01 March 2013

PrimeMont Science School's 12th Foundation Day

So that's how it should be written: the letter M in -mont is in upper case. Found that out and realized I was typing it incorrectly the whole time I blog about LB's school when I saw this tarp at the school gate. And it was also a slash-Family Day-slash-Sports Fest.

Since the Army soldier of a father can't be home for his princess, I asked my mom, LB's Lola L to join us instead. And yes, she did, wearing a blue shirt. Yup, blue team kami. 

LB and I actually bought shirts at SM Marikina last Monday but I realized we have the Mandala polo shirts for today's event. It's blue and it's Lacoste-ish. If Tatay Rhambo only came home, that was what he wore, too.

We got there on time. Unlike the Christmas Party and Field Trip, naka-attend kami this time. Yay with matching split. 

National Anthem. Opening Prayer. Makabaskil na stretching. Lakas maka-EB Babe ng rotate your trunks exercise. Pero kiber. Everything for my LB. Siyempre, kahit shy ako ng slight, I have to make pasikat to my preschooler. Gusto kong karirin ang mga games. Patintero girl kaya ako nung highschool! Patotot pa nga kasi may katangkaran ako. 

But then again, I have to look after LB who thought of the place as SM --- parang nasa mall! Palakad-lakad. Mas nakakapagod siyang tawagin, bolahin at kausapin kesa sa dodge ball.

LB & I joined the first game: dodge ball. Nakaladkad ko ang bagets!!! Akala ko patakbo na with me. Feeling Lito Lapid na ako sa pagiwas then may hawak nga pala akong mapagkunwaring mahinhin. Na-enjoy naman namin ang ilang sandali, until matamaan si LB ng ball. Kinda dinibdib niya ito so inaliw ko muna. I let the other parents na lang to facilitate the team. Ay mga muthers, medyo kulang kami sa breakfast. Bluer than blue! Kaya medyo naisip ko si Rhambo. If he was there, I'm sure nangarir kami kahit isang game lang! Anyway, keribelles lang. Mukhang nag-enjoy naman mga bagets. Congratulations red & yellow teams!  ;)

Come lunch break, we went back home. After having pork adobo, rice, banana and melon shake, LB and I made latag the banig in the sala and took a rest for a while. Ayun, nakatulog kami! Ending, hindi na kami nakabalik sa awarding. At least hindi ko nasaksihan ang sakit ng matalo ang team na wala akong nagawa. Chos. #lalimsarapsapakin

Happy 12th Foundation Day LB's 2nd home


  1. Nanay B, you should know that you are sooo NOT semi-fat. You are perfect. you look great in those shorts.:) so bagets!

    1. Anuber, April! Haha! You love me talaga ;)

  2. Don't worry po, either Primemont or PrimeMont is correct naman. :-) In the logo, P and M were capitalized for aesthetic purposes (oha, trivia!) But personally, I prefer the one with just the capital P, and use it everytime. :-)