31 May 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Monique's May Madness

Here's to cap off the merry month of May --- my little crazy firework's take on childhood, profession and happiness.

~ ♔ ~


I was doing housework the entire day that I let LB do her thing. We just did the routine. It was too platonic I felt like I'm just her employee. So when I finished, I sat beside her while she was watching Mike the Knight on Disney Jr.
B: I miss you, 'nak. (showered her with lola kisses, yung may amoy factor)
LB: (eyes still glued on TV) Nyehhh.
B: Why?
LB: (looked at me with wondering eyes) I'm just here oh!
Hashtag senti.

29 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 18/48

Perfect timing. I am writing this post inside my husband's semi-native, semi-cemented room in the camp. As of this writing, Rhambo's at the Batallion Headquarters attending one of his many Commanding Officer's duties. And what made the place and this article a serendipity of sorts? This week's AML mom is a fellow Army wife. I met her virtually through this blog. She has made a comment on one of my previous posts and when I visited her own site, I felt a bit shy when I learned that she's a senior officer's wife; her husband is a member of Philippine Military Academy Kalasag-Lahi Class 1997. I automatically addressed her as "Ma'am"; practicing protocol and giving the well-deserved respect for her husband's rank. But like any humble and modern officer's wife, she chose to be called by her first name. I still sometimes use "po" when emailing her because I feel they're so much ahead of us, military community-wise. So to at least feel a bit at ease, I insisted to call her "ate". Hehe. 

If you would like to read her exploration as a military wife and mom to three girls, visit her blog: Our Raw House.

NAME: Cherry Ann Cortez-Templo

AGE: 37 in October

CHILDREN, AGE: Johanna, 9; Jonathan,(our angel up in heaven, dapat 6 na sya.); Jorgina, 3; Josefina, 1

OCCUPATION: Doctor turned WAHM (Medical Transcriptionist)

FAVORITE OUTFIT: T-Shirt, Jeans and my Red ballet flats. (I love red kasi saka the color just makes me want to go for the things that I'm otherwise shy to try out.)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: None, actually kasi in and out palagi ang drama namin. (Lagi kasi nagmamadali si husband) pero when time permits, face powder lang.

HOBBIES: I love to read books (kahit puyatan yan, carry ko), watch movies (although ngayon di na kami nakakapag movie date) and watching TV (puro cartoons na nga lang at Disney Jr. at Disney).

28 May 2013

Beautiful Endings with Cif

On the eve of Mothers' Day, days ago, I woke up a bit earlier than usual to prep the house because I was leaving. I left LB to my 15-year old nephew; yes, a straight boy. No trace of femininity that could make him a dependable baby sitter; but he's a good kuya and he loves my girl so much. I also told him it's like summer job. I paid him for a day's service --- money and the exclusive right to raid our grocery cupboard and ref. Just so you know, that's his first... and last! Hehe. Ubos my stock of cookies. I cooked half a kilo of pork adobo because I know that LB will eat it even without anyone's prodding; they only left me with two small cubes of pork and a teaspoon of sauce. Wow.

27 May 2013

Men, According to My Man

Sorry mommas if I have been accidentally on blogging hiatus. Blame it to my husband. Hehe. Well, the previous post was already mostly much about him (and the dining table), so I thought of writing a highlight article about what and how R is (and there you go saying, "again?!" Lol). I'm striking whilst the iron is hot, ya know. My marriage with my Army kind of guy is going through such a good time so let me share with you some realizations/facts/tips about men and how I fared with my own.

But wait, I will do you a favor. This will not solely revolve around my confession of love for him (did I hear you say yay?!) but something like making men happy. If I have a reader who's NBSB, this could be like an insider of sorts. I think I have told you, ladies before that I had a few guys in my life prior to my soldier so I kinda know a bit about these male homo sapiens. I am not making it sound like I'm an expert here, but I will base my write-up on how my man showed his entirety to me. No pun intended. 

25 May 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: May

We're almost half way done with 2013 and I felt like telling you something trivial about myself. 

I met Candy Magazine because of this month's Nanaygosyante. She brought a copy in school (we were gradeschool and HS classmates) and I borrowed it for a day. Since then, I became a Summit Media magazines fan --- Candy to Seventeen to Cosmopolitan then a little Marie Claire and Preview; but now GH-lovin' and fabulously parenting with Smart Parenting. 

So what does it have to do with this post? Well, it only meant that she can influence someone. I hope that my fellow SAHMs, who want to venture into business eventually will take Misella Badua-Tagorda as one of your momspirations. 

