30 January 2013

A Mom's Life: 1/48

As a blogger, it's my core goal to offer my readers fresh topics and issues (not issue issues,okay) that will make them keep on coming back. So because everybody's doing a lot of changes in their blogs, including me; I will be featuring fabulous moms in my blog every Wednesday starting today! Oh, that schedule is challenging. And since 4 Wednesdays have already passed, there're only 48 left. Another challenging fact is my hunt for moms. I just can't feature a simple mom, she has to be fab noh --- she's in my blog (fanning myself with glee, haha)! And who should I have here first? Who else but an equally-fab mom like me --- my Mommy Best Friend (MBF). If you constantly visit read my blog, you most probably know who she is...

Holiday Thrill at Subic Fiesta Carnival

We went there during the holidays when Sophia and I were at R's camp. So, I'm getting hooked on doing this photo essay thing. It saves me time from making kwento, but I spent so much in editing. You think I deserve a DSLR? ;)

It's nothing fancy as Enchanted Kingdom or at least as phenomenal as Star City but what's important was, the little girl enjoyed. Hey. we did, too! I may not be fond of rides, but I'm such a perya queen - toss coin, balloon darts, etc! There's an entrance fee of Php50, the comfort rooms are uncomfortable and the Bingo announcer sounded really bad. But I enjoyed the grilled food and the very delectable sisig the gays were selling. R and the soldier friend, who went with us, rode that circular thing shown in the photo. Someone threw up. Guess who! :p

29 January 2013

Outfit Extraordinaire, Not Expensive

If there's one more thing I'd like my little girl to know when she grows up (because I have tons to tell her, actually), that is, to be brand-unconscious when dressing up. I do not have anything against those who could spend a thousand bucks or more for a simple shirt; when in fact, you could buy one with the same quality at a more affordable price --- they could afford, they can't help it because they're rich. Well, if I have the means too, I'd love to see my very hyper preschooler donning her Gap leggings everyday at home so her legs are covered; that when she goes out, she can have Guess shorts for grocery-shopping. But mother, those leggings and shorts are enough for her month's food allowance. Gotta be wise. Or else, my husband's eyes would pop out from insanity.

Her outfit in the photo is special not because it's above her regular outfits for school, but because of how she got it. And doesn't she look so girly and pretty? ♥

When Rhambo Met Bebeng Part 3: Eyeball

I never had the guts chance to update about this. Bakit nga ba? Lazy ni Bruno Mars ang peg ko ngayon sa pagkukuwento eh. Kaya inabot na ng 2013 hindi pa din kasalukuyan ang eksena ng series na ito. Actually, dapat agad-agad na part 3 kasi kumukuda ang mamang sundalo. May mali daw sa part 2! Kulang na lang  nga sabihan ko siyang mag-blog na din eh. Ngengeelam kasi masyado. :p

Well, ano daw ba yung mali? So, may boylet akong nabanggit dun sa part 2 di ba? Na ang version ko eh magkatext muna kami ng kawal before si seaman. Ang version ni kawal: nauna talagang dumating si seaman bago siya at hindi pa daw kami sweet-sweetang puso before kay seaman. Ang masasabi ko lang, sinoplak nga niya ako na let's cross the bridge when we get there; so malamang ako lang yung nagpapa-sweet. At siya hindi pa. So tama pa din ang version ko. Haller vhakler. Bakit ba ako nageexplain sa sarili ko? *hingal*

Heniweys, natapos ang 2006 ng matiwasay. Payatot ako. Payatot siya. At mukhang mahal na nga namin ang isa't-isa. Chaaaaar. So siyempre, hindi ako magtitiis na hindi ko man lang masilayan ang kulay kamagong na fez niya (aylabyuakingirog!) at magtiyaga sa text at tawag. Buti pa mga manok at bibe sa kampo nila, nakikita siya, ako hindi. How papetik naman. So sabi ko, "come home to Mandaue Foam!" Ayun at nagpa-book ng flight to Manila. Walang sabi-sabi.

Rayala Dialogues: Live!

Excuse me for the resolution of the video, I'm only using a 2-year-old Nokia C3 (in pink, yes!). I hope you had fun watching LB as much as I did. She's my Energizer bunny at day, but she lets her mouth do everything at night. Gotta love my little story teller. 

