15 January 2013

Our First Family Trip to Baguio City

I've always loved Baguio City. The first time I went there was when I was 3 years old; I can't remember a single thing we did there. I only saw the photos my late father took. Mama said we were there to celebrate my younger brother's 1st birthday. My eldest sister, M rode a horse together with my other sister, N. I also saw a photo of Papa with my brother A, riding the horse, too. What the eff was my problem as a child? Why didn't I have a photo riding the horse in Wright Park? I felt a bit sad. So when I was growing up, I promised myself I will be Mikee Cojuangco of a rider. I went to Baguio a lot of time already but I never rode, not even once; not even a cute pony. What is just wrong with me? So, maybe it was not time yet. I thought, "hey R has plans to go there after New Year's so I might this time..." Lo and behold, ang mahaaaaaal. Php200 for 30 minutes? Are you kidding me? Si Sophia na nga lang. Sulit na sulit ang bayad sa ngiti at hagikhik niya. Feeling niya rancho namin ang nilalakaran ng pink pony niya. And, who would take pictures for posterity if I will ride, right? Speaking of photos, I did take a lot! Here's a photo essay of how R's homecoming and Sophia's first Baguio adventure went through. I will make side kwento na rin. 

Those are shots taken on our way to the City of Pines. We left the camp around 4 in the morning and had breakfast at Jollibee in Pangasinan.

First stop: Philippine Military Academy. I can see how R was so excited when we were about to enter the gates of his home of four years. He was in the front seat of the car so I didn't see if he was teary-eyed or what. Haha! But one thing I was very sure of, the king wanted to show off his Alma Mater to his princess.

It was actually not allowed for anyone civilians to have their photos taken at the Borromeo Field, because of its sanctity. Ayan, may siga. #maypinagmanahan

I haven't met a mom who doesn't love taking photos of her child. So there, Sophia's photos forever. I love my model! She's a natural. 

Feeling bagong mag-jowa na nagdedate, here are Dodong and Inday's day-off souvenirs. Panglagay sa wallet. Teka, ipapa-develop ko muna.

We actually wanted to go to the infamous Flirtation Walk again. We went there in 2007 during PMA Alumni Homecoming, but this sign stopped us. I wonder why. Wait, hindi civilian ang asawa ko. At dependents niya kami, dapat pala pinaglaban ko yun. Char.

Anyway, R is a proud Anak ng Baka - a cadet who belongs to the 1st Batallion, Bravo Company of the CCAFP. That makes me Manugang ng Baka and Sophia, an Apo ng Baka. Apir. :p

It was still holiday break for the rest of the cadets, that's why the Plebes were the King of Barracks. They were everywhere. So when R found a fellow Anak ng Baka, Sophia and I pose with them as they do a very quick "gathering" and marching - whatever it was called.

At dahil hindi ko pa naman nobyo si R when he was still a cadet, ang bagets na lang pinagdiskitahan ko. Infer ha, ang bango niya. Sana maka-graduate siya para madagdagan ang mababangong sundalo ng Pilipinas. Haha!

So whenever's a beautiful bulaklak with a colorful talulot, pic pac galore yan for sure. Addicting. ♥

My stomach churned and craved for real food so off we went to Barrio Fiesta for Crispy Pata and Sinigang na Sugpo. Jeez, camp food was anything but fish and bland and a sight of pity. I literally wolfed down more than two cups of rice. My tiny Tyra Banks of a model loved the papier-maché statues of Cory Aquino, Cardinal Sin and the Igorots. She specifically told me, not asked, to take photos of her with them. Crazy kid. 

Guess what - Sophia took a photo of where REKELI (her imaginary friend) was sitting. Is that cute or what? Sometimes, it's scaring the sh*t out of me.

When I was doggone tired and sleepy, I begged the hyper explorers to have at least an hour of rest. We stayed at the officers' quarters in PMA Naval Base. No water heater and no extra blanket. Army way, yes it was. 

Then we headed to Wright Park so our little equestrienne can go "yeeha" for 30 minutes. It was one of our family's happiest moments. Whenever the little girl's happy, Nanay and Tatay are happy, too. Only she was tulala when we were about to leave her pink pony behind. :(

The king didn't pass the chance to enjoy whatever we can in the summer capital of the country; that even if it's getting dark already, we still rode the boat in Burnham Park (which as of posting this, is now drained and dug up for the reason I don't know). Sophia wanted the pink cobra boat but we went to the wrong direction. So we settled for the mermaid boat instead. Honestly, it's nothing fancy. Haha! But we did bother to give it a try no? It's Php150 for 30 minutes and judging from Sophia's reaction, she didn't enjoy. Well, I guess it's nothing new to her since she has rode a number of boat rides when we went to the islands of Magalawa and Potipot.  But again, photos for posterity! :)

I promised to meet with my Baguio-based friend, D and her new guy so we went to Solibao for dinner. Read a snippet of what I got to say about the resto, here. Dhimson, D's boyfriend is from Ifugao so as a GI (geographically-idiot, heehee), I learned a lot about the Cordillera Region and not just the Banawe Rice Terraces. Really, I'm poor at these things. 

The next day, we went to Vizco's for a heavenly breakfast and bought some pasalubong after. Then we rolled home. It was not easy being in the passenger seat while R's driving - because I was the navigator! I learned to read Google Maps from his phone. Cheers! That's another new thing for me this 2013. Kidding aside, it never was easy to be just a passenger. All because I wanted to sleep but I feel I can't. I felt the need to entertain the driver. Oh, thank you my Lord, for the gift of gab. But hey, I think R likes it much better if I'm asleep. Well, he can't avoid me. He will be with this talkative lady for the rest of his life. Haha! And we planned to conquer Luzon (then Visayas then Mindanao before the world) after this Baguio trip. So help us, God. ♥


  1. nakakatuwa nmn ang mga pictures Mommy Bebeng! :)kakaaliw. ang ganda sa PMA. sayang ndi ako nakasama sa tour namin dyan dati dahil sa hangover. hehehe. sana madala ko mga anak ko sa Baguio. at talaga namang nakakamiss ang Baguio. 10 years na ang huli kong punta jan. :(

  2. Di p ako nkapunta sa Baguio but I really want to visit the place because of the weather, the flowers and the strawberries;)

    I can see that you and your family had FUN! Inggit much lang ako;)