22 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 17/48

I've waited this long to feature this mom as I would want her to be in an exclusive slot. Yes, this month is a Mother's Day Special of sorts for A Mom's Life (AML). It has featured women of empowerment for the month of May. My sister, who's a domesticated career woman at that; Mommy Fleur, the blogging diva that she is right now; and this mom, who has inspired many mommies in many holy ways. (Watch out for next week's ish!)

We may be of different religions but I really admire her for her devotion and faith in Him. Recently, she has been challenged. She gave birth a month ago but her little angel turned out to be a bit sickly, having in and out of the hospital. But never have I seen a status in Facebook or her fan page that she complained or made the situation dramatic. She just always updates her family and friends and ask to help her pray for the baby. I couldn't be more inspired! This week's mom is one of my idol-writers. I know idolatry is not good Holy Bible-wise but yeah, I look up to her along with Martine de Luna of Dainty Mom. Now, allow me to reveal a bit about the mommy blogger behind Truly Rich Mom with my AML fact sheet. 

Her first post-pregnancy photo. 
NAME: Tina Santiago-Rodriguez

AGE: 33 in September

CHILD, AGE: Timothy Alan, 7 in October; Alyssa Therese, 4 in July; Theodora Anne, 1 month

OCCUPATION: Managing Editor, Mustard Magazine (Shepherd's Voice Publications), Writer

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Comfy girly top and leggings

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Umm... None ;) {I need to fix that, I think! I usually just use loose powder and lipstick.}

HOBBIES: Reading, blogging, spending time with family

CURRENT READ/WATCH: (Read) Homeschooling with Gentleness

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom :)

Bebeng says: Oh yes, there's something therapeutic with cleaning the bathroom! One of my most favorite domestic duties, too. My mom said I'm pintasera with that because I have high standards with bathrooms. Lol. I really don't get some people, especially women who dress up real nice, then their bathrooms aren't nice and clean at all. I'm okay with old tiles but it has to be clean. I'm glad Tina likes cleaning their T&B, too. ;)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Dark chocolate!

PET PEEVE: Grammatical and spelling errors, typos (including my own!)

Bebeng says: Hahaha! I grammar-nazi myself a lot of times, too. I'm crazy like that commenting on my own posts with an asterisk and the correct word or phrase. Hehe. Read this related post. ;)

Rodriguez sibs.
2013 GOAL: To be a more intentional wife and mother, among other things (like being a more inspiring and inspired blogger; write my own book; save more money for investments) :)

The Rodriguez Family, January 2013
Tina, thank you so much for allowing me to feature you here. I may be practicing a different religion but really, kudos to your strong faith in Him and His words. Keep inspiring other mommies to become the woman we should be according to His will. God bless you and your beautiful family! ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, Denise! Thanks SO much for this feature. I am truly honored; what a blessing! :) Praise God for the gift of motherhood, which connects all of us, no matter what religion or race! :) God bless always!

    1. You truly are an inspiration to me -- a faithful modern mom! ♥