23 May 2013

My Dining Table

Remember the unvarnished dining table that I told you about here? The one with kuya in booty tooch? If you forgot na, here are the photos.

I kinda felt sad that R came home last Saturday without them; that we ate again buffet style. Then we went to Bataan for the annual summer outing of his family, my in-laws. I will tell you all the juiciest details on a separate post, soon. Kapag medyo kalmado na ako, na-stress ang reyna doon, muthers. Hint: Fajardo's Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan. Epic fail. So when we were there, he was in contact na pala with the furniture -maker and some of his men to help him deliver it to our place. 

22 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 17/48

I've waited this long to feature this mom as I would want her to be in an exclusive slot. Yes, this month is a Mother's Day Special of sorts for A Mom's Life (AML). It has featured women of empowerment for the month of May. My sister, who's a domesticated career woman at that; Mommy Fleur, the blogging diva that she is right now; and this mom, who has inspired many mommies in many holy ways. (Watch out for next week's ish!)

We may be of different religions but I really admire her for her devotion and faith in Him. Recently, she has been challenged. She gave birth a month ago but her little angel turned out to be a bit sickly, having in and out of the hospital. But never have I seen a status in Facebook or her fan page that she complained or made the situation dramatic. She just always updates her family and friends and ask to help her pray for the baby. I couldn't be more inspired! This week's mom is one of my idol-writers. I know idolatry is not good Holy Bible-wise but yeah, I look up to her along with Martine de Luna of Dainty Mom. Now, allow me to reveal a bit about the mommy blogger behind Truly Rich Mom with my AML fact sheet. 

Her first post-pregnancy photo. 
NAME: Tina Santiago-Rodriguez

AGE: 33 in September

CHILD, AGE: Timothy Alan, 7 in October; Alyssa Therese, 4 in July; Theodora Anne, 1 month

OCCUPATION: Managing Editor, Mustard Magazine (Shepherd's Voice Publications), Writer

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Comfy girly top and leggings

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Umm... None ;) {I need to fix that, I think! I usually just use loose powder and lipstick.}

HOBBIES: Reading, blogging, spending time with family

CURRENT READ/WATCH: (Read) Homeschooling with Gentleness

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom :)

21 May 2013

Hey momma, we are all WORKING!

I decided to write this post not to pick a fight with my fellow mommies who work away from home, but to try to shed a light on some mommy matters I consider trivial, but very controversial.


Recently, there has been a buzz that somebody raised an argument that modern moms MUST get a job to be able to provide for the family and not just be contented on waiting for their husband's salary. At first, what I saw in that post was not the ridiculous character of the author, but the wrong usage of words and/or grammar. Hehe. I thought it was too embarrassing to rant and have said it in such a lousy way. I hoped that the person just wrote it in Filipino. Anyway, I was not affected at all; not until some mommy friends gave me their opinions on this. Says Camille of Lollies and Lipsticks, "iba-iba tayo ng household and the way we do things might not work with other people. Respect na lang, tutal being a housewife is a decision made not by moms alone. I believe our partners agreed..." 

I felt that I needed to make other mommies aware, especially those who might be thinking the same way like the "assaulter", that our decision to be at home with our children doesn't mean we are just pigs waiting to be fed and bathed. Like what Vivian's (aka D of The Soshal Network) favorite quote by Jane Sellman said, "The phrase working mother is redundant." True. A mother works, regardless if she's at home taking care of the kids or away to earn extra money for the family. 

16 May 2013

The Day I Saw Sarah Jessica Parker

In the photos, that is.

If someone will ask me when was the last time I cried, I will answer in a heartbeat --- "every night". Every night, from Monday to Friday, around 8:30 to 9:15pm. I cry because of Ina Kapatid Anak, a soap opera in ABS-CBN Channel 2. I cry because I easily get carried away. Hehe. Yes, that's how I am!

Tonight was different. I cried earlier, around the time TV Patrol was aired. 


Ford Philippines Baby Shower

Blogging has brought me many things --- freebies, a bit of fame, confidence, something to do, getting invited to events, etc. But there's this one thing I really like most about blogging --- gaining friends. 

I was very fortunate that Kim of Mom on Duty, whom I have featured in A Mom's Life on its 7th episode, invited me to one of the well-organized events I have ever attended; not that I have attended a lot. But yes --- it was an intimate lunch with fellow mommies.

15 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 16/48

This post-Mother's Day episode of this weekly segment is nothing but bonggelz. I mustered enough courage (aka kapal ng mukha) to get her to be featured here. I am one lucky blogger and fan to finally have her in my palace. 

