26 January 2013

Water, Forever

These photos were taken at Dawal Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales. We went there while the sun still shone at its brightest; then we decided not to go to the beach, and stayed in the pool instead. It was sunny but chilly.

We had to go back to the camp to celebrate Christmas Eve with the troops, so we left a little after a sumptuous breakfast. Nonetheless, the water made our little swimmer happy. Mr. Sun, the orange floater, died that day; after being of good service to the champion swimmer for a year. I bought board shorts that didn't fit me. We ate grilled chicken for dinner. I caught colds, so bad. The husband slept first, as always. Woke him up, of course. Bliss, please happen all the time. ♥


  1. Wow! 'Twas nice that you enjoyed your stay there muther B! My aunt and her husband owns the place, haven't been there for quite sometime.

    1. Please tell your aunt that she has a lovely place! We love it there. :)