08 January 2020

Manila Ocean Park for Samantha’s Second Birthday

I would like to think that we are creature of habits, my husband and I. We are sort of doing the same things we did with our eldest for our youngest; a bit better this time though ‘cause we have allocated more budget for it. Like a big joint party for their dedication and first birthday and pockets of celebrations for the next five years until it’s time for a fastfood restaurant party on her 7th. So for Sammybear’s 2nd, we spent it at Manila Ocean Park just like how we did it for her Ate Sophia 9 years ago. 

As always, when the husband comes home for the weekend, we all wait for him. Which means, we’d all be sleeping late... like 3am kind of late. Thus, waking up in the morning super late, too. But well, it’s our bear’s birthday, we don’t want to hurry. We just want to honour her and go on through the day according to her pace. So even if she didn’t want to blow the candle on her birthday cake aka a bucket of Dunkin Donuts munchkins, we’re good. We totally respected that no matter how small the candle’s flame is, she is forever scared lol. And yes, we bought her munchkins instead ‘cause that time, she can finish a dozen of munchkins in one seating but never liked cake. So I thought why buy her something she won’t eat anyway? As of this post though, she eats any flavor of cake to the point she gets really mad when you don’t feed her enough. Toddlers.