25 January 2013

Enero sa Kampo Highlights

One of my many pending posts. I think I'll let the photos do the talking. Captions are provided below though. Enjoy!

1. Left over lechon turned 50 shades darker. 2. The king bathed Prince. 3. Horseback riding rehearsal. 4. T/Sgt Repato is a neat-freak and traditional father of the camp. 5. Kitty Fairy. 6. My wisdom. 7. Mr. & Mrs. Flavored Alcohol.8. Sleepy senyorita. 9. Everything he does is beautiful. ♥ 10. Oh, shoot. 11. Ramon + Monique = Love


  1. super happy si LB dito Mommy Denise, photos do the captions indeed, ang ganda ng lay out mo.:)kainggit, buti ka pa.:)

    1. Aww. Thanks Ohms! ♥
      I'm trying out a different look & feel for my blog.