06 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 6/48

Today's A Mom's Life episode is about the woman behind McMom-ents --- a personal blog of a fit and fab Flight Attendant-momma who's ready to soar high again. Fasten your seat belts as I take off in sharing with you an island of her life.

NAME: April Cañada-McGregor

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Logan Richard McGregor, 3
                     Isabelle Lauren McGregor, 1

OCCUPATION: Domestic Diva 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Skinny jeans, tank tops and Keds sneakers

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: facial moisturizer, MAC liquid foundation, Colour Riche Lip Balm by L'Oreal in Heavenly Berry and Sonia Kashuk concealer

HOBBIES: Reading (books, ebooks, blogs, news, etc), yoga & crocheting

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Watch- Midsomer Murders


Online shopping, Dulce de Leche ice cream and crispy fried chicken skins.

Bebeng says: Life, sometimes, is unfair! She eats crispy fried chicken skins and that's her body? Well, April told me she's working real hard to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape since she's planning to fly again. No, she's not a fairy with a pixie dust, she used to be a Flight Attendant (hello, glam job!) for Kuwait Airways. And would you believe that before she went on with her FA career, she was a cadet in the Philippine National Police Academy? What a transition no? Galing. :)  

I have LOTs!!! But these are the TOP few...
1. Body Odor... well, who doesn't?:)
2. People who complain even about the smallest things.
3. Dirty sink, may it be in the kitchen or bathrooms.
4. Gold diggers and social climbers.
5. Self-righteous people.
Bebeng says: I guess this category is where April and I would surely hit it off. I remember her as one of my rah-rah girls when I was lamenting over an internet scandal that led to a school conference with LB's classmate's parents. If you're a loyal reader ever since, you know what I was talking about. Ma, was she ever a feisty commentor! Haha! My English vocab hid somewhere dark that time. I consider her as one of my virtual buddies. She also co-administers our Facebook momma group, called ERMAT (Experiences of Real-life Mothers Around Town). She's a masipag admin ha! She posts discussion-worthy questions everyday.

2013 GOAL: 
To be better than the 2012 "me" and a six pack abs, maybe...

Bebeng says: she posted a photo of her abs in IG that went directly in her FB. Super naiyak ako sa kalagayan ng tummy ko. Spell F-L-A-B-S. Darn. You wanna see it? Here!

DREAM FOR CHILDREN: Each of them will grow into the best of who he or she is meant to be and fulfill his or her life’s unique purpose.

Website: mcmom-ents.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/McMomentsBlog
Twitter: @McMomentsBlog
Pinterest: McMom-ents
Instagram: @aemcgregor


  1. now I got the noteworthy meaning of ERMAT!hehehe

  2. Wow! Sobrang sexy pala nitong si Mommy April. Kaloka lang ang aking mommy tummy na kahit payat ako e sya namang laki nito. Ugh! :) I'm enjoying this series.

  3. hi nanay b! thank you again for featuring me on A Mom's Life. dahil sau may bumisita na sa blog kung walang readers. haha! i love u tlga! mwah*

  4. Kainis ang flat tummy ni April! Makapagcrunches nga rin (sabay labas bituka sa tahi haha).

    1. haha! wait muna 6-8 months Momma Kim bago crunches.:)

  5. Kelangan ko atang mag-workout na. As in double time... pati sa pagtulog para ma-achieve yung figure ni Mommy April! Hehehe! :)

  6. naiingit naman ako sayo... nasayo ang dalawang bagay na kinaiingitan ko.. lol.. ang pagiging flight attendant at ang pagiging skinny despite having kids..

    hmm.. makapag exercise nga..

  7. ayyy... naman... I am super flattered. THANK YOU EVERYONE!