20 March 2013

A Mom's Life: 8/48

For this week's issue, I picked a mom blogger who is very close to me. Well, almost of the same blood, actually. I saw how she grew up to be a very cute and mahinhin little lady. My sister N and I used to tinker on her hair and helped her with some of her assignments. See, I'm the youngest girl in a brood of four, so having like a baby sister was a hit to me. She's my mother's sister's daughter --- yuhh, making it complicated for you --- she's my cousin! Just like in any family, some things had changed and we fell apart. Gone are the days that I can hear her matinis voice laughing with us. My last memorable picture of her was she was on the phone with some guy classmate and she was only 12! Haha! But now, she's an awesome mom to two wonderful children of Jesus, a wife to a passionate musician and the articulate blogger behind Lollies and Lipsticks.

NAME: Camille Ann Duque-Aguila

AGE: 23

CHILD, AGE: Elijah Marshall, 3 yrs 
                        Elizabeth Peavey, 6 mos. 
{FYI: Marshall and Peavey are well-known brands of guitar amplifiers}

OCCUPATION: Proud SAHM and blogger on the side

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Shorts, shirt, ballet flats


HOBBIES: Blogging/surfing the net, reading, playing with the kids

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read - The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho / Watch - Cartoons that Elijah watches; specifically The Rise of the Guardians (I’m not much into movies kasi) 


Bebeng says: Both our moms are great cooks! Actually, just one look at them and you will automatically know why. Haha! I love you Lola L and Auntie M! I remember Auntie M concocting the tastiest mango-flavored iced candy when we were kids. So I guess, we just got the love for cooking from our BIG-hearted mudrabelles. 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping and chocolate cakes

PET PEEVE: Back biters 

Bebeng says: I don't want that either! But unsolicited advice from Ate: what you don't know won't hurt you. So learn the art of dedma! I learned that from your Kuya Rhambo. He's like the guru of dedmaisms. ;)

2013 GOAL: To drive my own car! (Ow yeah!) And be at the top 100 of Top Blogs Philippines

Bebeng says: Lollies and Lipsticks currently holds the 258th spot under the Home and Living Category of Top Blogs Philippines. But her writing skills and blogging hardwork can make her reach her 2013 goal in no time. 

Bebeng says: I met these two cuties when they paid us a visit at home. At that time, we were still co-living with MIL. Eliz was smiling, to my MIL's delight. I heard MIL said "ang sarap ng ganitong baby pa!" Oh my, nakaka-pressure. Good thing my SIL has just given birth. It will at least shy away from the fact that LB is still an unica hija. Camille is blessed to have two adorable babies at age 23. Imagine when she turns 40, para lang silang magba-barkada. 

Eliz was still being baked in the oven when this photo was taken. ❤
Lollies and Lipsticks
Website: lolliesandlipsticks.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LolliesAndLipsticks


  1. Thanks for the feature. I'm so feeling sikat na talaga. haha. And I like the guru of deadmaisms, I'm still on my way of learning such art. :)

  2. We have the same goal for this year! I want to drive my car na. I knoe how to drive but only pa-forward. bawal ang atras ang parking. LOL. Let's pray na matupad ang ating pangarap. :)

  3. nice one...will check out her blog na rin :)

  4. I <3 you, sis Camille! I love reading your blog. Hindi lang ako maka-comment agad-agad pero I'm reading it after Mommy Fleur's. :)

  5. Oh you're cousins pala! At ang bata pa nya hehe.. I love chocolate cakes too. Pang de-stress ko, e lagi ako stress kaya eto SEXY ako haha!

  6. super mom and super blogger rolled in one.