17 March 2013

Going DIY with Xai Ribbons and Craft Store

When I was younger, I really like abubots na. As in, I was teased by my sisters na I'm a rat daw 'cause I have too many anik-anik. I remember giving Lola L a letter for Mother's Day made from an old diskette. Remember niyo yung colorful diskettes dati? Yun. Grabe, we're getting old na talaga. Haha!

Anyway, I have started loving crafting and doing DIYs because we can't afford to buy everything that was in trend. But siyempre, we have to be resourceful. And it was tested more when I became a mom. Actually, from the baby shower pa lang, I went DIY already --- the backdrop that looked like a highschool project, 10 pink balloons that I inflated by myself and the Hello Kitty souvenirs that I wrapped using colorful sandwich bags. Now that LB is already a preschooler, mas dumami na ang chance to exercise my crafty hands. Eto nga, I have this peacock costume project na hindi ko makatulugan sa pag-iisip. We can have someone sew a costume naman for her, kaso mahalia, mothers! I'm a SAHM naman so I can do it instead. 

As mothers, we are also financial experts at some point. Like what the owner of Xai Baby Shoppe did, Loydalin Gaba Lasam aka Lhoydz who went DIY with hairbows and headbands when she gave birth to her little girl. Xai was bald and beautiful when she was a baby, but it didn't stop her mom to make her look like a girl. I'm sure marami sa atin ang makaka-relate. LB looked like a male Tweety Bird when she was months old pa lang. So she bought her hair accessories like beanies and hats, but Xai didn't like it. She then ordered hairbows online and found it really expensive. And from there, she got hooked in prettifying her princess that she realized she can actually make her own. She started Xai Baby Shoppe in February 10, 2010 with a capital of Php500. Impressive! 

The materials I got from them that instantly gained popularity ;)
There are many online shops that sells hair accessories for little girls but so far, nag-iisa ang Xai Baby Shoppe, which sells materials. Thanks to my MBF, who posted her works for baby R that it inspired me to get in touch with Lhoydz. I just posted the photo of the materials I got from her in my Facebook fan page and it already received a really good response. I'm actually looking forward to Lhoydz's plans of putting up a physical store for Xai Ribbons and Craft Store and conducting a hairbow seminar-workshop for mommies who plan to earn while being at home. We're entering the year's second quarter in a few days and she hopes that she can fully monitor her website, which has all her craft tools and materials. 

The first two hair clips I made from Xai's materials ❤
If you're a budding crafty mom, you can purchase a few items from her muna. Start from the simplest, like what I did in the photo above. She's very helpful naman with her customers as she provides the materials according to your needs. But wait, we have a surprise for you! We will be doing a starter kit giveaway here in my blog. Are you kilig na ba with excitement? Stay tuned for the post! In the meantime, visit their Facebook page HERE and browse through the albums to hype you up in making the hair of every little girl in your family craftily beautiful! ✿

Disclosure: I have received items from Xai Baby Shoppe for this article.

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