29 July 2014

Bake, Make, Cook and Sell

I was super busy lately. I haven't blogged and it made me sad but I don't regret it.

16 days ago, I finally got the courage, drive and will to bake and sell. I baked my first banana loaf and asked my SiL to sell if for me at her office. It was well-received (devoured?) by her colleagues and gradually, humbly, continually got orders from them. There were negative-bordering-to-discouraging comments made by some people close to me but I did not let it affect me. I am so into this that no one can stop me; not even the Typhoon Glenda. OK, she won as I am using an electric oven so no electricity means no baking.

What I love though about the rotational brownout was that my hands and arms got to rest and my daughter and I had the chance to bond over crayons and stories. Not that we don't do that often but it's like she has no choice so she did it obligingly. Teehee.

Anyway, one time, I was chatting with a customer and potential business partner when she suggested that I make graham balls and brownies, too. Those were her favorites, she said. And so I did and she bought a lot! I just have to find and try the best brownie recipe before I share it with my Bebeng's Kitchen audience. Yes, that's the name of my online food shop. If you visit my Pinterest, I have a board there where I pinned all the pegs and visions that I want for my shop. I'm so, so, so happy I finally found what I really want to do.

I was in 5th grade when I knew I wanted to cook after college. I think you already know about that togue story! I asked my mom then on what course to take, if ever. She said, Nutrition and Dietetics or Hotel and Restaurant Management. I did not take those, obviously. I took up Broadcast Communication for the love of performing and gabbing endlessly. Mama did not mention anything about Culinary Arts. I really wished I took that course instead. It's an expensive degree to earn but I can take scholarships. I'm a hardworking student and modesty side, a smart one, too! Sigh. If only I can turn back time. Well, it's not too late yet. Julia Child was 37 when she studied at Le Cordon Bleu! I still have a few years. I still have a lifetime, actually. 

Remember my previous post, Wherever? This is my wherever. This was where God took me — to my Bebeng's Kitchen.

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  1. Welcome to the baking community, Denise!

    Keep on baking :)

  2. So happy for you, Denise!!! :)

  3. Wow, congratulations! I went into a pastry business myself right after I stepped off the band circuit. I could do the baking, but I was a bit of a dummy on the business side, haha.

    Enjoy your new business, mommy Denise!

  4. Yey! Pursue mo yan!!! Don't let anyone discourage you

  5. Congratulations D!! I'm so happy for you! :)

  6. That's sounds great :) You should also try making doll cakes - they are quite popular among mommies with little princesses :) and these are actually just easy to make :)

  7. Hello D.. ito yun😁