13 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 7/48

Like what I said in my Facebook page, March is a month of many things. We are also celebrating my blogoversary this month aside from the International Women's Day/Month that I posted about here. March is also the time my asthma starts to exist. It's just so hot these days, no? But summer is fun so I'm not complaining. And I think, the most taken for granted but very important commemoration that we should always have in mind is the Fire Prevention Month. You know who could make you realize how vital it is? The fire officer's wife herself, the mom blogger behind Mom on Duty.

I stumbled upon her blog when I was roughly a two-month blogger. It was in her previous site, Coffee With Kim, that I started to get interested with her life. She is married to a member of Philippine National Police Academy Class of 2009. Yup, same class that A Mom's Life: 6/48 has been a part of. Small world! So why did I choose to put the spotlight on her for today's issue? Aside from the fact that she has great posts, she actually has a lot of positivity happening around her in our mommy group. She gives empathic comments to our fellow mommies. And it is such a pleasure to introduce to you a fellow queen.

NAME: Kimberley Timbol-Reyes

AGE: 23

CHILD, AGE: Kelly Alexa, 1 yr and 9 months
                    Ethan Caleb, 2 months old

OCCUPATION: Full-time Mommy, Part-time Project Manager

FAVORITE OUTFIT: A summer dress paired with comfy sandals or flats

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: A beautiful smile. 

HOBBIES: Reading, Taking photos, Traveling

CURRENT READ: Back issues of Entrepreneur (magazine) 

CURRENT WATCH: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Hi-5 (haha)

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cleaning the kids' bottles. OC ako eh, I wash the bottles twice. If I let other people do the cleaning, feeling ko may natitirang dumi.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Hot chocolate! Hindi ako makatulog pag hindi ako nakakainom ng kahit isang mug.

PET PEEVE: Ack. I have a lot. People who talk/act like they know it all, people who feel like everything you say is about them, mga nega-star, dirty/stinky places.

2013 GOAL: Live healthier! And a business. {Bebeng says: Same here! ☺}

Bebeng says: I thought it's tough to be a mom when I had LB. But hey, others have two (or more!). So it kind of made me realize that I only share a percentage of what these other moms go through every single day. Like Kim, who's a super mommy with no nanny to a toddler and a baby! :)

The quote is from one of Kim's favorite series, Grey's Anatomy
Mom on Duty
Website: www.momonduty.com
Twitter: @TheMomOD


  1. Yes! Kim seems to be a nice lady :) It's nice to learn of mommies who are able to go through life without a nanny! My nanny is leaving in June to go to Manila (aka green pastures for those not living there LOL) and am planning not to get a new one :) will seriously read both your blogs so I can get great tips on how to manage my household :)) thanks!

    1. Kaya namang walang househelp, Joy. :) Patience lang talaga (at Enervon haha). Normal din mag cry cry minsan sa pagod. :D

  2. i don't know momma kim that much, i just met her on our group ERMATS, but i like her already.:) and to learn that classmate ko pala sa PNPA ang hubby niya makes it more interesting. I'm really hoping to meet momma kim and Queen B in person and the other mommies in our group page.:)

    1. Pag umuwi ka dapat may dinner out tayo ;)

    2. sureness! can't wait to meet you beautiful ladies.:)

  3. yeah, I remember Kim, I stumbled upon her many weeks ago. Actually I found her old page first. Got hooked and followed her religiously. Though , she doesn't know me as I am not really a commenter ( tama ba un) , I still take time to visit her whenever she post her ideas. Love her MOD page. Pretty face pa!

  4. Thanks for the feature Queen B! :D

    1. You're welcome and thank you, too for gracing my blog! :)