I knew about Mommy Fleur when she's already famous, vying for the Sangobion Mommy Award; then she was mostly the reason why I attended Babypalooza Bazaar November last year. Okay, this is like a Julia Powell-Julia Child relationship. I feel like our fate's kinda intertwined. Charot. She's gayer than gay like your royal bekiness, she has a very kikay little lady like LB, and she and her husband are Nanay and Tatay to their tot like me and Rhambo. The only differences are: she has a job and I don't; she gets to shop like crazy whenever she wants; and she's like the Judy Ann Santos famous of a blogger and I'm only a starlet. Famous as she may be, she's ever humble and real. One of the many things that her readers like about her.

November 2012 at the Babypalooza Bazaar in Ateneo Walter Hogan Conference Center
Unknowingly, she has taught me how to deal with bashers. She had a few ones, if you've been reading her blog. I had, too. I learned not to get too affected, because after all, they paid my blog a visit. That's a +1 hit for me. Haha! 

Ballad of a Politician

Halalan 2013 is almost over. The partial and unofficial results of the senatorial bid disappointed most of us; including me, a non-voter. Nancy Binay got in. 

photo source
Ma'am, since you will be declared a Senator soon, I hope you won't waste the trust the people who voted you into darkness (no pun intended). And please, please attend the future senate hearings and face Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago should she has questions for you. It will delight your supporters (and shock your detractors) if you CAN answer her with grace. Emotional outburst at first may be called stage fright but a second time is definitely called cowardice. We don't want to use harsher words for that.

Barbie in the Pink Shoes Exclusive Movie Screening

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting invited to various events that I personally would love to be a part of have I not become a blogger. 

My little ballerina and I, in matching clothes we got from Au Pair Addizione, marched to SM City North EDSA to attend the exclusive movie screening event of Barbie™ in the Pink Shoes. Sophia was already too amazed that we were wearing matchy-matchy that she felt so donya-ish she made that pose, haha. I let her with that stance since I made a mental note that it has to be HER day - yes, all about her. It's been such a long time since I dated her out. May 5, Sunday was the perfect day to just do that. Boy, was she googly eyes the whole time!

13 May 2013

Halalan 2013

Sadly, I am not a voter in this year's election. I am lazy forgot chose not to register. Sometimes, my deviant self will reason out that my vote will lose its value because the one who wins actually doesn't deserve it. But hey, I am in no position to complain because I'm a stubborn citizen of the country. :/

Bebeng in 2004 with Tanay kids.
So, there. For those who will be going out to vote today --- I hope you'll choose those you feel and think who really, really deserve it. We don't know yet if they can help the country; but great mommies have great instincts. Do not vote for them not because they were being endorsed by a hottie artista or their commercial jingle is LSS-worthy; vote for them because their qualifications are enough for the position. 

Review: Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy

Exactly a month ago, I received hair care products for review that contain Argan Oil. It is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. It is also known in cosmetic use as moroccan oil. 

I was very fortunate to be able to try Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy, because argan oil worked wonders in my dry skin and hair. I think that's what I really don't like about my physical features - my being dry; that's why I love lotion so much. When I got to try the shampoo, I was not expecting that it'll do magic to my hair instantly. It also smells really, really good. Amoy-mayaman, hehe. And then I followed it up with the conditioner, which smells super fragrant! The instructions say that you have to towel off the wetness from your hair first before you apply it. I did.

10 May 2013

Why Smart Moms Should Have Smartphones

When you become a mother, you'll get too tied up with many house/children-related matters that there are times that your only social life is the social media. 

I have stored this topic in my mental draft folder; afraid that I might get remarks from non-smartphone owner mommies, that I might sound pa-soshal or that I'm astang mayaman. Heads up mommies, my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes with a postpaid plan. I hope you already know what I mean. Hehe. So if you don't have one yet, go to a Globe, Smart or Sun store now to find a phone/phone with plan that suits your budget. ;)

image source
I decided to write this article in the goal to influence my like-minded mommy readers --- in keeping up with the latest chismis in Facebook, tweeting forever in the hope of getting a reply from a famous celebrity, liking as many photos of random people who happen to be fellow picture-takers in Instagram; and yes, getting addicted to Candy Crush --- while being a great mom to your clingy infant, terrible toddler, bossy preschooler or always bored gradeschool kid. 

08 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 15/48

This month, we will make this segment extra special; because we celebrate Mother's Day every 2nd Sunday of May. 

