21 January 2013

When Little Bebeng Met a Little Gentleman

I feel guilty for not going to church every Sunday. It is my obligation as a Christian parent to bring my child to Sunday School to learn about the Bible and Jesus. LB basically knows who Jesus is and what He can do for us as I have mentioned here. But I think it'll be more exciting if she'll meet Jonah, Samson, David, Peter, Paul, Mary and Martha --- characters and heroes a lot better than Woody, Merida and Puss. Anyway, we really wanted to let the sunshine touch our skin as we've been in house arrest and locked up in our own home after our umbrellas were stolen at the facade of the house (yes, we were scared!); so we went to Marikina Sports Complex (MSC). 

Aside from the really nice running track it has, MSC designated a small part of the place to be its playground for tots who can't jog and run continuously in an oval with their parents yet. That's where I brought LB. As we were walking towards the gate, I can feel her excitement and she even asked me "Nanay, are you happy?" So I said "YES!" with a grin. She replied, "oh, I can't wait!" She's becoming more kikay as days pass by. Too much Barbie, perhaps. About 5 meters from the playground, we've heard shrieks and giggles from the kids playing --- LB ran to its direction and just let happiness enveloped her childhood. Bliss.

Then, a little gentleman clad in black shirt and blue sweat pants approached my little darling in pig tails. Uh-oh.
Little Gentleman: Uy, wag ka diyan, malaglag ka.
LB: No, Nanay is here. (inferview sa sagot!)
LG: Anong pangalan mo?
LB: (doing her parkour moves in the jungle gym --- in short, DEDMA!)
Nanay: Sophia, you might fall.
LG: Ah, Sophia pala pangalan mo.
LB: Yes.
Nanay: (smiled and felt a bit kilig. #chaperone)
LG: Halika Sophia, dun tayo sa kabilang slide.
LB: (looked at me first) Nanay, can I go there?
Nanay: Sure! (still smiling #baliwangpeg)
And then I saw a little Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez chasing each other, running after one another. It was a beautiful sight to see. It was like a scene straight from a telenovela. You know, younger versions of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. When they had stopped and sat at the nearby bench, I asked the boy what his name is. It's Franz, he's five years old. He then held my innocent princess' hand and introduced her to his parents and sister. I was shocked, but still smiling. The aunt, who I suppose is the adult-in-charge, chatted with me. I've learned that Franz is the youngest. She also said that most of them think that Franz is gay. Because he plays with Barbie dolls and walks differently compared to his older brother. Hmm. I don't have a stand on this yet. Or rather, I want to shut up as this is a sensitive issue. But I guess that's what's wrong with our society, just because a boy plays with dolls and walks differently, he's already gay. Sigh. And his own family thinks of him that way. I guess, it will lead to that because that will be his inner voice. I hope not, he's a sweet boy. Girls of the next generation need a lot of his type. They're vanishing.

Nevertheless, when it's already dark and chilly, I told LB to say goodbye to Franz. And they hugged! Franz was teary-eyed. LB didn't want to go and was on the verge of throwing a tantrum so I offered a cone of ice cream from 7-11. She walked away from the playground without looking back. Aww. 

After dinner with kumare and family at Binalot, we went home. I immediately cleaned up LB and gave her a massage. I used INDIGObaby's Dance of Life Massage Oil and I won by knock-out. Her day was filled with fun, food and love so she's ready again with cute preschool challenges for the week ahead. Let's start the week right (a little later) by wearing a lipstick while washing the dishes or wearing your favorite top as you send your kids to school. Have a merry Monday, mudrabelles! ♥


  1. So cute! parang teleserye lang. nagdadalaga na ang Sophia. hehe

  2. awww! ang sweet naman nila, tama po talaga ms. denise rayala na pasalamatan po natin ang mga taong nakakapagtiyaga sa kasumgitan nating mga babae, hehe <3

  3. This is my favorite mommy post you've written ms. denise rayala! <3

  4. :) may "Like" button ba sa blogger? heheh ang cute po :)