29 May 2013

A Mom's Life: 18/48

Perfect timing. I am writing this post inside my husband's semi-native, semi-cemented room in the camp. As of this writing, Rhambo's at the Batallion Headquarters attending one of his many Commanding Officer's duties. And what made the place and this article a serendipity of sorts? This week's AML mom is a fellow Army wife. I met her virtually through this blog. She has made a comment on one of my previous posts and when I visited her own site, I felt a bit shy when I learned that she's a senior officer's wife; her husband is a member of Philippine Military Academy Kalasag-Lahi Class 1997. I automatically addressed her as "Ma'am"; practicing protocol and giving the well-deserved respect for her husband's rank. But like any humble and modern officer's wife, she chose to be called by her first name. I still sometimes use "po" when emailing her because I feel they're so much ahead of us, military community-wise. So to at least feel a bit at ease, I insisted to call her "ate". Hehe. 

If you would like to read her exploration as a military wife and mom to three girls, visit her blog: Our Raw House.

NAME: Cherry Ann Cortez-Templo

AGE: 37 in October

CHILDREN, AGE: Johanna, 9; Jonathan,(our angel up in heaven, dapat 6 na sya.); Jorgina, 3; Josefina, 1

OCCUPATION: Doctor turned WAHM (Medical Transcriptionist)

FAVORITE OUTFIT: T-Shirt, Jeans and my Red ballet flats. (I love red kasi saka the color just makes me want to go for the things that I'm otherwise shy to try out.)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: None, actually kasi in and out palagi ang drama namin. (Lagi kasi nagmamadali si husband) pero when time permits, face powder lang.

HOBBIES: I love to read books (kahit puyatan yan, carry ko), watch movies (although ngayon di na kami nakakapag movie date) and watching TV (puro cartoons na nga lang at Disney Jr. at Disney).

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Confessions of A Military Wife by Mollie Gross (Funny and informative at the same time, try it!), The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan, Women and Money:Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny by Suze Orman (financial literacy for women which is a must) and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Bebeng says: If anyone of you who could read this and happen to see a copy of Confessions of a Military Wife by Mollie Gross, please let me know! Thanks so much! :)

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Doing the laundry (but don't ask me to fold it! Haha!) and grocery shopping (spending without the guilt!).

Bebeng says: Hear, hear! I can do the laundry like how passionate other women are in spending Php1000 for a lipstick. But folding clothes is a struggle. And ironing it, too. Especially the hard-to-press military uniforms.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I looooove chocolates and sweets kaso may strong family history kami ng diabetes kaya talagang rarely lang.

PET PEEVE: Ang pinaka-hate ko talaga yun mga chismosa, mga "keeping up with the Joneses-type" (yun bang mga taong lagi na lang tinitingnan kung anong meron ka tas dapat meron din sila ng ganun tapos iyayabang pa sayo. Hayz!), mga balikbayan na porke taga overseas lang eh feeling nila ang mga Pinoy na naiwan dito eh poor na poor na (it really makes my blood boil eh if I know kayod kabayo naman sila dun sa ibang bansa. Sorry pero nationalistic kasi ako. Hehe!), maduming CR! (pero after spending time at military camps, I got over this na. Haha!

Bebeng says: This is a pak na pak pet peeve, ever. Facebook just proved how people could have seemingly-perfect life. Hehe.

2013 GOAL: Be able to be the best of what God has designed me to be.

Bebeng says: I just super salute (the wives' version, with flair!) how she could manage to take care of three girls, without a husband at home. I only have one and yet I sometimes feel I'm kawawa. Hehe.

Cherry says: I don't really have a quote per se... Sorry, feminista lang ang peg pero after being a military wife for 9 years, natutunan ko na kaya ko palang maging nanay at tatay. Hehe.

Bebeng says: Thank you, Ate Cherry, for allowing me to call you Ate (hehe) and for gracing my blog. Your life, though I barely know about, has made me realize how far a mother (and a wife of a military man) can go. You were a doctor, a profession/job that entailed hard work and perseverance. But you quit being one. Kudos to your dedication as a mother to three pretty girls. I hope to share more "camp" stories with you in the future! 


  1. Aww...thanks for the write up Denise. I sometimes feel kawawa din na parang losyang na sometimes pero di pala dapat yun isipin ko kaya kahit dito lang ako house kailangan bongga pa rin! Haha. I hear you about the uniforms, yan lang talaga di na carry ng superpowers ko kaya si ironman na lang ang gumagawa nun. Hehe. Again, thanks for the write up. I'll be here if you want someone to talk to. An army wife's life is sometimes lonely. :)

    1. I have my own ironman, too! Hahaha! Wait, I have to comment pala sa Pet Peeve mo. Ang bongga-bongga eh. Pak na pak. ;)

  2. Wow!! Sis, relate na relate ako. Haha.. and you owe me a bucket of chikka. Ay, d lang bucket, tons of it na. Kuddos to military wives who strive hard to maintain the balance (while hubby's on duty). :)

  3. Very well said sis, syempre agree ako been there and thought im done with it na pero yayaless na naman kame so I can feel you. Opposite tayo eh. While u have 3 girls, boys sakin. So mas magulo bahay.. being a military wife is not easy. It's either you adjust or mabaliw ka. They do look handsome pag naka uniform but the odds of leaving their families to serve the country will be a dilemma from our generation and to the years to come. Hirap mag maintain ng balance, and to father 3 boys. :)

    1. Thanks sis! Alam ko relate na relate ka pero sabi nga sa book na binabasa ko, it takes a special woman to be a military wife. Sabi ko nga, sira lang ang ulo or masokista ang papasok sa ganito. Hahaha! Seriously, we have to lighten the mood somehow to survive. Basta ako, kudos to the "silent ranks."

    2. Ate Cherry, I told Rhambo about siraulo and masokista, and he agreed! Pagduyanin ko kaya 'to mamayang gabi. Hehe.