29 July 2014

Bake, Make, Cook and Sell

I was super busy lately. I haven't blogged and it made me sad but I don't regret it.

16 days ago, I finally got the courage, drive and will to bake and sell. I baked my first banana loaf and asked my SiL to sell if for me at her office. It was well-received (devoured?) by her colleagues and gradually, humbly, continually got orders from them. There were negative-bordering-to-discouraging comments made by some people close to me but I did not let it affect me. I am so into this that no one can stop me; not even the Typhoon Glenda. OK, she won as I am using an electric oven so no electricity means no baking.

15 July 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

The hubs came home for two days, July 1st and 2nd respectively, and he has a new toy! It's a Samsung Note 3 and my two babes were taking selfies forever, like this one. They super look alike noh? I should have used a different photo but unfortunately and surprisingly, the photos in my phone gallery were deleted. Huhuhu. It could have been Pia's fab pose with the How to Train Your Dragon 2 backdrop. Sayang talaga, she looked uber cute there pa naman! Btw, we watched the movie after picking up Cpt R's new phone and had dinner inside the cinema house. There were unnecessary movements by ze girl but we all enjoyed the movie! It was really, really good. I actually liked it than its prequel. Hiccup became more gwapo na kasi. Haha! 

Anyway, who knows how to retrieve deleted photos in Samsung S3 Mini? Please tweet me @bebengisms. Tia. ♥

11 July 2014

A Super Relaxing Pampering Day at Banahaw Heals Spa Marikina

We rarely go out on dates, my husband and I. It's usually sad for other married couples but it's an inevitable fact that we have learned to accept. If you are new here, it's because I'm married to a military officer, who was called for duty out of town and is currently assigned somewhere 7 hours travel-by-land away from us. So whenever he's home (and that is, luckily, one to two days per month), we make sure we're physically ready. Yes, we need strength to do a lot of catching up! *wink, wink* However, there are times that I've been drowned with house chores that upon his arrival, I can't even lift a finger. How more my hips! LOL. 

Seriously, it is when we have spa dates that we feel we're one. You see, we find more love, more bliss when we're silently enjoying being pampered. We always get the room designated for couples but we actually do not even utter a word once the session starts. We just do a lot of after-activity review (AAR in the military); something like a blogger like me does after a service. No, we're not hard to please. We just want to get what we primarily looked for in a spa ― a relaxing massage. 

I'm very happy I found out about Banahaw Heals Spa!

06 July 2014

Somebody wants to join The Voice Kids Philippines!

My little girl has been singing ever since she knew what her throat and tongue and mouth can do. I think she actually learned how to hum first before she said her first word. Music runs in the family, my family. I got my love for singing from my father. He has this Rey Valera going on in his voice when he used to do some karaoke with us. As for me, I can hold a tune but I know I tend to get flat or sharp or off-key. Sometimes, I have too much of the vibrato, all depends on the song. LOL. 

05 July 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

This post is definitely one of my favorites! It makes my being a stay-at-home mom and homecook more special. You see, after she volunteered on washing the dishes, she now shows interest in helping me out where the real kitchen battle happens: in front of the flames! She's very brave that even if there's tilamsik from the pan, she would just continue sauteing. It's so fulfilling! I'm sure 5 or 10 years from now, there will be a #littlebebengcooks hashtag on my social media accounts. Exciting times! ♥

04 July 2014

My Preschooler's Reading Apps

I don't know about other 5-year old kids but my daughter loves reading. She even has this quirk of turning on the bedside lamp and pretends she can actually read a book on her own. Of course, she has learned to memorize the story that it looks like she really knows how to read it. Hihi. Adorbs! Don't get me wrong, I do teach her to read but I also know that it must be according to her pace. I always believe that she will learn best if she is ready for it. And is having fun while leaning, too! So to teach her to read and have fun at the same time, I downloaded some reading apps from Google Play Store.

Intellijoy's Games for Kids Under 6 Years

I like how it gradually aims to teach techie kids how to read 3- to 4-letter words. It has the walking stick, running shoes and skateboard that represent reading level stages. It shows pictures of the words that help the kids on determining the correct missing letter. It has a 4.1 rating so I guess a lot of moms like me trust it in teaching their children to read.