08 March 2013

Bebengisms Turns One: My Own Domain

March 27, 2012: I gave birth to my second baby inside my chilly office using my laptop issued by the company. After a decision to be a SAHM, I continued my stay here. I never thought that I would be celebrating its first year with all of you. I am very blessed to have survived 11 months of living in this crazy self-gratifying blogosphere. I may have basher(s) here and there, someone even called me a high-tech chismosa (I wonder what she will call Fashion Pulis); but I didn't let it get through my senses. My pink cyber castle continued to accept chikamates, royal subjects and fellow queens inside a hot pink walk-up apartment, and I was renting from a landlady called Blogspot. 

The Metamorphosis

Then little by little, with the help of ComEx, fab giveaways and quality content (frog na frog), my apartment has been full of things; and guests were coming in every day that I needed more space. So I decided to move out. 

I am very fortunate that despite being a non-credit card holder, I was able to go through the process of acquiring my own domain. I'm not having a good relationship with my PayPal account. We always have misunderstandings, it makes me tired that I resorted to "borrowing a swipe". It takes a true friendship for this one-year custom domain, you know. EM, I'm gonna buy you more isaw when we see each other again! ♡

More blogoversary posts coming up! If I need to make patay a kapitbahay to celebrate this in a very bonggelz way, I will do it. Chos, este, cheers! 


  1. Congrats again on your new domain :) The pink castle looks cute ;) Don't mind the bashers because I think there's too few of them and too many of your humble subjects for them to matter at all :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Bebengisms!
    party party! :)

  3. Plus congrats on the royal favicon :P

  4. Go Bebengisms! Its yo birthday!:-)

  5. Yay! Thank you so much, ladies! :*

  6. Wow, I just noticed now! :) Congrats Mommy!