08 January 2013

Breakfast at Vizco's

I haven't done a restaurant review since I started blogging because I felt that it'll be something forced if I would do one after visiting a new place. But this time, I am so into raving about Vizco's! I just thought it would be best to do it now as to have something new for 2013. When we went to Baguio City on January 2nd to make R's holiday break more special, we didn't go to places we are used to dining in here in Manila. My husband, despite being a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy has not actually explored the city that he failed to suggest a good place for good food. Good thing that I have a friend who resides there - she served as our human restaurant-finder.

My friend, D and her boyfriend met us for dinner. We ate at Solibao because I told her I want something where families dine, since we were with Sophia, but affordable at the same time. Oh yeah, the price was right! But the food was just so-so. Though I loved their Sinigang na Baka (okay, I'm drooling now), everything else was so ordinary. R ordered Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert and he was so disappointed. So D recommended Vizco's!

That's where we went for breakfast the morning after. We thought we'll have cakes at 8 in the morning eh. But they have a wide array of delectable breakfast dishes to choose from naman pala. 

I ordered Spanish Omelette, which was so creamy on the inside. The Garlic Rice that came along with it has the perfect texture - I love my rice "buhaghag". 

R ordered Baked Rice, which he can't finish because he wanted to leave space for his Red Velvet Cake. The Baked Rice has this sinful mozzarella cheese on top that made my cheese-monster of a husband super dee-duper happy!

Sophia has inherited my penchant for anything pink so she chose Vizco's best seller on the menu - Strawberry Shortcake! Baguio is known to have the best strawberries in the country. So having the freshest strawberries on top of the cake was heaven. And it's only Php80 per slice! The cake itself is not dry and the filling has strawberry bits in it. Howmaygad. I already miss it. I just didn't eat that much from the slice since I saw how R liked it. 

I didn't order Belgian Waffles for the girl anymore because I thought she's going to finish the whole slice but it was her pop who made the crime scene as shown in the photo above. He obviously loved it.

Yup, he didn't eat the Red Velvet Cake that he ordered. He said it just tasted like those old breads sold in some community bakery elsewhere. So I ate it. I can't tell if it really has to taste like that. It was my first Red Velvet Cake. And I didn't become a fan. I know a few netizens who go gaga over it that it even went trending at some point. Not me, though. So can somebody change my mind about it? Where could I find an orgasmic red velvet cake?

I like the friendly and fresh ambiance of the restaurant. What I didn't like though was their house music. It was too dance-y for the place. I was expecting more like a Sitti Navarro, Lenka, James Morrison, Colbie Caillat or something chill and soothing. The current music played while we were eating was so Jolibee-ish. But it didn't ruin our stay there. It was just a very small fraction of negativity as compared to how we really enjoyed the food and Vizco's per se. 

I just forgot to take a photo of that one pretty server, who has a Barbie-like feature. Yeah, I'm the one who noticed her. Or was he my husband just good in hiding it from me? Charot. So I took pictures of the breads and cakes that the magical hands of the pastry chef behind Vizco's has made instead. Drool. Cry. And travel to Baguio now! 

R and I looked for its fan page in Facebook while we were still satiating the best Strawberry Shortcake we have ever tasted. You can find them HERE. You will most probably forget other versions once you tried this one from Vizco's. And we will definitely go back should we visit the summer capital of the Philippines again. ♥


8GF Puso ng Baguio Building 
Session Road, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
(074) 446-7092

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