27 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 5/48

Our 5th A Mom's Life star is like a sister to me. Nope, we're not of same kin and we're not even friends, yet. But we share the same passion --- mommy blogging. I stumbled upon her site in Mommy Fleur's when she mentioned that Life As A CEO blogged about her, which you can read here: Dahil Malungkot si Mommy Fleur. It is her most popular post! As you can see, I left a comment there. And then I saw a very bonggang comment from her in this post afterwards, which was the first issue of this series. And because I give in to my readers' requests, she's now here. :)

What made me somehow feel a little connection with her, too, was when I knew that she and NeRoKris owner, Nerissa are friends. Small world, indeed. I also felt very flattered because she messaged me one time asking for permission if she could tweak her blog a tad like mine. Of course, it's such a pleasure that in those simple things like a template (here & here), I can already inspire fellow bloggers. ❤

So, who is the pretty momma behind Life As A CEO?

NAME: Krisna Fernandez-Mesa

AGE: 27

CHILD, AGE: Maura Krisandra, 1 year old and 4 months

OCCUPATION: A SAHM who dreams of becoming a WAHM, soon!

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Denim shorts, over sized shirt and flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: in2it 2-way foundation in Amber, Clinique powder blusher in New Clover & Revlon lipstick in Plum Baby

HOBBIES: Reading blogs, watching movies

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read --- I'm more into reading Mommy Blogs lately/Watch --- Hi5, Special Agent Oso and of course, Juan Dela Cruz (Yun oh!) 
{Bebeng says: Me naman after that, Ina Kapatid Anak}

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Washing the dishes. Hindi kasama yung mga kaldero at kawali. :D
{Bebeng says: I guess this is what could separate our many similarities now. Really? Is there a normal human being who loves dishwashing? She's a deity.}


PET PEEVE: C-H-I-S-M-O-S-A and C-H-I-S-M-O-S-O. 

2013 GOAL: Open my online party planning business. 
{Click the link if you want pretty dresses she's currently selling: Krisna's Closet}

Trivia: Yzia's name was originally thought by Krisna as Mauryzia, since she fondly calls her husband Mauricio as he is Maurice. But then the old folks didn't like it. Sticking to what she initially planned, her little princess is still lovingly called by many as Yzia, from her original name Mauryzia. In LAAC, she's known as Y.

Life As A CEO
Twitter: @KrisnaTheCEO


  1. Hayan na! Sisikat na ako dahil sa'yo, Mommy Denise. :) Kaya lang dapat ang title ng blog entry na'to: The Life Of The Loshang Mom Who Badly Needs A Make-Over! Hahaha! Thanks, sister! :*

    1. Thanks for sharing a little something about you here. :)

  2. Wow! Krisna, ikaw pala ang bida sa pink castle ngayon. :) And isang trivia sakin na si Mommy Fleur pala ang tulay nyo ni Ate Denise. Bongga!

    1. Si Mommy Fleur talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ako nagbalik sa blogging world as a CEO. :D #1 fan here. :)