25 May 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: May

We're almost half way done with 2013 and I felt like telling you something trivial about myself. 

I met Candy Magazine because of this month's Nanaygosyante. She brought a copy in school (we were gradeschool and HS classmates) and I borrowed it for a day. Since then, I became a Summit Media magazines fan --- Candy to Seventeen to Cosmopolitan then a little Marie Claire and Preview; but now GH-lovin' and fabulously parenting with Smart Parenting. 

So what does it have to do with this post? Well, it only meant that she can influence someone. I hope that my fellow SAHMs, who want to venture into business eventually will take Misella Badua-Tagorda as one of your momspirations. 

28-year-old Misel owns The Shoppe, a general merchandise store in Parang, Marikina City that offers personalized stuff and some party essentials, which she started in 2003 with a capital of Php 40,000. Her husband Hensen Gregory, a Mechanical Engineer at Air Liquid Philippines, helps her with the biz by driving for her whenever he's available when she has to go to Divisoria to scout for the shop's needs. When they were still dating, she made sure that Hensen will understand that this business is what Misel, as how she puts it --- "does, loves to do and wants to do". Although she opened the doors for her husband to get involved, all the decision-making is still up to her. But when it comes to cooking, they are a team. Hensen tries out a new recipe, while Misel washes the dishes (lol). No, she learned how to cook because the man she married is a foodie. They still go out once in a while like any in-love married couple does, but they usually spend time together in the kitchen. Perhaps, being both the youngest in their families made them click. And being as such made them lived a comfortable life when they were younger; the same life that they want to give to Juan Hiel (and their future children). 

Mommy Misel is a hands-on "sige" kind of mom.  She lets her toddler get dirty as long as he's having fun. And since she is her own boss, she can bring Hiel with her wherever she goes. It may sound draining to manage a biz with a son in tow but she finds more ease in bringing him than that of when people left at home will text her that her son's looking for her. She teaches him how to interact with people by making him stay at their store. But her favorite bonding activity with him is lulling her baby boy to sleep, when he is usually sweet. 

To keep her sanity for the tasks she has to do as an entrepreneur, wife and mom, she "gets away" by finding her nook at their house with a good book. This is very doable, reachable and helpful, most especially for moms who can't leave the kids at home. Misel aims to double her savings this year and dreams of exploring more of her business skills by venturing into food industry.This practical attitude made her the woman she is right now.

Her advice to aspiring mompreneurs who are afraid to make risks and take chances ---

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