02 February 2013

Love Doesn't Cost a Thing

I'm not going to shake my booty and make birit a la J.Lo here; though I would love to 'cause I can. Charot. And by the way, I changed it to DOESN'T, because this isn't a song but a blog post.

Okay, I'm here to tell you what I really want. 

I've read a few FB statuses, tweets and blog posts about Valentine's; so I actually thought about it, too. Rhambo and I don't usually celebrate it. Perhaps, because there's more celebration-worthy than the 14th --- MIL's birthday, togetherness anniversary and his birthday --- all fell on February. The last time we actually acknowledged the day was in 2007. I was at work in the TV Network when my mom texted me that I have a huge gift from Rhambo resting at home. So when I got there, it was a Blue Magic stuffed toy --- a giant mouse! 'Cause you know, Rhambo has a very unique (better term for a flaw, hihi) pair of ears that resemble the mouse's. So I guess that's why it's what he gave me. 

The following years were crucial for both of us since we already have a little bratty twirly girl. We didn't get to celebrate even the anniversary of us being bf-gf, ever. Oh, that'll be two days from now! #6years

Anyway, I'm not a very materialistic person. I'm more of realistic and sentimental. My being SAHM proves that somehow. So I'm not that particular to what Rhambo can give me. But hey, his gifts are really big deal. 
  • Pink Nokia C3 - Christmas gift; given to me December 24, 2010. It was then the most affordable phone which was WI-FI capable. 
  • Pink ASUS K43S - Resignation gift last year; to celebrate my being a SAHM and to welcome the life of a full-pledged blogger. Without this pink mean machine, you're not in this site.
  • Pink Samsung ST66 - Birthday gift last year. I was shocked. We came from a bad fight and was not expecting anything from him. Was I kilig? Oh yezzz. He knows I love taking pictures.
But you know, he's not basically a thoughtful guy; or better to put as someone who, sometimes most of the time lacks romantic gestures; but he gives me things I exactly need... with flair. See, they're all in pink! Can't get any sweeter than that. As for me, I haven't gifted him any, to be honest. Oh, I gave him a toy soldier, which you will meet soon for the next chapter of When Rhambo Met Bebeng series, but that's a different story. I have his pay but I just don't know what to buy him. I bought once (a black inexpensive sling bag) but turned out he already has --- a better one. That's what's not good with long-distance relationships, I can't monitor his things. As much as I would love to do wife duties such as fixing his things for work, I can't. I don't even know how to properly iron his uniform, for the Stepford Wives' disgust, I'm sure. So anyway, since then I wrote a mental note that I won't buy him anything unless he knows. Yup, no surprises for you my soldier, sorry. Haha! :p

All I could do for Rhambo are things he can't:
  • WRITE -  Love letters that are worthy of a Peabody award. Proofread his office-related letters (for free). And blog about how much I dearly miss him (like right now).
  • COOK - I know he can make a kick-ass sinangag and delicious corned beef; but I also know he will agree that no one beats my bagoong alamang and laing (except the person who taught me how to cook those, my mom).
  • MAKE LOVE {to him} - Of course sweetie, he can't satisfy himself the way I can! Enough said.
Now, what do I really want from him this Valentine's? One thing (not One Direction my goolay!) --- TIME. ♥


  1. hmm, same with me, we don't really celebrate heart's day, same reasons...I really like those pink gadgets of yours, so pretty!

  2. The last one made me laugh. But I totally agree.

  3. Agree! TIME matters most not all the fancy things a person can give.

  4. haha with the last one! Tama nga naman, in fairness :D

  5. Our anniversary falls on the 8th of feb so we celebrate it more then we do valentine's day. It's hearts day so it's for everybody while the 8th is not every couples' special day :) I miss him too. We're here in SG with my son for a vacation until the 16th, sya 1 week lang bcos of work and he left last tuesday pa. Bawi na lng pag uwi :)

  6. Ang sweet naman ni Rhambo...

  7. The best gift anyone can give his or her loved one is time. I hope you have a happy valentine's day. I hope you get another pink something :)

  8. wow, my hubby buys me gadgets too, but not in pink, LOL! But I'm really grateful for that,a generous man like yours. Hope you can have your perfect gift this February. Time and love are almost synonymous, but he's a soldier nga pala hehe... You're right, love doesn't cause a thing.

  9. Time is really the best gift that one can receive. Me, being a medical student and the hubby, a law student, we are always so busy with our studies. This is why QUALITY TIME is of utmost importance to us. We never really celebrate Valentine's day. But he does bring hoe flowers on Valentines.

  10. Haha, I laughed at the last one! Well, even if you don't give him anything, I'm sure that he know how much you love him especially when he gets to read your blog. :)