30 January 2013

Holiday Thrill at Subic Fiesta Carnival

We went there during the holidays when Sophia and I were at R's camp. So, I'm getting hooked on doing this photo essay thing. It saves me time from making kwento, but I spent so much in editing. You think I deserve a DSLR? ;)

It's nothing fancy as Enchanted Kingdom or at least as phenomenal as Star City but what's important was, the little girl enjoyed. Hey. we did, too! I may not be fond of rides, but I'm such a perya queen - toss coin, balloon darts, etc! There's an entrance fee of Php50, the comfort rooms are uncomfortable and the Bingo announcer sounded really bad. But I enjoyed the grilled food and the very delectable sisig the gays were selling. R and the soldier friend, who went with us, rode that circular thing shown in the photo. Someone threw up. Guess who! :p


  1. Hi! by any chance, do you have a contact number of the operator of this perya? just want to check if we can do pre-wedding shoots here. thanks!

    1. Hello Rolfe! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Unfortunately, I don't have the contact number of the operator. Perhaps, you could go there and ask the manongs there personally. I'm not just sure if it's already there. :)