05 February 2013

Cotton Ball's Jollibee Party

It was MBF's baby's 1st birthday last January 22nd but the party was held five days later at Jollibee in Festival Mall in Alabang. My friends and I were late and came there in time for a dance number by Jollibee, Twirly and Hetty. Too bad LB didn't get a chance to join in the games. Competitive pa naman 'to. We were so hungry 'cause we traveled from Marikina to Cubao to meet up with my friends, then off we altogether traveled to Alabang. Jollibee Alabang has put off some lights already when we were eating as to make us leave. Jusme, ang chicken joy ko hindi ko naubos. Pati yung sundae ni LB. Sayang kaya. Haha! 

Anyway, we just extended our stay with MBF and her family at their place in Laguna, so that we could spend more time with the birthday girl. The highlight of the extended party was the Xbox 360 Kinect Showdown. Ooh, dancing is something I love to do but do not have time and opportunity to do anymore. MBF and I got modern jazz as our PE subject in college. We even danced to Gloria Estefan's Rhythm of the Night for our finals! Bonggelz. Yup, dancing was my only exercise when I was younger. And a little sit-up crunches here and there. I was a vain girl then! Ngayon, labada makes me fit. Char. I super enjoyed it so it made me think that once we already bought all the things we need for the house, I really wish to have Xbox Kinect for some dance showdown with the not-so-dancing soldier. Haha! Will post about something that next time. Hey, this may sound like a luxury already but it can make me healthier (exercise!), it can hone LB's dancing skills (through constant practice! She enjoyed it, really. She can follow the steps.) and it can strengthen the bond between me and Rhambo (if you can laugh at each other's failures you can be happy forever. Yup, I'm prepared to laugh at him!). 

There may be a few bumps on the road such as this, but it's undeniably a fun day for my li'l cotton ball and MBF. It ended with a quick videoke session and flavored Tanduay Ice with my girlfriends. We sung "I Can" by Donna, Regine and Mikee. I was Mikee, because the two can sing a lot better than I do. Haha! Infer, ganda ng blending namin. Di ko lang sure kung alto ba ako or bass. #asapa

Next event: J's baby shower. Yihee! :)

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  1. Been backreading your blog :) and I really find your writing style amusing. Tamang kulit lang eh.

    Pangarap ko din ang xbox at kinect. At pangarap ko din masundan ang steps sa mga songs sa Just Dance.. Hahaha!