10 May 2013

Why Smart Moms Should Have Smartphones

When you become a mother, you'll get too tied up with many house/children-related matters that there are times that your only social life is the social media. 

I have stored this topic in my mental draft folder; afraid that I might get remarks from non-smartphone owner mommies, that I might sound pa-soshal or that I'm astang mayaman. Heads up mommies, my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes with a postpaid plan. I hope you already know what I mean. Hehe. So if you don't have one yet, go to a Globe, Smart or Sun store now to find a phone/phone with plan that suits your budget. ;)

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I decided to write this article in the goal to influence my like-minded mommy readers --- in keeping up with the latest chismis in Facebook, tweeting forever in the hope of getting a reply from a famous celebrity, liking as many photos of random people who happen to be fellow picture-takers in Instagram; and yes, getting addicted to Candy Crush --- while being a great mom to your clingy infant, terrible toddler, bossy preschooler or always bored gradeschool kid. 

These are based from my personal experiences. Should you want to add another encouraging reason, kindly comment below. And, this article has nothing to do with techie stuff, so pardon my shallow comprehension on smartphones.
1.  A smartphone can make your life a bit easier because it works like a computer. I haven't tried blogging on my phone, because I'm semi-OC on some things; like how I want my paragraph justified. So I might have a hard time doing that if I'll use my S3 Mini. But I have checked my emails (personal and my blogging email), Facebook (personal and fan page), Twitter, moderate comments in Blogger dashboard and flood my Instagram with photos using my smartphone. Sometimes, if there's a need, I can always Google on something. It's such a big production number to turn on my once pink evil mean machine so having this white sleek Samsung S3 Mini is such a blessing to a social network addict like me. Turn on the push notifications, too. It helps! :)
2. Smartphones allow us to do housework without our kids' disturbance because it can store videos and apps that can entertain your kid --- may she be a queasy months old, a bouncing (literally) toddler or a preschooler like my LB, who has to be entertained for every minute she breathes. I downloaded free games and applications through Google Play Store that my 4-year-old could tinker on if I want to have a peaceful life. Hehe. One of those is Kids Doodle. It has different colorful markers she can choose from depending on what art she'd like to create. So far, she lastly prioritizes it because she prefers Youtube. Hehe. Yes, a 4-year-old using Youtube on her own. She likes, no, loves My Little Pony series that run 20 minutes per clip. Imagine, 20 minutes! You could do so much with 20 minutes sans your dependent kid and tempting Candy Crush. I can prepare a meal or watch half of Ina, Kapatid, Anak in bliss. So if I need extra 20 minutes, she can watch another clip again. ;)
LB's artworks using Kids Doodle
3. Smartphones are good enough for our kids' bodies because of its size. It's just handheld that they can slouch on the bed while using it, compared to a desktop computer or laptop. Tablets are even big that it can't fit a purse should you go out for dinner. Therefore, it can serve your little bosses well for reason #2.
4. Smartphones can help your relationships be more exciting because you can go Face Time, Tango, or Skype with your loved ones. These apps have video calls. If you are on a postpaid plan with unlimited data usage like me, this feature is going to be your favorite. Most especially if your loved ones are away from you. Of course, your loved one has to have  a smartphone, too. 
5. Smartphones are a devoted mommy's bestfriend because it can make you take photos of each of your child's milestone. And have it shared with your friends via Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter instantly! My daughter has like 3 photos of her snoring face in a span of one month, since I signed up for Instagram. Haha! 
6. Smartphones are stress-relievers (or stress-boosters?!) because of CANDY CRUSH SAGA. Enough said.
What smartphone do you own? What apps can you recommend that my 4-year old could get busy with? Please share! And also, follow me on Instagram @bebengisms. #shamelessplugging

*Hey, I was not paid by Samsung Philippines to write about this. :)


  1. I'm not a techie person - rarely using apps on my smartphone - Samsung Galaxy Y which was (well, still is!) also on postpaid plan with Globe. I gave it to my bro instead. I'm now using a super lowtech Samsung 1200T haha With my bro, that phone had plenty of uses. My niece also loves creating drawings or coloring some characters or watching clips on youtube.

    When Zedi gets older or when I'm eligible for a new phone on the plan, I might get a smartphone and find use for it. For now, phones are still just call and text with me. Unbelievable at this day and age no? :D Pero I'm in front of the PC most of my waking hours so I don't have time to tinker with my phone.

    Also, I tend to forget about my phone even at home. I rarely check for messages unless the hubby is on duty. You have to call me to get my attention :D

    1. Hmmm. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in time. :) Or when Zedi gets more malikot na and he needs to be entertained at his seat. Hehe.

    2. haha yeah :D but I'm trying to keep him gadgets pa :D not sure if I can resist introducing him to tech :D

  2. I have s3mini too. Bought it @ Kimstore for 12,600php. (+371php for shipping) Pero ngaun 10,900php nalang ata sakanila! :)

    Anyway, I am not a mom yet, but my niece loves playing Pou. Para syang tamagotchi. :)

  3. I totally agree with you that smart Moms should use SmartPhones and maximize its features and functionality. I love how my work and my personal schedule and emails sync making it easy for me to manage and handle.

    I also use my smartphone for budgetting our home finances and it is really amazingly useful.

    Syanga pala its my first time here and I know it wont be the last, I had been here thru Google, after my blog hybernation I had been trying to touch bases with fellow Pinay bloggers.

    1. Hello Cielo! Welcome to Bebengisms! I'm currently overwhelmed with how things are going on with my blogging career --- 3 events in 2 weeks --- with a 4-year old and no househelp; so I don't have much time to update that much, compared before. You can read back my previous posts, if you wish. Thank you for having time to visit! :)

  4. Alam mo naman mother kung paano tayo natulungan ng iPhone nung nawawala tayo kakahanap ng Corinthian Gardens. Hahaha!

  5. Totally agree. Recently got a smartphone too, and sobrang laking tulong nya especially since I can do some of my work na anywhere na may good connection yung network. :)

  6. download "The Voice" , kahit hindi pa marunong mag basa anak ko, he tries his best to sing his heart out:D promise! hahaha nakakatuwa

    1. My husband's iPhone has that. I tried searching for it in Google Play but to no avail :(