27 October 2016

Make Your Party Fun and Fuss-Free with Joe's Kitchen Delivery

I'm the #baonserye mom, alright. I earn extra by cooking savory sidekicks at Bebeng's Kitchen. And most of the people close to me know that I'm a foodie... But there are times that I choose food deliveries over my own cooking. Why? Well, who won't? When all you need to do is click and choose the food you want to eat. Right? 

My birthday the past month was not an exemption. Sure, I baked vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting and still cooked some birthday noodles, pork siomai, baked chicken and roasted veggies but it wouldn't have been as special as it was if not for Joe's Kitchen's super delicious dishes.

12 October 2016

Sophia Saves Money With Security Bank

In all honesty, I can't say that I had a truly happy childhood. When I was my daughter's age, all I remember was my father's death that resulted to my mother's financial struggles as a housewife, who was left with nothing. Our hardships caused our family's many heartaches. And personally, though it taught me resilience, I never learned how to save for the rainy days. Whenever someone gave me money then, I always spent it all at once. It's only now that I'm a mom myself that I am learning the ropes of budgeting, spending and saving. 

When Sophia received monetary gifts for her first birthday party and dedication, our original plan was to open a savings account for her. But then, Ondoy happened. Our purple rented house got flooded waist deep. Most of of our stuff got muddy and broken. Unfortunately, we needed to use her money to help us start anew. Fast forward to the many Christmases that she received thousands of money from her godparents; she has used it all up for her needs, which we should have given her. We never saved any, not even a single coin. 

05 October 2016

I Am Raising a Girl Who Practices Two Religions

I grew up in a Born Again Christian family. My mama said that I was two years old when she and our papa started attending a Born Again Christian church in Quezon City. Inevitably, in most Christian families, we went to church together every Sunday. It was where I first learned how to dance. I also memorized some parts of the Holy Bible because of Sunday School. I love being a Christian and I am proud to be one. 

So when I posted this last night, I got a few private messages about it. 

Why does it sound so easy for you? Aren't you afraid she'll choose to be a Catholic in the future? How come a Born Again Christian mom found it adorable when her daughter looked for a purple rosary? 

I'd like to make it simple but please allow me to share with you this story.