Hmm. Now it left me into thinking who to feature. I first thought of my own mom, but that will be too passé. And then, asked myself, why haven't I featured my sisters here? Well, being the third girl in the brood of four, I don't want to share the limelight with any of them anymore. Haha! Kidding. As a pre-Mother's Day celebration, this week's A Mom's Life is none other than my sister Leleng, who's two years older than yours truly. Yup, I'm the bunsong girl; hence, Bebeng. Forgive us, our family has something going on with -ng. Hehe. And by the way, she's actually an ampon. Hahaha! No. That's just an old family joke. Don't worry, friends of my sister, I got more bullied by them when I was younger. They were so brutal! I was emotionally and physically battered. Chos. See, you wouldn't know how fun and sick it feels to have a sister if you don't have one. You can love them 'till eternity but hate them in a snap. Like how my sister started owning pink things! Haha. It's not funny, at all. I feel vengeance rushing through my Redrico blood. Chos. So who is she ba? Mas maganda ko, for sure. Pero mas mayaman siya. ;)

NAME: Nicole Tanya Redrico-Mata

AGE: 30

CHILDREN, AGE: Gabriel Ian, 8 years old
                           Rafael Sean, 7 years old

OCCUPATION: Operations Supervisor, Harte Hanks

FAVORITE OUTFIT: House dress --- no bra! {Bebeng says: bet ko 'to.}

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lotion --- I love lotions. {Bebeng says: Me, too. I think we were raised to love lotion because we do the laundry ever since.}

HOBBIES: Reading

CURRENT READ/WATCH: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks / Please be Careful with My Heart (stress reliever ko) {Bebeng says: Alam ba nila yan na stress reliever mo sila?}

06 May 2013

Mango Float

This dessert is as easy breezy and really yummy as the other dishes I have posted here. What you just actually need is a little patience and neatness. I think it took me a number of mango floats to reach this look. Most of the time, during my previous tries, it was sloppy. But practice makes perfect! And ever since my husband has been assigned in Zambales, where mangoes are ultra sweet during harvest time, Mango Float has been like an adobo of desserts. I can whip this up like it's so mundane. *forgive me as I fan myself with so much kayabangan* 


- 1 pack 200g graham crackers
- 1 154ml condensed milk
- 1 250 ml all purpose cream
- 2 medium-sized ripe yellow mangoes 

02 May 2013

The Parent Rap

Rhambo posted this on Facebook and tagged me. 

My Army kind of guy's surely a proud dad. Haha! Fatherhood has become his life's purpose. But wait, this video isn't serious or senti at all. 

It's really hilarious, but spot on.

01 May 2013

Advice, Please #1

Like what I said in my contact page, I'm not a snob. Chos. But yes, I welcome your questions about motherhood, marriage or anything under the sun (or moon), if you have. I don't claim to be an expert on these things but I will do my best to answer it.

So there's one momma who messaged me on Facebook today, asking for some advice. Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang "Mommy Ganda". Her message was edited for brevity and clarity.

A Mom's Life: 14/48

This week's A Mom's Life is one of LB's pretty godmothers, a fellow Army wife and one of my few closest friends in the military community. 

We only met personally when she and her then-boyfie (Rhambo's mistah) visited us at home to see our 3-month old baby girl. Since then, we did our best to communicate. She used to sleep over at our very shoebox-style house in Pasig whenever she was in town for some work-related activities. We used to have short talks over a bottle of Gilbey's Premium Strength. She's the kind of friend who balances off my bad girl-ness. She will always tell me to ignore the people/things that really do not matter. And she was right. 

Her being a mother, I am not in any position to judge as she already has two. But in the eyes of her Army kind of guy, she's a SUPER MOM. ♥ (aww-worthy, right?)

Labor Day 2013

Today, we honor construction workers, janitors, farmers, drivers, electricians, painters, carpenters, manicurists, vendors, firemen, policemen, nurses, teachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, etc. They really got tough jobs. All of them. And most are ruled by men. But there's one they can't.


My Labor Day on September, 5 years ago
I am now jobless, technically speaking, but I think is the most unfathomable kind of labor. No days-off (unless you beg anyone to look after your little one), literally on-call 24/7 (doctors can call their relievers, soldiers have R&Rs) and unable to join a union (we can't rally against our picky-eaters and gadget-addicts) . By the way, our job started with nausea and morning sickness. But the most death-defying situation I've been into was something called like Precipitate Labor. It was painful, fast and divine (like Candy Crush lol)