko kasalanan ha. Be careful lang, mother. Or let's buy na a non-stick pan. Next na yan sa bibilhin ko. May nakita akong pink sa SM eh. :)

8. For the potato fries, siyempre fry it, as usual. Then put it in a canister or anything na may takip. Kasi you will make alog that one with a dash of cumin, ground basil and salt. Hiluhin mo sila together.

9. Plate it and serve. Perfect with sinangag and the one you love. Charot.

For more of my recipes, click here. Happy cooking! 


  1. gotta try this! thanks for the recipe, Queen B.:)

  2. so yummy, i love egg omelet with milk and cheese and yes potato is also a nice alternative

  3. Looks yummy! We also just made something like this but without the cheese. We might give this a try next week.

  4. If I have a left over in the fridge I tried to experiment it. Just put all the left over like corned beef, canned tuna and many more then beat an egg. Presto I do have my omelet.

  5. I will definitely try this recipe. I just had omelette this morning but with basil only :)

  6. Hmmnn, I have never tried that combo, I might tough because it looks very tasty.

  7. Queen B, tried it this morning it was yummy. I added bacon to eat and the minis loved it.:)

  8. I wonder i the little one will like cheese omelette, I shall try it one of these days..

  9. haha. nakakatuwa naman ang kwento mo. nakakarelate ako.
    now, i know what's missing in my omelet -the cheese! para cheesy ang bossing sa araw-araw.

  10. wow, I wanted to try this out for sure my son will gonna love it

  11. Looks like a simple recipe to try! Thanks for sharing, mommy! :)

  12. this is my son's fave breakfast

  13. I love eggs for breakfast and this is something I would eat.

  14. Hunting your blog for recipes. :D

    Nauubusan na ko ng ulam ideas... Hehe. Thanks for the recipes, you make them so fun to read! :)

    1. Naku, nakakatamaran ko na nga magsulat ng recipes. I will try to write more, soon. :)