10 January 2013

I Should Have Named Her Julie. Or Julia?

Who, you ask? Sophia. I know I should be sleeping now since I need to wake up by 7:30ish in the morning tomorrow later to cook breakfast for me and the little one. Yup, after 3 weeks of being together with my breakfast-eating soldier, my tummy now looks for something else aside from Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee in the morning. Okay, not really that early. I actually set my alarm clock (phone!) to 8am but I usually get up around 8:15. Right, right. That's me. I'm not a morning person. Is 12:41am considered morning? Midnight? Whatever. I just don't get those people waking up too early reasoning out they could do so much by such but ending up sleeping a lot in the afternoon. Hello, what difference does it make? Well, most of my WORK requires being at home so I could do it any time I want. Or in some cases, when this little snoring duchess is busy, asleep or in school. Better if asleep; no disturbance, just a cute, tiny snore. So, I'm not into hitting the sack yet despite a basket full of laundry, which I gave my years of experience into earlier. I started washing our family of five's dirty clothes at 5th grade. Get this, without continuous run of water! If that's not passion, I don't know what it's called. Note to self: you got too much segue. Get down to business.

And what exactly kept me awake? Aside from some neighbors by-standing outside, meaninglessly wasting their lives and time talking about some old man getting drunk who didn't eat his dinner (is that eavesdropping?), it's Julie & Julia.  I sincerely loved the movie. I was hooked!  

Blogging about her Julie/Julia Project has been her world. That it screwed her marriage and work. Shucks, this blog has become that, too at some point. That in order to meet my own deadline, I have yelled to the helper (who hasn't come back from her vacay and that I decided to not call anymore) and always pissed off to my innocent little darling. That shouldn't be the case since I AM A MOMMY BLOGGER. Right? I should know how to practice what I preached. But hey, I never preached about life as all flowers and butterflies! Just like Julia Child, she admitted that having mistakes in the kitchen is very understandable and that you could always correct it. Well, that's how I interpreted it. Julie Powell is Julia Child's fan. And I am a fan of the movie that featured them. So that is what you call serious fangirling. ♥

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