31 May 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Monique's May Madness

Here's to cap off the merry month of May --- my little crazy firework's take on childhood, profession and happiness.

~ ♔ ~


I was doing housework the entire day that I let LB do her thing. We just did the routine. It was too platonic I felt like I'm just her employee. So when I finished, I sat beside her while she was watching Mike the Knight on Disney Jr.
B: I miss you, 'nak. (showered her with lola kisses, yung may amoy factor)
LB: (eyes still glued on TV) Nyehhh.
B: Why?
LB: (looked at me with wondering eyes) I'm just here oh!
Hashtag senti.


I love cooking. But there are times I get really lazy I order online or cook breakfast food all day. One time, we had tocino for lunch. It has become a staple hero dish 'cause it's sweet (malakas sa kanin) and easy to prepare.
LB: What's our food, 'Nay?
B: Tocino po.
LB: Basino?
B: 'Nak, tocino. Letter T.
LB: Oh, it's yummy! It looks like blood.
Hanep naman. Gore galore.


I'm adamant to allow LB to use the TV's remote control because she might break it. Sky Cable told me it's about Php800. They won't replace it if it breaks, we need to purchase a new one. One night, after her Doc McStuffins, I asked her to hand me the RC because it's my Ina Kapatid Anak turn already. In her super annoyed tone ---
LB: Why you always put it on the ref??? Just hold it, okay.
Sorry po, madam.


It was almost 11pm, I was doggone tired (as always!) and my Energizer bunny was still on the loose.
B: Kung kelan gabi na, likot ng likot. Enough na Pia.
LB: Wait, Nanay. (jumping, moving around everywhere!)
B: Buti pa cellphone 'nak, nalolowbat.
LB: Because I'm not a cellphone, Nanay. I'm a peoples.
Sagana ka sa S. Matulog ka na.


Just imagine how my 4-year-old preschooler interprets a profession.
B: Do you wanna be a soldier like Tatay?
LB: Yes!
(uh-oh, kabado) What does it do?
LB: Yes, sir!
(ah... relieved) Eh how about policeman?
LB: I'm gonna get you and go inside.
B: Uhm, what does a teacher do?
LB: A is for apple, b is banana... Pupellls, quiet!
(laugh trip na) Okay, how about fireman?
LB: Here kitty, kitty. I'm gonna save you.
B: How about doctor?
LB: Inhale, exhale.
B: Eh dentist? What does it do?
LB: Say ah! Eww, that's bukbok in your teeth.
B: Haha!
(nauubusan na ng itatanong) How about nurse?
LB: Nanay, that's doctor na eh!
In fairness. Sen. Cynthia Villar, yung anak ko po mataas tingin sa mga nurse oh. BOOM. ;)


  1. Hahaha! Lil bebeng is soo funny! Ang saya talaga ng bahay pag may bata noh?:)

    1. Naku, paminsan-minsan na lang ito. Kaya nga buwanan na yung Rayala Dialogues ko. Dati madami eh. Ngayon kasi madalas ang sungit na. Babanatan pa ako ng "relax Nay, calm down." Eh kung kalbuhin ko kaya siya no? Hahaha!

  2. hahaha dami ko tawa sa inyo magnanay...kaya nga lagi ako read ng post mo Ms.B kayo na talaga favorite ko...cge lang ako tawa PAK na PAK kayo...super enjoy ako sa mga kwento with LB..... :)

  3. LB stands for Little Bebeng pala. Akala ko Little Boss. Hehe!

    Iba talaga ang wit ng bata. You'll find yourselves amazed by them always.

  4. namimiss ko na ang pagbabasa at ang paglabas ng page ng Bebengisms sa news feed ko.. buti nlng nabasa ko bago matulog. nakakatuwa ka talaga LB. buti nlng nakilala kita in person... :)

  5. Kinantahan ka pa nga niya no? Mas madaldal na siya ngayon! ;)

  6. Hahaha! Nakakatuwa talaga ang little lady mo. Naloka ako dun sa bukbok sa ngipin. :)

  7. Waaah. Ang kulit tlaga ni little Bebeng :)