18 January 2013

Crazy Children are Beautiful

Why do I get so cranky? Is this just my period or I've been possessed? I'll scream. Please.


There you have it. Thank you. Now let me tell you something. Get a chair and listen. This is my story.

I've been so focused on being a domestic helper that I sometimes forget that I am, most importantly, a mom. I've been scrubbing the comfort rooms, folding the newly-washed clothes, dishwashing like there's no tomorrow and what, picking up every single crumb of LB's cookies that falls on the floor. I wanted it spic'n span. Neat. Tidy. Museum-like. But I haven't asked how my little housemate feels about it. So earlier tonight, I just let herself scatter all over the living room. She spilled water on the puzzle mat (never mind that it's the carpeted type, which you can't wipe), she almost broke her legs from jumping from the 3rd step of the stairs down below and she wasted energy, literally as in electricity, for just letting the boob tube on while she plays.

After so, I realized that that's her happiness. I wanted to get mad at her when she jumped from the 3rd step of the stairs. It almost killed me. She shouted "to infinitee and beeyohnd!" before that. And boy, she landed with style. But when I was about to put up my sermon, she raised her right hand, palm facing me and gave out a very loud sneeze. Then we laughed. We hugged. I smooched her on her tiny fragile lips and she pinched my cheeks. Really hard. That I wanted to get mad again. Hormones, stop making me like I'm a bad mother! Then I saw her eyes wondering why. So I just gave her a quick hug and checked my face in the mirror. Ooh, I got rosy cheeks, momma. She forgot all the love and cuddling we did, that she sat on her chair and played with her toys again. I called her so we could continue our version of wrestling but she liked no more. It broke my heart. Back to regular programming --- prepare dinner.

It was the best fried chicken I've ever tasted. I fried it covered and marinated with a bit of soy sauce and rosemary. It was juicy and tasty. Yes, LB liked it and she told me, "mmm, Nanay yer da best mom. Ever. Ever." I don't know if she just got that from too much watching of Barbie movies or she meant that. Am I really the best mom for her? :')

After dinner, I let her played a bit while I cleaned up. Then we prepped for bedtime. She said "I miss Tatay and Prince." Ignoring the sad tone in her voice, I told her to undress and pee. She did as I told without any unnecessary interruptions. And then she said, "Nanay, do you miss Tatay and Prince, too?" I was shocked. She thought I was not listening. So I said yes. It shocked me more when she said this in her cartoon character of a voice, "you did not tell me". Wow. She really wanted to have a conversation. So I asked her what else she misses and she said --- swimming pool, horse, Cartoon Network (yup, we don't have cable TV installed yet. Boo.), Tatay and Prince. I guess she doesn't know what "what else" means. 

I miss you, too, Prince. 
We then watched Ramona and Beezus. The movie has scenes of Ramona (played by Joey King) creatively thinking of anything she encounters. Like when she jumped on her new bed she thought she was in outer space. And my little film critic said, "it's her eemajeeneyshen!" I smiled. That's a complicated word. She can be a writer. Where did she get those genes, by the way? ;)

Now that the little lady's snoring beside me and as my mind gathers all the things that happened between me and her --- I realized that we sure live in a crazy world, where all children are beautiful in the eyes of their mother; despite being little rascals. There, that was my story. What's yours?

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