11 July 2014

A Super Relaxing Pampering Day at Banahaw Heals Spa Marikina

We rarely go out on dates, my husband and I. It's usually sad for other married couples but it's an inevitable fact that we have learned to accept. If you are new here, it's because I'm married to a military officer, who was called for duty out of town and is currently assigned somewhere 7 hours travel-by-land away from us. So whenever he's home (and that is, luckily, one to two days per month), we make sure we're physically ready. Yes, we need strength to do a lot of catching up! *wink, wink* However, there are times that I've been drowned with house chores that upon his arrival, I can't even lift a finger. How more my hips! LOL. 

Seriously, it is when we have spa dates that we feel we're one. You see, we find more love, more bliss when we're silently enjoying being pampered. We always get the room designated for couples but we actually do not even utter a word once the session starts. We just do a lot of after-activity review (AAR in the military); something like a blogger like me does after a service. No, we're not hard to please. We just want to get what we primarily looked for in a spa ― a relaxing massage. 

I'm very happy I found out about Banahaw Heals Spa!

Banahaw Heals Spa (BHS), according to Marikina branch's supervisor, has around 300+ branches already. My husband said he actually saw one in Laguna when he went there. The supervisor told us that that's the main branch where it all started. You see, Mt. Banahaw's partially in Laguna and it's known for its healing miracles once you go there and take some water or something. I thought it's pretty clever that the owners use it to relate to massage and relaxation. 

This is just me ha, but some spas can just be all out on how the place looks without prioritizing that customers actually went to them for the service; that the massage per se must be the most important part of a customer's experience. Hiring the best therapists is the key to a successful spa salon, in my opinion. I guess, BHS won't have as many branches as they have now if they didn't care more about that.

Wednesday last week, my Cpt R and I went to the Marikina branch located at Shoe Avenue, very near the municipal hall. It's on the 2nd floor, on the farthest corner of the building and it looked very small from the outside. Well, it's still small inside but it can accommodate around 6-8 clients at a time. It has the usual soothing music on the background and with ethnic/oriental interior design. 

My husband loved that the massage bed didn't smell like stale massage oil, which is very usual to most of the spa houses we have been to. The boxer shorts wasn't that baggy, too! Hihi. We were offered to try their Signature 5-in-1 Healing Massage, which was a combination of shiatsu, Thai and others I forgot to ask because I was super enjoying it I dozed off. My therapist named Emily was the bomb! She really did remove all the hard muscles I have saved in my shoulders. Along with the 5-in-1, we had the classic Ventusa. BHS Marikina uses glasses with wide mouth so you can expect that your back will experience exciting sucking feeling. Haha! My husband, being a Ventusa expert himself (having tried the service a lot of times already), said that it was by far the best Ventusa he ever had. I can't tell if it was good or not. I was in heaven for an hour. LOL. I'm telling you, if you are going to visit them, look for Emily!

The nice people of BHS Marikina also made us try Ear Candling. It is said to help cure your colds, if you have and just basically do a general cleaning in your ears. The guys who did it even showed how much yucky stuff they got from our ears to prove that it worked. It was kinda gross but hey, it was from my body. So it's fine. After all the tanggal-lamig, tanggal-stress, almost orgasmic massage we had, we saw two cups of fruity tea on the table and tip envelopes! Now, that's something I didn't see from other spa salons. It sealed their professionalism, in all fairness. I always dislike the traditional "pag-ipit" of the tip in the hands of the therapists. Awesome, guys!

Over all, I'm glad we got to try it there because we're really going back! In fact, I'm considering their membership services. Fees are usually deducted by a hundred Pesos or 50 if you are a BHS member. How cool, right. Thank you so much, Banahaw Heals Spa Marikina, for a super relaxing pampering day for me and my solja boy!

2F Unit 12 Centro Felicidad Bldg.
#182 Shoe Avenue, Sta. Elena
Marikina City
Website: http://www.banahawhealsspa.com/
Facebook: Banahaw Heals Spa Marikina

This post was sponsored by Banahaw Heals Spa but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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