13 May 2013

Halalan 2013

Sadly, I am not a voter in this year's election. I am lazy forgot chose not to register. Sometimes, my deviant self will reason out that my vote will lose its value because the one who wins actually doesn't deserve it. But hey, I am in no position to complain because I'm a stubborn citizen of the country. :/

Bebeng in 2004 with Tanay kids.
So, there. For those who will be going out to vote today --- I hope you'll choose those you feel and think who really, really deserve it. We don't know yet if they can help the country; but great mommies have great instincts. Do not vote for them not because they were being endorsed by a hottie artista or their commercial jingle is LSS-worthy; vote for them because their qualifications are enough for the position. 

To be honest, there's only one candidate that if I should have voted today, I would really do my best not to accidentally shade HER circle --- Nancy Binay.
I don't know her that much, I have no information in my folder about her; but the fact that she preferred not to join any kind of debate is a bucket full of sh*t. 
So what if you have medical conditions?! Ergo, you are not FIT for the position you are vying for, right?

I don't like people who are afraid of confrontations. I believe that if you have a good heart and clean conscience, there's no reason for you to back-out from any unexpected questions. 

Oh well, survey says she's going to be our senator. I hope not. But if she will be, good luck to numerous senate hearings that she has to attend and speak in a podium. I sincerely hope she won't break down and cry. I'm sure it's not going to be a good sight, especially on national TV.

Vote for the next generation. Vote for your kids' future.

Note: Mr. Vice President, I know you love your daughter. I'm sorry if you think I have said harsh words. She really has to muster lotsa courage to face the people. Please make sermon to her that ha. Stop spoiling her. 


  1. I agree with you. Unfortunately, I did not vote either. The senate will be holding a lot of hearings and debates. If she cannot present her thoughts by delivering her plans for the country, paano na?

  2. Same here, Queen B. I never practiced my right to vote. As in NEVER. I just don't see the point in it anymore. Politics in the Philippines is so dirty. Corrupt officials still get voted for the office, uneducated and inexperienced candidates wins, and for crying out loud the actors and actresses wins. It is like a joke but no one is laughing. It is so sad that my country is spiraling down instead of improving.