06 July 2014

Somebody wants to join The Voice Kids Philippines!

My little girl has been singing ever since she knew what her throat and tongue and mouth can do. I think she actually learned how to hum first before she said her first word. Music runs in the family, my family. I got my love for singing from my father. He has this Rey Valera going on in his voice when he used to do some karaoke with us. As for me, I can hold a tune but I know I tend to get flat or sharp or off-key. Sometimes, I have too much of the vibrato, all depends on the song. LOL. 

Anyway, like what I said, my daughter got my flair for the theatrics and performing arts so there's a lot of impromptu concerts at home. Sometimes at the car. Or just anywhere when she feels like singing. In fact, she had learned to memorize a lot of the catchy jingles of local TVCs. It's so funny! In Filipino kasi. Eh she can't even speak the language straight so what more when she sings it, 'di ba? I'll video record her singing the jingles of Emparador Light and Bonux soon and share it with you all. Kakatuwa lang! 

Speaking of video, we did one yesterday while I was doing the laundry. OMG. Ignore the royal dugyot-ness! Dyahe nga. Next time, I'll put powder and lipstick na. Haha! What I want you to pay attention to is how arte Pia is while I was singing. Yup, I sang here, too. May konting sablay sa bridge pero pagbigyan niyo na ha, naitawid naman. ;)

After doing the video, she immediately requested that we watch it. She said, in her animated voice and strong confidence, "Nanay, I want to join The Voice." And sung, "This is the Voooooice!!!" Wow. I hope the show's still on when she turns 8, though. I'd really support her if she really wants to. Who knows, she might be the next Sarah G. And I'm the Mommy Divine. Hahaha! Nah, no way! I'd rather wish her to be a Yeng Constantino ~ poprock-ish, a real musician and a proud Born-Again Christian. But everything will still depend on what she wants to be in the future. Matagal pa naman, i-enjoy ko muna ang pagiging Pia Daldalita niya. 

So without further chenelin, here's our mommy and daughter cover of Titanium! 

What can you say? Do you think we should do this more often? ♫

*Photo source: Cdopedia


  1. Hi Mommy Divine, este, Nanay Bebeng pala.

    Ang cute ni Ate Pia. Parang nakikita ko na that she will own the stage sa battle rounds. Hahaha!!! Push na yan! 😉

    Way to go Ate Pia and Nanay!

    1. Hehe. Thanks, Tita Aireen! I hope hindi magbago yung self-confidence na meron siya ngayon. :)