30 January 2013

A Mom's Life: 1/48

As a blogger, it's my core goal to offer my readers fresh topics and issues (not issue issues,okay) that will make them keep on coming back. So because everybody's doing a lot of changes in their blogs, including me; I will be featuring fabulous moms in my blog every Wednesday starting today! Oh, that schedule is challenging. And since 4 Wednesdays have already passed, there're only 48 left. Another challenging fact is my hunt for moms. I just can't feature a simple mom, she has to be fab noh --- she's in my blog (fanning myself with glee, haha)! And who should I have here first? Who else but an equally-fab mom like me --- my Mommy Best Friend (MBF). If you constantly visit read my blog, you most probably know who she is...

We met in the University and since we're both into crafts, kaartehans, Hello Kitty and boys (but never liked the same boy --- thank Heavens!); we instantly clicked. We called each other Bez since then.

One of my happiest moments as her bestfriend, was when she got pregnant; because what, we're both mommies already. Yay! In this series I named A MOM'S LIFE, the featured mudrabelle will answer a quick fact sheet that somehow resembles a slum book. Hihi. So, Bez, pa-autograph naman? ;)
NAME: Evie Lou Morato-Hernandez 
CHILD: Psyrhyxz Raine M. Hernandez, 1 year old 
OCCUPATION: Customer Management Officer, Smart Communications, Inc. 
FAVORITE OUTFIT:  Jeans-Shirt-Sneakers 
HOBBIES: Reading, doing anything artsy-fartsy (scrapbook-making, sewing, clothes-altering) and sometimes baking. 
READ/WATCH: Wala pa akong makitang book na interesting basahin / RuPaul's Drag Race (enjoy sa labanan ng mga beki!) 
FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: I guess, cleaning our room and T&B. Kahit yun din ang pinaka-hate ko. Ako lang kasi ang pwede gumawa nun. :P 
GUILTY PLEASURE: Pigging out. 
PET PEEVE: Hypocrites! >:( 
2013 GOAL: To lose a lot of weight and go back to that body that was 4 years ago. Hahaha! 
DREAM FOR CHILD/REN: This would be more of a dream for myself pero kids ko ang magbebenefit. To live longer, or to live hanggang sa makita ko ang mga apo ko sa anak at magiging anak ko pa na lumaki. Ayoko maranasan ng mga anak ko yung katulad ng naranasan ko, ang maagang naulila sa ina. :'(
Check Daddy Brian 's blog HERE

"To empathize before taking action

is to take yourself out of trouble."
{Parang "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."} 


  1. Nice, sis! :) Sana mag-feature ka din ng loshang na mommy blogger para unique. Unahin mo na'ko. Nyahaha!!! :))

    1. Like this sis Krisna ah! hahaha. dami ko tawa dito.

  2. Aww, kainggit you and your best friend both have kids na! I don't have anyone to relate to with my barkada yet!

    1. I was like that before and every time na may lakad kami, bitbit ko ang bagets! But now na dalawa na kami and the other one naman is preggy, super happy na! Pressure na sa iba na single ang maging mudra. Haha! :D

  3. Aw this post makes me miss my bestfriend so much! She is now in the States with her family. We don't get to talk that much due to the time difference. But I still have mommy friends and I hope I can make mommy friends here in the blogsphere. :)

  4. How nice! Mommyhood's easy when you're sharing it with other mommies. :) Hope we can get to meet and chat soon.

  5. It's really nice to have real friends around. Treasure them. I envy you.

  6. Great concept, mommy! Looking forward to the other moms you'd be featuring for the next 48 Wednesdays:)

    1. Thank you, mommy!
      I hope I could feature you here. ;)

  7. My close friends in college have no families of their own yet. But good thing, there are caring groups in our community where I can relate to =)

  8. She is indeed a loving mother.

  9. Wow! brilliant idea!! - you can help us to know more about other mommy bloggers to follow and you can help these featured mommies to showcase what they do best. Thanks for allowing us to see kahit glimpse lang of these fab moms like you..

    hoping to see the rest of these 48!