27 January 2013

The Ant Who Wears Pink Dress

I was searching my notepad {that I got from TSN} about something I wrote for a new series on this blog; when I stumbled on this. That's LB's drawing, obviously. And I suppose, that's her imaginary friend, Rekeli. Hello, glad you met her.

Rekeli, according to LB, is an ant --- a girl. An ant who wears a pink dress and whose dad works in the office. When water spilled on the floor, she blamed Rekeli. When she cut her finger with her scissors, she told me Rekeli pushed her. By the way, Rekeli has a bestfriend. Her name is Perchi, from Prensi. Whatever.

LB saw this and I asked her if this is Rekeli. She said "NO! Don't say that. It's a crocodile in the river, and there's food. Rekeli will hear you." My bad. 

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