18 November 2016

Italian Baked Chicken with Potatoes

You might think that this dish looks and tastes very similar to Chicken Afritada that most Filipino loves cooking in instant tomato sauce. Trust me, it's not. It definitely has that Italian kick to it, not that I know a lot about their cuisine. Thanks to McCormick's Italian seasoning, oregano powder and dried basil leaves. Also, this Italian Baked Chicken used fresh tomatoes. They are small, red and juicy resulting to thick and fruity sauce. Topping it with quick-melting cheese in the last five minutes of its cooking time in the oven has sealed this dish in comforting perfection.

My little foodie, Sophia brought this in school once for lunch and proudly told me she finished it! She even commented that she liked chewing the soft tomatoes. I felt accomplished - cooking something that I just tried for the first time and having the kid finished it. Win-win! So I thought of sharing it with you all, because I believe that sharing is caring. Hehe, bagong-bago.

10 November 2016

Lazada's 11.11 Online Revolution

To be honest, even if I love online shopping, I haven't tried buying anything from Lazada. Well, you can't blame me. I have read so many bad reviews about them that I actually got scared of trying. Lo and behold, I guess the shopping spirits of the universe heard my murmurings (that I need some extra moolah for shopping, lol) - I got invited in the launch of their latest shopping event exactly a week ago! I-try ko daw muna, huwag daw kasi akong judgmental. Heehee.

Anyway, bloggers and members of the press were treated to an afternoon of delish food and awesome finds at Ascott Hotel in BGC. Here are some of what you can expect during the revolution! 

03 November 2016

Tita D at PUP

PUP means Polytechnic University of the Philippines. It is where I finished my college degree some years ago. It is where I found friends, where I first had my heart broken badly, where I realized how emotionally strong I can be. In a nutshell, it might not have the cleanest wash rooms or the classrooms may be too steamy for people, it's still one of my most favorite places in the world. So when a PUP student invited me to talk to them about Internet Etiquette, around the time my #baonserye posts were trending and despite my busy schedule as a work-at-home mompreneur, I prepared for it wholeheartedly. 

At first, I actually didn't know how I'd start my presentation. What do these kids do not know about the Internet? What do I actually want them to always remember once they leave the university? How should I talk to them? Those questions I answered myself after going through the comments on my page. Some youngsters there called me Tita D. That's when I decided my brand will be a millennial aunt educating the new generation about using the interwebs.