15 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 16/48

This post-Mother's Day episode of this weekly segment is nothing but bonggelz. I mustered enough courage (aka kapal ng mukha) to get her to be featured here. I am one lucky blogger and fan to finally have her in my palace. 

I knew about Mommy Fleur when she's already famous, vying for the Sangobion Mommy Award; then she was mostly the reason why I attended Babypalooza Bazaar November last year. Okay, this is like a Julia Powell-Julia Child relationship. I feel like our fate's kinda intertwined. Charot. She's gayer than gay like your royal bekiness, she has a very kikay little lady like LB, and she and her husband are Nanay and Tatay to their tot like me and Rhambo. The only differences are: she has a job and I don't; she gets to shop like crazy whenever she wants; and she's like the Judy Ann Santos famous of a blogger and I'm only a starlet. Famous as she may be, she's ever humble and real. One of the many things that her readers like about her.

November 2012 at the Babypalooza Bazaar in Ateneo Walter Hogan Conference Center
Unknowingly, she has taught me how to deal with bashers. She had a few ones, if you've been reading her blog. I had, too. I learned not to get too affected, because after all, they paid my blog a visit. That's a +1 hit for me. Haha! 

Atop all these that are made of her, she's human like us who gets hurt, too; with emotions and decision to heal by herself.

Anywayyyyy, I asked her to do my mala-slumbook questionnaire and I didn't edit a single thing from her answers. Mga mudrabelles, I'm sure you'll agree with me on this --- there can only be one Mommy Fleur. PAK.

NAME: Mommy Fleur

AGE: 33

CHILD, AGE: Anika, 3 years old

OCCUPATION: Civil Engineer

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Short shorts, top and wedges

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: MAC face powder, K-Palette eyebrow and eyeliner, lipchook

HOBBIES: Blogging!

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Thoughtless Series... And sana matapos ko na yung mga current episodes ng Vampire Diaries

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: None. Seriously. Hahahaha.

Queen B says: This is fine with me, actually. Kesa naman yung iba na mega confess they can cook, clean, iron clothes, etc pero pagdalaw mo sa balur --- ay teh, bonggang shontot ng CR and dungis ng kitchen 'di ba. Daig pa ang mga iskuala lumpur, Malaysia sa resettlement areas. Tsaka afford naman ni Mommy Fleur ang yaya villania eh. So, gow.


Queen B says: Sometimes, when she has posts that include photos of which she bought for a shopping day from a shala learns to rock mall, I can't help but to feel a pang of jealousy. Haha! Arte-arte. But yes, it's any girl's fantasy to shop as she pleases noh. Kung hindi mo fantasy yun, baka hindi ka girl. :p

PET PEEVE: Late people, mga pakialamera and dirty bedrooms and bathrooms

Queen B says: Platitong may mani sa "mga pakialamera"! 

2013 GOAL: (She said in her reply when I asked her about this, thinking she missed to answer this in her previous email: Wala akong goal ateng. Nagnonosebleed ako pagnagiisip ako ng ganyan. Hahahaha!) 

Queen B says: Supet bet ko ito. Slightly ganito din ako in real life. Kasi nga carpe diem ang peg ko, ever. But sometimes, nahahawa ako kay Rhambo na 10 years ahead kung mag-isip. 

Queen B says: This is what she included in her dream for Anika --- "Sana maging sikat na model at artista si Anika. Chos." Hahaha! See, pareho kami ng pangarap para sa mga anak namin. Charot. Kim Chiu at Maja Salvador lang peg nila. ;)

Queen B says: Mommy Fleur, super thank you for giving me this rare opportunity (gumaganun!) to feature you here. I'm deeply honored that you had time to answer my emails. Ikaw na ikaw na. Should you wish to continue your big fans' day kiyemelou, let me know what I can do to help. One more thing, if you have another bad anonymous comment, give it to us, your loyal readers! Kami ang babalasa. Charot. Continue making a lot of mudrakels happy. Mwaaaah! :D


  1. Laveeettt! This is my most favorite A Mom's Life post so far. :)

  2. i love you and Mommy Fleur

  3. like na like ko ang AML post na ito. ramdam ko ang dream come true feeling, Mommy Bebeng :)

  4. Bakla, na-touch talaga ako dito!!! Grabe!!! Alika nga at magHongKong tayo together! PAK! Hahaha!

    But seriously, maraming maraming salamat for this. Thank you sa mga comments, mails and support mo mudra. I really, really appreciate it.


    1. Awww. Wait don't hug me yet, basa kili-kili ko. Hahaha! Pero kung seryoso ka sa Hongkong, sige at magpapaalam ako sa asawa ko. Hahaha! :)

      *hugging back*

  5. Super arte nyong dalawa! Arte in a nice way. Palagay ko isang malaking party pag natuloy ang fans day ni mommy fleur. Better if combined na ung sa inyong 2. You both make all ur avid readers super happy sa mga posts nyo. Pak! - Cel

  6. Wag naman combined. Let Bebeng have her own meet and greet if she wants. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng fans ni Fleur ay fans din ni Bebeng. No offense meant, Denise. :-)

    1. Ay oo naman! Sabi ko nga, starlet lang ako at Judy Ann na ang levelz niya. Thanks for visiting! :)

  7. I was there at 1st babypalooza bazaar.I love reading blogs.since i started won a prizes from FB.Im full time mom too with 2 kids.Fb ang pamtanggal stress ko.nice reading ur blogs mommy Bebengism.

  8. I love mommy Fleur too,,, i know her in person kasi! nakakatuwa tong post na to touch at super true! btw nice blog po! nakaka tuwa din po kayo parang si Mommy fleur! din... masarap basahin ang blog!