23 January 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Buzz, iPhone & Jose Rizal

LB watching Puss in Boots for the 7th time (only for a day!), I pulled up her left arm and struggled to smell her arm pit. 
LB: Nanaaaaay. (giggling and resisting) 
B: Smell kili-kili please.
LB: Okay.
B: (on the motion of doing it already when…) 
LB: Wait, smell kili-kili, buy me Buzz Lightyear. (sweetly grinning)
B: Ay, ayaw ko na.
LB: Okay, donut na lang. (with a convincing smile a la sales man)
B: Sure. 
And ayun, ni-boodle fight ko kili-kili niya, nakalimutan niyang humingi ng donut. Pero at least, marunong ng barter. 

~ ♥ ~

We recently had guests in the house and they have a 15-month-old clingy-baby-to-her-mommy. LB is a very makulit preschooler that the two cannot jive, obviously. It was a pain to scold her and somehow put the blame on her for all the baby’s crying bouts, but that’s what happened. On her room, I talked to her. 
B: What’s your problem ba, ha? Di ba I told you to be nice? (nagngangalit ang mala-tuna kong panga)
LB: I want to borrow the iPhone {kumare’s iPhone} (hikbi)
B: You didn’t borrow it, kinuha mo lang. You should have said “borrow please”.
LB: (sniffing, trying to ingest what I’m telling her)
B: What do you want to happen now? Stay ka dito sa room or downstairs and behave?
LB: I want to buy iPhone! Tell Tatay I want iPhone. Buy sa mall. (saying those while making ngalngal)
B: (I wanted to get more furious pero natatawa na ako) Agad-agad, ‘nak?
LB: What’s agad (pause) agad? (wiping her tears)
Haaay. My heart melted. Even if I told myself it was an ultimatum, it wasn’t. So the next day, I did my best to be cool with her. Did we still fight? Oh, of course! Won’t tell you how though. Like what they say, the rest was history. 

~ ♥ ~

Grocery-shopping with LB for her first school field trip (that's tomorrow na!), when she asked me where we will go. 
B: Enchanted Kingdom, Bahay ni Rizal…
LB: Bahay? House?
B: Opo.
LB: Who’s Rizal?
B: Our national hero. (kinakabahan na ‘ko sa pwede pang itanong, mahina ako sa HEKASI) 
LB: Like Tatay? He’s my hero!
B: Oh yes, like Tatay. (relieved) But Rizal is dead.
LB: (wondering) Is he pogi like Tatay?
B: (muntik akong lamunin ng lupa sa pagpigil kong tumawa but said this with affirmation) Tatay is more pogi, ‘nak. :)
Hoy Rayala, your daughter deserves a gift noh. Mantakin mo, ni-level sa’yo si Rizal? Boom! :p


  1. hahaha..galing naman ni baby B..:) galing pumili ng phone na gusto nya iPhone tagala like na ipabili ke Rizal este ke tatay nya..hehehe

  2. Sobrang sweet naman nyan!! At may pagka techie. marunong mamili ng magandang phone. and 'tatay is my hero' is very very sweet!! :D

  3. hahaha ang kulit ni LB..she's smart indeed!:)