08 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 15/48

This month, we will make this segment extra special; because we celebrate Mother's Day every 2nd Sunday of May. 

Hmm. Now it left me into thinking who to feature. I first thought of my own mom, but that will be too passé. And then, asked myself, why haven't I featured my sisters here? Well, being the third girl in the brood of four, I don't want to share the limelight with any of them anymore. Haha! Kidding. As a pre-Mother's Day celebration, this week's A Mom's Life is none other than my sister Leleng, who's two years older than yours truly. Yup, I'm the bunsong girl; hence, Bebeng. Forgive us, our family has something going on with -ng. Hehe. And by the way, she's actually an ampon. Hahaha! No. That's just an old family joke. Don't worry, friends of my sister, I got more bullied by them when I was younger. They were so brutal! I was emotionally and physically battered. Chos. See, you wouldn't know how fun and sick it feels to have a sister if you don't have one. You can love them 'till eternity but hate them in a snap. Like how my sister started owning pink things! Haha. It's not funny, at all. I feel vengeance rushing through my Redrico blood. Chos. So who is she ba? Mas maganda ko, for sure. Pero mas mayaman siya. ;)

NAME: Nicole Tanya Redrico-Mata

AGE: 30

CHILDREN, AGE: Gabriel Ian, 8 years old
                           Rafael Sean, 7 years old

OCCUPATION: Operations Supervisor, Harte Hanks

FAVORITE OUTFIT: House dress --- no bra! {Bebeng says: bet ko 'to.}

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lotion --- I love lotions. {Bebeng says: Me, too. I think we were raised to love lotion because we do the laundry ever since.}

HOBBIES: Reading

CURRENT READ/WATCH: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks / Please be Careful with My Heart (stress reliever ko) {Bebeng says: Alam ba nila yan na stress reliever mo sila?}

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Washing clothes, clean CR, dishwashing, fold clothes and iron. All around ako eh. 

Bebeng says: Leng, ba't hindi ka na lang mamasukan? Hihi. Kidding aside, that's how our mom raised us, to be domestic divas on our own kingdoms. Naku, yung eldest sister namin ang mas bongga sa ganyan! As in bawal umapak sa floor pag nalinis na niya. She wanted us to fly. Grabe lang. Dapat siguro sa museum yun nagtrabaho. ;)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Tumingin ng household items sa mall kahit hindi ko bibilhin {Bebeng says: Another trait we got from our mom! Anak naman pala siya ni Mama, hindi siya ampon. Hahahahaha!}

PET PEEVE: Bad breath, tamad, liar

I love these boys! 
2013 GOAL: To buy my own car

Bebeng says: I believe she can achieve this. She's very hard-working. She's been in the call center industry before it was cool. She hasn't stop. Unlike me, who's very SAHM-material, Nicole is a real "working" mom. She works in the office and at home. She currently has no house helper, not even a cleaning lady. Good thing that her boys are now a bit older who could fend for themselves, should she needs to rest. And a husband who cooks is always a blessing. 

The Mata Family in Baguio City

*Watch out for the next episode --- it's gonna be really bonggelz. ;)

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  1. hi mommy bebeng! super relate for being a Mom like you though i'm just a first time Mom to my 8mos old little angel! :)