01 May 2013

Labor Day 2013

Today, we honor construction workers, janitors, farmers, drivers, electricians, painters, carpenters, manicurists, vendors, firemen, policemen, nurses, teachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, etc. They really got tough jobs. All of them. And most are ruled by men. But there's one they can't.


My Labor Day on September, 5 years ago
I am now jobless, technically speaking, but I think is the most unfathomable kind of labor. No days-off (unless you beg anyone to look after your little one), literally on-call 24/7 (doctors can call their relievers, soldiers have R&Rs) and unable to join a union (we can't rally against our picky-eaters and gadget-addicts) . By the way, our job started with nausea and morning sickness. But the most death-defying situation I've been into was something called like Precipitate Labor. It was painful, fast and divine (like Candy Crush lol)

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