29 March 2013

Moving-Up Dinner at Casa Feliz

For my little lady's Moving-Up dinner last Saturday, we went to Casa Feliz, which was right beside SKOW. I have this sort of pledge or pact or whatever self-promise that R and I will do our best to dine or visit all the neighboring restaurants in Marikina. Ironically, we got lost again. Thank God for Google maps!

This is Mama A, my MIL, with her unico hijo.

It took the staff around 15 minutes to take our order. Some of the tables weren't set yet when we arrived. So the little achiever, who was weirdly wearing her Rain Bows headband was getting bored. Good thing she charmed the girl manning the bakery of the restaurant by borrowing a pen so she could doodle her boredom away.

Drinks came first. R and I ordered Blue Lemonade. I thought there's something different with its taste, blue lang pala talaga. But Mama A's Lemon Grass Iced Tea tasted really refreshing.

I asked for their best selling cake and told the waiter to put "Congrats Sophia" so she would be thrilled to see her name on it. When it came to our table, they didn't include her name. But you know what? It was really, really good! I never thought that a green cake will be surprisingly delicious. I mean, green food looks gross, in reality 'di ba? Casa Feliz's Vida Verde is mouth-watering: Layers of pistachio wafers plus green tea filling and topped with kiwi fruit. OA na kung OA, but we will go back for a whole of it. It's only Php90 per slice, by the way.

R's Salisbury Steak tastes ordinary. It's a patty, not a slice of beef. But according to my salad-lover, the honey mustard dressing of its side dish was good.

Mama A ordered Lemon Butter Salmon, in her thought that it's a whole slice of fish. But like my husband's food, MIL's was a patty, too. It was a little rancid (must be the breading), flaky and discouraging. The plating was nice, though.

My Lechon Uragon was the winner meal of the night! See, it was all part of their Mix and Match Combo thing. You have the option to choose your viand, side dish and starch. It comes with drinks, too. Php180 only, baybeh! It's lechong kawali drenched in coconut cream, with a kick of spiciness. It was a real pampabata. I got dizzy after eating it. My togue side dish made the scene sad. 

R wanted to took revenge because of all the dieting he did last month for his promotion, so we ordered Meaty Pizza. I don't know for some who tasted it already and didn't like it, but I and my fellow pizza monsters loved it. I like how the crust looked so rustic and home-made. They were generous with mozzarella cheese, too, which made the experience so memorable. I didn't think it was meaty enough though, but it's something I will order again along with the Vida Verde.

I didn't have enough room for this Chocolate Caramel Moist I ordered, but I tasted a bit of it before I asked the waiter to pack it along with the left-over pizza. It's Php65 a slice only and I think we got what we paid for, for this one. But it's still a lot better than Goldilocks'. Hehe.

I know MIL is not used to dining out with food having more photos than humans, so I asked the very busy waiter for a family photo op. There you see in our eyes is what you call as food coma. Nahihilo na ako sa busog niyan. Not complaining, Lord. Thank You po! :)

And we were really full, for this amount. It was originally 900+ but Mama A used her Senior Citizen's card for her order. It's an affordable and filling dinner, really.

95 Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights, Marikina City
(02) 933-6653
Facebook: Casa Feliz


  1. Funny yung comment mo about your MIL 'not used to having dinner with more food photos than humans'. Lol. Blogger kse DIL nya e. ;)

    1. Haha! 'Cause she and her daughters are really into old-school Kodak moments na naka-pose. Nothing like what we have for our blogs. And of course, had to do this for posterity. :)

  2. they served u sans rival with pistacho nuts na super sarap. My daughter lab it. The caza feliz are owned by Lt.Villareal family PN class 98 i think or 99.