28 January 2013

Frugal Market Finds: The Life-Saver Pinakbet Pack

Today, I went to the market. My frugal inner self talked to me once again. These are my finds in quantity and with its prices:

It's not costly plus it's healthy! I sometimes find it hard to think of what to feed my 4-year-old preschooler since she eats like a bird; buying in small portion is not an easy feat. But veggie packs such as shown in the photo is definitely a life-saver. LB eats squash and eggplant (without the peeling). As of this post, the bananas were all gone --- I only ate one. So we know who the culprit is. 

How about you mommas, what are your inexpensive and healthy ways in marketing?

Oops, she did it again!

What have I gone wrong?

We went to MBF's baby R's 1st birthday party today and LB's dead tired now, snoring. I got a bit tired, too, but I had so much fun being with my friends: MBF, J, P & Y. Baby R, my godchild, is such a happy, calm one-year-old. We NEVER heard her cry the whole time we were with her. Her cheerful disposition is contagious. However, there was one who had to kill the joy. Sadly, it's my badass preschooler. :'(

During the party, I didn't notice any sightings of mean girl blood going on. But, yeah, smartypants manipulated me again at some point. Still forgivable, though. 

We then transferred to the after-party location. Things went so fast and the worst had happened: LB slapped Baby R's face. 

I crushed. 

27 January 2013

The Ant Who Wears Pink Dress

I was searching my notepad {that I got from TSN} about something I wrote for a new series on this blog; when I stumbled on this. That's LB's drawing, obviously. And I suppose, that's her imaginary friend, Rekeli. Hello, glad you met her.

Rekeli, according to LB, is an ant --- a girl. An ant who wears a pink dress and whose dad works in the office. When water spilled on the floor, she blamed Rekeli. When she cut her finger with her scissors, she told me Rekeli pushed her. By the way, Rekeli has a bestfriend. Her name is Perchi, from Prensi. Whatever.

LB saw this and I asked her if this is Rekeli. She said "NO! Don't say that. It's a crocodile in the river, and there's food. Rekeli will hear you." My bad. 

26 January 2013

Watch + Read

These are LB's current favorites. We still do not have cable TV and no access to local channels, so we have to resort to downloaded movies, pirated dvds and books to lessen boredom; and of course, entertain us. I am not my daughter's bestfriend anymore, to be honest. Aside from her imaginary friend, Rekeli; she'd rather play alone in her room. However, it's a different case when it's about movies and books: we're partners. 

How about you, what are your child's current favorites?

Water, Forever

These photos were taken at Dawal Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales. We went there while the sun still shone at its brightest; then we decided not to go to the beach, and stayed in the pool instead. It was sunny but chilly.

We had to go back to the camp to celebrate Christmas Eve with the troops, so we left a little after a sumptuous breakfast. Nonetheless, the water made our little swimmer happy. Mr. Sun, the orange floater, died that day; after being of good service to the champion swimmer for a year. I bought board shorts that didn't fit me. We ate grilled chicken for dinner. I caught colds, so bad. The husband slept first, as always. Woke him up, of course. Bliss, please happen all the time. ♥

25 January 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: January

2013 has started beautifully in our family as we had our first family trip of the year in Baguio City, riding in our newly-acquired pre-loved car then going home to a rented 2-storey, 2-bedroom apartment that we can at least call our own. So this blog would love to share its beautiful changes, too. One of the many beautiful happenings is the new section, meant for all mompreneurs in the country, called Nanaygosyante of the Month. Nanaygosyante is pun for two Filipino words --- nanay & negosyante; basically the Filipino translation of mompreneur. I admire women, most especially mothers, who decided to be their own boss and run a business; while managing home and family. I am also a big supporter of online shops, which I have showed through featuring them here for the past months and hosting a giveaway; that I hope had helped them promote their business. 

My pilot Nanaygosyante issue features an acquaintance back in Highschool, whom I've been with during our dalaga days --- having a drinking spree with our ex-boyfriends. Well, I married my ex-boyfriend and hers had a different ending. Nevertheless, she is a picture of a happy family woman in calm and bliss. Ladies, meet Mona, the mom behind Kaelyn’s Closet.

Enero sa Kampo Highlights

One of my many pending posts. I think I'll let the photos do the talking. Captions are provided below though. Enjoy!

1. Left over lechon turned 50 shades darker. 2. The king bathed Prince. 3. Horseback riding rehearsal. 4. T/Sgt Repato is a neat-freak and traditional father of the camp. 5. Kitty Fairy. 6. My wisdom. 7. Mr. & Mrs. Flavored Alcohol.8. Sleepy senyorita. 9. Everything he does is beautiful. ♥ 10. Oh, shoot. 11. Ramon + Monique = Love