27 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 9/48

The inevitable has happened. Naubusan kami ng gas. Boo. But I won't be allowing bad vibes in my pink palace today as I am celebrating my first blogoversary. And for this week's A Mom's Life, I chose one of my most favorite mommy bloggers who funnily shares her life as a wife and mom in their blog The Soshal Network. Of course, this episode should be as special as today. Before she gets to be featured in Tatler, this blog muna. Char. I knew about  TSN through Mommy Fleur's. They're bestfriends. Then I did a little back-reading of their past posts and saw this, Batang OA. I'm a SAHM who needs a good laugh everyday to keep me sane, so posts like these are super helpful. The plus factor pa is I can envision LB in her. See, D is a soldier's daughter. And now, she's a rocking topnotch lawyer. If we can dream a career for LB, siyempre either maging lawyer or doctor lang. But feeling ko, mag-aartista ang anak ko. Anyway, there's this infamous old-school trend that lady lawyers daw do not get married at all because they're too busy with work. D of TSN begs to differ. 

D is now happily married to Papa O. Or so I thought? From what I've heard, February 22 na when her husband greeted her for Valentine's eh. And I think there will be an annulment soon. Hay, kahit naman ako 'pag sinabihan na pango, I will consider filing a case, too. Haha! I guess that's what's nice with marriages like what D and Papa O has; if you can make fun of each other's quirks, then nagging would be easier.  It would sound as if you're just trying to annoy one another, but you are actually  on nagging mode. Er, not that I'm saying that D's a nagger, but I just wonder how Papa O argues with his lawyer wife. Does she sound anything like Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago kaya? 

Ohkaaaaay, I bet you want to know more about her. So here are some fun facts about D.

NAME: Vivian (puwedeng wala ng last name?) {Bebeng says: Sureness!}

AGE: 32

CHILD, AGE: Addie, 18 months 


FAVORITE OUTFIT: Stepford wife dress or shorts and polo shirt.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Eyebrow pencil!!! Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang kilay ko! {Bebeng says: Corrected by! Same here.}

HOBBIES: Playing badminton, Blogging, hanging out with friends.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I don’t have [time] to watch or read anymore… counted ba ang law books? Pleadings? Eh, candy crush? {Bebeng says: Speaking of, pengeng life! I'm stuck!}

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Bath time with baby


PET PEEVE: Yung abangers sa elevator. Yung pagbukas ng pinto, malapit na kayo maglips-to-lips nung nakaabang sa labas. {Bebeng says: You can read the full post about all her pet peeves HERE.}

2013 GOAL: Lose 15 pounds 
{Bebeng says: Isipin mo lang si Kris Aquino na kasama mo sa firm, kung hindi ka ma-stress at pumayat!}

Bebeng says: Her hectic schedule as a lawyer doesn't hinder her from spending quality time with her only daughter. She goes out with her family whenever she can; such as attending the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga last month. She's also a hands-on mom when it comes to Baby A's special days, such as her 1st birthday. Grabe the party ha! Napaka-walang taste ni D. I doubt if the guests were happy. See for yourself --- Baby A's Big Day! ;)

The Soshal Network
Twitter: @dsoshalnetwork


  1. Thank you Denise :) flattened ako :)

    1. Thank you for allowing me to feature you! I'm glad you're flattened ;)