15 January 2013

Review: Kid StarMaker's Little Mermaid Cartoon DVD

It has been a while since I have received Kid StarMaker products, and the first that I did a post about was her Ballerina Princess book. LB super loves it now that it's almost torn apart. 

She brought it along with us in our Zambales and Baguio trips. What she also brought was her Little Mermaid Cartoon DVD, where she starred as the Little Mermaid! {photos were taken when we were still at MIL's house}

Her ecstatic initial reaction was "look Nanay, I'm a green mermaid!" She was giddy and giggling. For a geographically-single mom like me, now servantless, TV and her movies are LB's baby sitter. So I was just as ecstatic as she was when we got this. Please do not judge. I need at least an hour to finish all the chores then I go back to being her personal assistant. Whew.

And through the middle of the featured video --- intensely watching, perhaps upon realizing that she hasn't heard anything from herself --- she said, "I'm not talking. Why Nanay?" What did I answer? "Because you're in the water, you might drink it." Clever, right? I knoooow. Haha! 

What made me happier is that, LB, who I thought has strong bida complex, now knows how to share the limelight. She was asking for the name of the crab, the guard and those other characters in the teasers at the latter part of the video (where she was also shown as Snow White). 

This cartoon DVD may not teach your kids a thing or two about life but it'll sure make them smile. 

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  1. Thank you for the post. Want to have one for my daughter. She really loves to watch cartoons =)