28 May 2013

Beautiful Endings with Cif

On the eve of Mothers' Day, days ago, I woke up a bit earlier than usual to prep the house because I was leaving. I left LB to my 15-year old nephew; yes, a straight boy. No trace of femininity that could make him a dependable baby sitter; but he's a good kuya and he loves my girl so much. I also told him it's like summer job. I paid him for a day's service --- money and the exclusive right to raid our grocery cupboard and ref. Just so you know, that's his first... and last! Hehe. Ubos my stock of cookies. I cooked half a kilo of pork adobo because I know that LB will eat it even without anyone's prodding; they only left me with two small cubes of pork and a teaspoon of sauce. Wow.

Anyway, I rode a cab to the event still feeling a bit sleepy. Because it's a weekend morning, EDSA only had moderate traffic, I arrived at Serendra a little too early. I decided to have breakfast at Starbucks. Haaaay, finally.

It was the first time after a year that I was actually all by myself. I enjoyed my muni-muni with my Cinnamon Swirl and Iced Caffé Latté. Around 1030amish, I met with my Saturdate, fellow military wife and Mandala lady, Jinggay at Fully Booked. We arrived at Abe Restaurant just in time when some guests were already there, too.

We were seated at the table where most mom bloggers and Cif contest winners were. I had a blast with the ladies. We laughed, had chitchats and enjoyed the feast Abe Restaurant prepared for us. 

Thammie of thammiesy.comJanice of Roller Coaster Ride and Jeanne of Happy Mommy Adventures were there.

Cif made sure that we won't go home starving. They succeeded. My dress made me look like I'm 5 months preggo! Haha! I was super bondat.

A little before dessert, Cif ambassador Suzi Entrata-Abrera arrived. Her arms are so toned I wanted to hate her. Hehe.

She discussed, along with Cif Brand Manager Dennis Chua, some of the 101 ways to use Cif. We were given its press kit that included a booklet about the brand and its uses. So if you wish to have a copy, just email me and I'd be glad to send you a copy.

"If you thought Cif Cream was just for the kitchen, think again. 
The revolutionary non-scratch surface cleaner aims to help moms everywhere achieve beautiful homes with the launch of its latest campaign, “101 Beautiful Endings with Cif”.
The campaign highlights the product’s effectiveness even with the most stubborn dirt and grime. It also emphasizes that even though Cif is made for tough cleaning, it’s still gentle enough to use on a variety of surfaces. It can be used in the kitchen, the living room, the garden, and even on dirty leather goods.

Using it is really simple; pour a little Cif Cream onto a sponge, give the dirty surface a good rub and then rinse or wipe the product off. The new formula rinses away more easily, leaving no traces except a pleasant and fresh scent. The best part is, users don’t have to exert a lot of effort to get the dirt out, thanks to the product’s formulation. 
The campaign also reveals the brand’s newest Cif mom and brand ambassador, Suzi Entrata. Suzi speaks of her own experiences as a mother and homemaker, and the effort it takes to maintain a beautiful home. She expresses how Cif Cream is her favorite product and how it has helped with her tough cleaning predicaments.

Get beautiful endings like Suzi, maintain your beautiful home like every Cif mom, and solve tough cleaning situations today with Cif Cream Surface Cleaner." {OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE}
Each table were given a tray of different stained surface textures and they asked us to clean it using Cif. 

Events such as this will not be as exciting as it should be if there won't be any raffle contests or games. They have this Instagram contest where prizes at stake were a coffeemaker, microwave oven and oven toaster. Before the program started, we were asked to write a Mother's Day message for our moms, I didn't take it seriously. I didn't write anything Hallmark-ish. Jinggay did. And I regret it. Guess what? She won the major prize --- a 39-inch Sharp LED TV! She was even interviewed for a TV5 show. Lucky preggy kruger. Lol.

We went home with a full stomach, a basket of Cif products and another box for my readers. In my Saturdate's case, plus a bonggang TV! So she asked her then-golfing husband to pick us up.

While waiting for him, we had Gelatissimo, which was just across Abe. We taste-tested the fruity flavors but she ended up with Vanilla and I, with Snickers. Hehehe.

When I went home, like I said, food was wiped out but LB and I were both happy. That's what matters. I may spent way too much for taxi fare because manong driver "helped" me with my box and asked for extra bucks, but it was a beautiful ending after all.

Watch out for a fun giveaway hosted by this blog, sponsored by Cif Philippines! ♔


  1. it was very nice to meet you in person!

  2. Ang swerte ng friend mo. I barely have luck with raffles these days. :) Hindi biro mabiyayaan ng bagong LED TV.

    1. Kaya nga eh! Funny pa kasi galing siyang CR nun so she was not so aware sa mga nangyayari and we were all looking at her. Ayun, nanalo na nga siya ng TV. :)

  3. Sana maka-attend din akO ng gantOng event!. Thank you for sharing! :)