12 March 2013

LB for Little Beki

Infairview, bilib ako sa mga SAHMs na may jowa who goes home everyday. Bilang ako'y army wife, having Rhambo at home means it's a big production number. Busy ang kitchen ko 'day. At ang labada, sabi ko nga, Mt. Fuji-ish. I'm not complaining. Kasi nga it's a blessing that we have him here with us. So we have to make each moment really special. In short, full time regular wife ang peg. Kaya eto, lesser time for my social life. I miss making kwento already! 

Guess what?! My little popstar will be having her first moving-up day on the 23rd. Jusko, I swear. Ngayon pa lang, ramdam na ramdam ko ng may maiiyak na mudjey sa audience na mag-ssmudge ang mascara dahil sa eksena. Akala mo kolehiyo ang napagtapos no? #dramaticdiva 

Earlier after dinner, upon learning that Sophia's 3s and 4s class will be performing a dance inspired by the Circle of Life song of the movie The Lion King on the 23rd, the very much involved pudrabelle downloaded its video. LB heard it and made her moves. I heard my own heart slowly pounding like crazy, then a lump in the throat. Boom, naluha na ako. I knew it, maiiyak ako on her moving-up day. She was sooooo cute! Nae-excite na ako ever for her. Or for me? ;)

She will be a peacock! A beautiful, vibrant and elegant peacock. Her pop and I decided to make/give her the best peacock costume she could ever have. Kasi nga ang galing niya, she deserves it! Kanina we went to Marikina Dry Market and ask the local seamstresses there if they could make one in two weeks. Two of them declined as they have lots of sewing tasks in their line up already. Meron naman pumayag but it was too costly, and we're not even sure if she can make it really great. Her dresses in display were not that exquisitely made eh. So I told Rhambo I'll go DIY. I have a background naman in crafty stuff like sewing and using glue gun 'cause my special elective in highschool was Home Industry. We did so many DIY abubots for two years. And when I Googled peacock costume diy for kids, ang dami namang lumabas. May mga designs akong kering-keri kong magawa if given the whole day. Meron naman na pang-beauty pageant.

Speaking of, naisip ko, bakit kaya yun ang naisip na i-assign na costume for Sophia? Pwede naman turtle, bunny or elephant. And then we realized... Bagay na bagay lang sa bagets ang maging peacock. 

Di ba ang lakas maka-beki ng peacock feathers? Aminin niyo, most beautiful animal ang peacock. ♡

Waaah! Lalo akong na-challenge to make her costume really fab. Yung tipong pagtaas ng kamay, ayun ang colorful kiyemelou. Pak na pak na peacock! Perfect for Ms. Gay Malibay 2013! Winner.


  1. Wow! :) Peacocks are really beautiful po :) congrats on LB's first moving up :) can't wait to see the pics of your DIY peacock :)

  2. Aliw talaga Nanay Bebeng when its about our kid's achievements/presentations and all. Congratulations to your little princess and sa nyo ni Rham as well:)

  3. hahaha bonggang LB-bata pa lang sosyalen na ang "role"..for sure kabog lahat ni LB ang mga kasali..hehehe.dahil sa peacock costume...Im so exzoited:)

  4. Read this aloud for the teachers kanina po while we were in the Batcave and working ourselves to the bone sa dami nang paperwork to finish. Bawing-bawi ang pagod sa kakatawa namin. :))

    One week na lang, and we'll get to see all the kids' costumes! So excited to take pictures! :-)

    1. Nakuuuu, na-dyahe naman ako. Say hi to Ms. Angel Locsin for me! Haha! :D
      Yes, TL. I will depend on your photography prowess. Hihi.